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(Im)perfectly Happy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Judge's Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spirit of the Slayer (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sharina Harris is an American author. She has written romantic novels under her pen name of Rina Gray.

She attended Georgia State University and graduated with her degree in Bachelor of Arts. Once done with college, she decided that she was going to go into the field of public relations and digital marketing. The profession did involve writing but in 2012 the author decided it was time to pursue a career focused in writing exclusively.

Sharina is married and has a child with her husband. When she is not busy writing she can be found either reading, watching NBA and supporting her favorite teams, or hanging out with family and friends in Atlanta.

The author describes herself as being a dreamer. While she thinks that the world is perhaps not often kind to this type of person and it kept her from being afraid to be herself because of the stigma of being seen as impractical or getting a pitying look. She says that she understands that others might see pursuing happiness as a difficult and long path and many give up, but she believes that it’s worth it to go after what makes you happy.

Sharina says that while she’s always known her purpose in life, she didn’t always listen or believe in herself to pursue it. She’d always wanted to be a writer and had been writing since she was in elementary school. When she went to high school, she was still interested in becoming a writer. One of her teachers gave her a book on careers involved for those majoring in English. When she looked at the average salary for becoming a journalist, it wasn’t as high as she would have hoped, so she decided to switch things up.

The author decided that she wanted to pursue public relations for the money as well as the focus on having the chance to write. She got into the field with a position that combined public relations and marketing. While she was good at the job, it wasn’t something that excited her. A turning point occurred when she was working in a stressful job for a start up. She was laid off in 2012 and while wallowing in her feelings, she also heard an internal voice that told her that she could wallow or ‘get up’ and write.

Harris knew that she had financial obligations and bills, with writing being the last thing that she may logically be doing. She was battling with herself about it but eventually decided that she would stop crying and start writing. Since then she has participated in writing groups, worked on her writing, and published several books. She also got a second opportunity to try and pursue a career that made sense to her. She also landed a corporate job for a great company that allows her to pay bills and gives her time to write in the evening.

(Im)Perfectly Happy is the first novel to come out from Sharina Harris. It was published in 2020. If you are looking for something new and unique, check out this book yourself!

Four friends in college decided to form a Mastermind Group called the ‘Brown Sugarettes’. When they created this group, they may have all possessed different goals, but they all had the same ambition. Now a decade has gone by and they’re trying to figure out where it all changed. They used to be driven and confident woman, full of hope. That seems to have given way to something else entirely, and they’re wondering what it’s going to take to try and get back those people that they used to be.

Raina has settled in to her job as a radio personality. While she’s on the air, she adopts a persona that has earned her the moniker of ‘black Delilah’. While it’s meant in a positive way, Raina isn’t as into the personality that she’s put on for her job, this wholesome person that talks to listeners in a syrupy voice and giving them advice. She feels that she’s much more up front and sarcastic than this act.

Kara Jones thought that she’d be in the wine business by the time that she was this age. She thought that by thirty years old, she would have achieved being a master sommelier. Unfortunately, the random turns that life can take seem to have gotten in the way of her carefully dreamed plans. She’s getting another shot at pursuing her dreams, but when she’s faced with bolstering her self-esteem from the lows it’s hitting and trying to protect her marriage, can she be sure that she’s made the right choice?

Former Sugarette Nikki Grayson, meanwhile, can barely recognize herself. She’s a mother who stays at home. She left her life in the band behind. They signed a deal for a record while she got a minivan. She copes with giving up on following her dreams by drinking too much alcohol. Sienna Njeri is now a public defender. She wanted to run for city council but decided to pause that as her fiancé ran for office, and she’s doubting her decision.

The four women all used to share such support, and so they promise they’ll start meeting again. They still want to go after their dreams, but is it worth it after all these years? Read this book to find out!

Judge’s Girls is the second novel to come out from Sharina Harris. It was published in 2020. This is the story of three women with one thing they share.

When the patriarch of their family passes, they’re meant to share the estate. Joseph Donaldson was a Georgia judge and amassed a fortune. He remarried to his younger secretary. When he passes, he leaves a will. But it stipulates that his descendants must reside together at the lake house owned by their family.

This includes his daughter Maya, a lawyer, Jeanie, her stepmother, and Ryder, daughter to Jeanie. Jeanie and Maya aren’t on the best terms but decide to give it a shot. Jeanie used to be a beauty queen and now has lost her identity with her husband. She’s drinking far too much. Her daughter tries to escape home life by becoming popular.

Maya’s trying to help, but may risk her personal life and career in the process. Can these three women discover who they are and maybe even be there for each other? Read this novel to find out!

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