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Sharing Knife Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Sharing Knife Books

These series consists of books that revolve around romance and imagination. The tale has been divided into two parts which are the Legacy and Beguilement. There are also other different tales but they are included under the name Sharing Knife. One of the early books of these sequences is The Beguilement. It is about a lady, Fauwn Bluefield who is in a journey of living a life that is different from the one that she lives on the ranches. She therefore decides to travel to a town, Glassforge where she comes across a troop of Lakewalkers. The troop is in search of a cruel beast that is known to steal creatures and by use of magic it is able to change the creatures to behave in a way that they can imitate the human mode of communication and way of living. As a result the beast becomes stronger with time since it uses up the power from the creatures. If the beast is not killed before it is too late, it will be a catastrophe and bloodshed will be experienced among the human beings.

Among the Lakewalkers is a gentleman, Dag who happens to develop a liking towards Fauwn. The troop has been known to possess the skills necessary for hunting and killing the cruel mortals which is very beneficial to the farmers in the village. The ability of the Lakewalkers to link with supernatural beings has made their popularity to spread across the earth through the farmers’ positive reception. At first, the interaction between Fawn and Dag appears to be full of warfare as both of them have to find a way to protect their lives and as a consequence, they end up rescuing one another. In addition to that, they also fall in love with one another. Dag is a bit older than Fawn but this does not prevent them from liking one another. He believes in Fawn and sees her as an equivalent friend for whom they may get along with one another smoothly.

The tales do not have a boring effect that is derived when reading about supernatural stories. This is because the supernatural beings are able to interact with the ordinary world instead of being left alone in their divine world. The writer has described the tales in an interesting way by avoiding including irrelevant legends about the past narration of Dag and Fawn. In this way, the reader does not have to strain to comprehend about where the supernatural beings originated. The theme of cultural difference is also portrayed in the book whereby it takes time for Dag to be accepted in the Fawn’s family due to the historical tales that have been told about the Lakewalkers culture. The book generally looks like an opening to get an understanding of what takes place in the following series. In other words, if the reader does not read the Beguilement as the first book of the sequence, he will not comprehend what is actually going on in the other volumes. However, once the reader gets a grasp of this first series, the desire to go through the other books will be more than expected.

Another remarkable book from the Sharing Life series is the Legacy which also develops from the theme of fiction and has won various awards like the Hugo Award. Fawn and Dag are already married couples and have just had their honeymoon. However, their good times are destructed by the disorder that is still going on. The book proceeds to narrate the story of Fawn and Dag about their ups and downs in their marriage which seems to be unruly. The Lakewalkers also do not accept intermarriages with people from the farming community. Dag’s family especially his mother and sibling are extremely against his marriage. Fawn is still clever and skillful and has a conscious mind compared to Dag. The tale presents the characters in an appealing way and the plot is well arranged. The theme of turmoil is displayed by the awful beast’s magic that emerges from the earth with an intention of destroying humanity. Turbulence is also portrayed by the Lakewalkers together with the offspring of the mage-gods who are responsible for the invention of the cruelty outbreak. The farmers who are in good relationship with the Lakewalkers also participate in intensifying the rate of turmoil. They are the ones responsible for providing the necessary tools and weapons that the Lakewalkers require since they cannot find these amenities in the camps. On the other hand, the farmers benefit as they are protected given that they cannot watch over themselves.

Generally, the human beings are the ones who play a great role in triggering the disorderliness from the moment they mess about with the magic works. In this book there is a buildup of romance between Fawn who is in a quest to abandon her society’s lifestyle and Dag, a soldier from Lakewalker. Both of them cooperate with one another to end the turmoil and as a result they develop affection for each other. In this sequence, the relationship between the two is highly described after they discover they cannot end the turmoil by themselves. They realize that they cannot transform the nature of the Lakewalkers and also for the ranch workers. Therefore they focus on being alone and improving their relationship.

Fawn is infatuated with kindness and is peculiar about what happens on the other side of the world. This does not mean that she neglects the work of the society where she comes from which comprise planting and harvesting. It is just that she believes that there is more that she can perform and it is Dag who helps her realize her hidden skills. In this sequence, enthrallment of the world is presented even more but without the use of horrific creatures. The author is able to describe the creatures in a way that the reader gets an idea that will raise the curiosity about the originality of the magic performances. The story becomes more detailed as the characters engage in deeper roles.

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