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The Absinthe Earl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Raven Lady (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Warrior Poet (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Before She Wakes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Portals: Volume Four(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sharon Lynn Fisher is an American author of fantasy, science fiction, and slow-burn romance books. She is a three-time Golden Heart Award and RWA RITA Award finalist. Sharon became a published author in 2012 when her debut novel Ghost Planet was published. She has since published Faery Rehistory series, several standalone books, and a collection of short stories.

Published in 2012, Ghost Planet is Sharon Lynn Fisher’s debut novel. The book delves into profound existential questions about the nature of life and death. It challenges our understanding of identity and explores whether our essence is solely contained within our DNA or if there’s a deeper aspect to our existence. The story also raises the intriguing concept of how a change in our physical form can impact our sense of self. Ultimately, Ghost Planet invites readers to contemplate what it truly means to be reborn in an entirely different world and another form.

Upon arriving at the deserted terminal on Ardagh 1, psychologist Elizabeth Cole is filled with curiosity about whether her first encounter will be with a human or an alien presence. To her surprise, she is greeted by a fellow human, Grayson Murphy, the lead psychologist at the New Seattle Counseling Center and her boss. The initial meeting between Elizabeth and Grayson is marked by an immediate and effortless connection. As they traverse the town, their conversation revolves around Elizabeth’s role and responsibilities, and their interaction gradually develops into the kind of tentative yet hopeful bond that often forms between individuals who share a mutual attraction and a desire to deepen their connection.

Ardagh 1 is a peculiar world where every colonist is inexplicably linked to an alien entity that takes the form of a deceased friend or relative. These aliens are inextricably bound to their human counterparts, and no amount of effort can sever this connection. To her astonishment, Elizabeth discovers she has become one of these aliens. Her shuttle crash-landed, claiming the lives of all on board, but her brief interaction with Murphy in the past has led to her rebirth in the form of his ‘ghost.’ The person she was eager to get to know has now become a constant companion for the remainder of her existence.

This revelation profoundly affects Murphy on multiple levels. Not only has the woman he grew fond of undergone a profound transformation, but he has also unwittingly spent the entire afternoon violating the colony’s strict Ghost Protocol. This protocol dictates that colonists must never engage with their alien counterparts. It’s a policy aimed at subduing the ‘ghosts’ and reducing them to mere shadows of the people they mimic. Once properly trained to adhere to this protocol, colonists can continue their lives, pretending the ghosts do not exist.
Murphy returns home to steadfastly adhere to the Ghost Protocol and deny any interaction with Elizabeth. However, she proves to be incredibly persistent. At every opportunity, she reminds him of the vibrant and intelligent woman he met on the tarmac, the woman he had grown fond of. Elizabeth refuses to subsist on the tasteless nutrient bars meant for the ghosts and instead helps herself with his cooked meals and wine.

When another visitor arrives, accompanied by her ghost, Elizabeth quickly befriends this fellow outcast. Her infectious zest for life rubs off on him, and he becomes increasingly involved in their quest to understand their peculiar situation. Both possessing science degrees, they make good use of their host’s computers and embark on thorough research to unravel the mysteries of their existence.

However, the majority of colonists have long been conditioned to fear and avoid the ghosts. Murphy’s growing closeness to Elizabeth puts not only their friendship but also their lives in jeopardy. Can they complete their research and demonstrate that both groups can coexist peacefully on Ardagh 1? Or will their enemies succeed in tearing them apart, potentially leading to their destruction?

Salt and Broom is Sharon Lynn Fisher’s fourth standalone novel. The story introduces us to Jane Aire, a thirty-year-old woman who has spent her entire life at Lowood School, where she was orphaned as a baby. Jane is a teacher and a practicing witch, sharing her knowledge of herbal lore and remedies with the school’s young students. Despite the challenging conditions at the school, Jane finds contentment in her role, except for her apprehension about encounters with Mr. Brocklehurst, the school’s superintendent.

However, Jane’s routine unexpectedly turns when Mr. Brocklehurst informs her that she will be sent away. Thornfield Hall, the estate of a gentleman named Edward Fairfax Rochester, is facing some mysterious issues, and they seek the services of a witch. Jane is offered a large sum of money if she can assist, and out of loyalty to Lowood and its residents, she agrees to travel to Thornfield Hall to meet Mr. Rochester. She embarks on this journey with uncertainty about the nature of the “trouble” but a strong desire to help her beloved home.

Upon her arrival at Thornfield, Jane encounters the enigmatic Mr. Rochester, who firmly believes that a curse afflicts his house. The household staff has witnessed peculiar occurrences, such as spoiled milk and broken dishes, which Mr. Rochester dismisses as “fairy pranks.” However, some of them have experienced more unsettling phenomena, including the presence of “shadows” that seem to follow them. One of the maids even claims to have seen the ghost of Rochester’s deceased wife, Antoinette. Rochester hopes that Jane can assist in dispelling the curse, although Jane understands that uncovering the truth won’t be a straightforward task.

Jane herself is a wonderfully portrayed character, a resilient individual who has faced adversity throughout her life but maintains a positive outlook. As an orphan, she recognizes that her prospects for marriage and starting a family are limited. Yet, she wholeheartedly immerses herself in the mysteries of Thornfield Hall, determined to set things right. Along this journey, she makes surprising revelations about her past, instilling in her a glimmer of hope that perhaps she can alter her destiny for the better.

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