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A children’s author and writer of historical fiction, the Young Adult American novelist Sharon Cameron is well regarded within her field. Selling novels worldwide, she has managed to amass a global audience from a largely younger audience, with her stories and characters that are easy to relate to. Winning awards she is a firm favorite among the critics as well, with her books continually receiving good reviews from the critics and national bookclubs.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, where she grew up as well, Sharon Cameron would embark on a lifelong passion for both reading and writing. This is something that she’d continually nurture throughout her life, constantly refining and honing her voice in the following years to come. Creating her style, she would come to harness her voice as a writer, all the while reading voraciously and regularly.

Educating herself in English, she would also gain a background in music as well, specifically the piano. This would allow her to become a lot more creatively diverse, building upon her repertoire of many skills and modes of expression. In time this would also feed itself back into her work and her many ideas, shaping the way in which she would write and express herself.

Working as a classical piano teacher for some time, she would undertake a variety of different pursuits prior to becoming a writer full-time. With a whole range of interests, such as genealogy and local theater, she would apply herself to a number of different practices. Partaking in a whole host of different organisations, she has also worked to establish herself as a strong presence and authority within the literary scene as well.

Living with her family and writing to this very day, she continues to put out work at a consistent pace, publishing on a regular basis. A member of a number of societies, she has also maintained a strong presence within her field as well, being one of the leading figures within her genre. She also has a lot more to come on the horizon, as she doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon either, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

It was in 2012 that Sharon Cameron was to release her first debut novel to the reading public at large. Publishing ‘The Dark Unwinding’ it was also to be the first in her ongoing long-running series of the same name. Setting up not only her career, but a franchise as well, she managed to cement her reputation as a serious author of Regency styled literature.

Largely focusing on the fantastical and whimsical, Cameron also has a variety of series available as well. This includes ‘The Forgetting’ series, which focuses on a world in which everything that is not written is forgotten, along with ‘The Dark Unwinding’, which is more historically set fiction. Both of these have been hugely popular, as she plans to continue them on into the future, as there’s plenty of room to expand upon them.

She has also gone on to gain numerous awards for her work as well over the years, turning the heads of many critics. It was in 2009 that she received the ‘Sue Alexander Most Promising New Work Award’ for given for her début novel. Given by the ‘Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators’ it would herald the arrival of an exciting new talent.

Attending events along with partaking in a variety of different societies, she has been a mainstay within her field for quite some time. She also manages groups in her own time as well, such as chairing a non-profit local theater group in her area. Along with this she also manages the ‘Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators Midsouth Conference’ as well.

Continuing to put out work at a regular pace, she has proven herself to be a mainstay of the Regency literature scene. With a range of other pursuits, such as archery and a fascination with the country of Scotland, she has managed to create a strong reputation for herself. Not only that, but she still has a lot more to come yet, as her writing career carries on into the foreseeable future for many years to come.


Brought out through the ‘Scholastic’ books publishing label, this was initially released on the 28th of April in 2015. Working as a stand-alone title, ‘Rook’ is a completely self-contained story that manages to draw together many of Cameron’s now famous tropes and ideas. With it being released in the midst of her writing career, this is a definite must for anyone looking to find out more on the author.

Now known as the ‘Sunken City’, the city formerly known as Paris has previously undergone a revolution, and all those that opposed it are facing the guillotine. That is until those that are left in the prison-cells are found to be disappearing, as a single red feather is left behind by the one who is known only as the ‘Red Rook’. All the while across the seas Sophia Bellamy is unwillingly being forced to marry Rene Hasard, as the hunt for the Red Rook takes some surprising turns leading them into a desperate chase with one another. Will they find the Red Rook? How will Sophia escape? Who exactly is the Red Rook?

The Knowing

This was originally released on the 10th of October in 2017, this was first brought out through the ‘Scholastic Press’ publishing house to much acclaim. Setting up the second title in the ongoing series of titles called ‘The Forgetting’, this continued the story and world of the first. Developing the characters, along with a heavy element of world-building, this manages to take the narrative forwards in new and exciting ways.

Seemingly safe deep underground within the city known as New Canaan, Samara is one to never forget. Living privileged, she lives free from what is known as the Forgetting, but this is something that may transpire to be an illusion. With a spaceship arriving from Earth, she plans to escape this ancient and apparently cursed city, along with all the secrets it contains. Will she ever get away? Who is arriving? What is behind the Knowing?

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