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Sharon Evans Rose is American author of thriller novels famously known for her heart-wrenching thriller novel, Erased. Rose became a published author in 2007 when her debut novel, Erased was published. The commercial bustle and hustle, the vibrancy of distinct personalities of the natives and their creative spirits combine to give this picturesque region a flavor of its own. The author was introduced to her novel setting region through North Carolina School of the Arts based in Winston-Salem when an eleven-year-old beautiful daughter was the recipient of a ballet scholarship. The images and memories of the time she spent in this part of North Carolina became her ideal setting for her first novel, Erased.

A West Virginian born resident, Sharon Evans Rose desire, and interest in the Art started right at an early age with her imaginations of creating paper dolls. Dance lessons both in her hometown and in New York led to many years of performing professionally and also creating and designing costumes. Thanks to her artistic talents, Rose has won several awards. She and her beloved husband Jerry founded their own School of Dance, and their talented students have performed at Disney World, Broadway, Las Vegas, on Cruise Ships, while some teach in colleges and other have their own dance studios. Sharon’s desire to write novels rested on the back of her mind, nudging her daily throughout her busy life. Fortunately, she was finally able to spare some time to write this novel. The author lives in Beckley, West Virginia with her husband.


Erased is the kind of thriller novel that will keep you spellbound right from the first paragraph to the very end. Abigael Cummings discovers that her husband has not quit cheating on her. In response, she tells him to pack his belongs and leave and also fires him from his job. After all, she is the boss and has the right to fire and hire whoever and whenever she desires, and her husband has only just married into it. The same day after Abigail fires and kicks her husband out the house; she disappears and is left for the dead in the freezing Northern Carolina Mountains in the midst of raging snowstorm. Rafe Adams a man visiting his cabin in the woods comes across the “dying Abby” lying in the snow. He is a doctor by profession and knows that she is severely injured- he quickly tends to her and saves her life. She opens her weak eyes, the pain in her body is intense. She wonders where is she and who is she? Left for the dead on the snowy mountains of Northern Carolina, Abigail has not even the slightest idea of her surroundings. Who hurts her? Who wants her dead and for what reasons? A neither raging nor Easter has blocked the roads, and Abby finds herself being cared for in a cabin in the woods owned by a kind and warm stranger. She is struck by the realization that she has lost all her memory. She has no knowledge or memory of nothing before this day and has in other words been erased. When the snow storm subsides- Adams takes her to his home recover and also remain to ensure that her identity is hidden before they can figure out their next move.

The return of her memory is important in recovering the identity of the man who wanted her dead. He mission for awakening her dark past leads Abigael to discover unfaithfulness, deception, and betrayal. A story full of unsuspected twists and intrigues; Erased is a good page turner with a good and unforgettable ending. The mystery deepens as Abby tries to recall all the events that had happened before and as well as stay safe with Adams until they discover what actually happened.

Erased is the kind of mystery thriller novels that are hard to put down, it’s exciting, filled with mystery, twists, and turns from the very first page. The print size is decent enough to make for smooth and easy reading not hard to the eyes. The characters are beautifully woven, likable, and the readers can easily connect with them. The story is full of deceit, intrigue, with lots of twists and turns to leave the readers pondering, who it was that attempted murder. With tons of suspense in it, Erased is an excellent read for all mystery lovers- it is one of those mysteries where when you think you have solved and finally figured out the mystery, you will have to guess again.

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