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Sharon M. Peterson is a bestselling romance fiction novelist from Washington.

Similar to many of her contemporaries, she had always desired to one day become an author but then life happened. She got married, became a middle school teacher before she got two kids, and quit to become a stay-at-home mother.
At home, she became a professional at many things such as arguing with insurance companies, praying, microwaving chicken nuggets, and shuttling her kids to therapy.

Peterson also used to ramble a lot on Facebook and by 2015, her friends encouraged her to start a blog, probably because they had grown tired of her posts.

Writing would soon become something of a therapy and outlet and she loved writing consistently on her laptop. When her laptop broke and a friend gifted her with a new one, she decided that she was going to write a book.
Taking time between wrestling her kids off the trampoline and cleaning up spilled milk she began writing her first manuscript.

Much of the time, she used to write standing at her kitchen counter at five or ten-minute intervals sometimes late into the night.

By 2017, Sharon M. Peterson was done writing the manuscript of her novel. However, she did not have any money for conferences, extras, or an editor.

For the most part, she made use of the resources she found on Twitter and a local writing group, where she found many critique partners.

Like many authors, she queried a lot, and over about a year and change, she queried more than 100 agents and was rejected a lot. But things turned for the better as she got an agent two days before she turned 40.
While her manuscript was on submission, she submitted her manuscript to the “Golden Heart Contest” by the Romance Writers of America.

Sharon never expected her submission to go anywhere and was just getting some supplies from the pet store, when she got the notification that she was on the final shortlist.

As is usually the case, she was invited to New York City to attend the conference and since she was so broke, she crowdfunded everything from the plane ticket to her conference and hotel fee.
Even though she did not win, it was a remarkable gift all the same that gave her the confidence to keep fighting and become an author.

Things only got worse for Sharon M. Peterson in 2020 when her husband got laid off from his job that had held for more than a decade. Not long after he went down with COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized.
At the start of 2021, her eldest son began getting seizures on a grand scale and then the family lost their two-story house to frozen pipes when “The Freeze” swept across Texas.

The family moved into a tiny hotel room where they stayed for at least four months and things could not have been bleaker.

They got back into their house later in the year and things started looking up when her husband was offered and accepted a job thousands of miles away.

In January 2022 things got even better when her agent submitted her manuscript to Bookouture and she got offered a two-book deal. “Do-Over,” her debut novel was published in April followed by “The Fake Out” in 2023.

Sharon M. Peterson’s novel “The Fake Out” is a work that follows a woman named Mae Sampson.

She is just trying to keep everything all together as she works multiple jobs in addition to her 9-5 at a failing library so that she can take care of her mother who needs therapy following a stroke.

One day, she stumbles upon a professional football player named Chris Stern sleeping in her library. He is a good man who despite his tough football training schedule also works raising awareness about a rare heart disease.
But then a suggestive photo which is nothing like what it seems is leaked and he knows that the media has gone all out to jeopardize his charity work and destroy his good name.

In a bid to salvage his image, Christ offers $100,000 to Mae so that they can get into a fake engagement and she agrees since she needs money for her mother.

Moreover, taking the money means she can quit her job at “Chickys,” a Hooters-like establishment.

It is an interesting novel that will have you giggling. Each chapter comes with hilarious and corny pickup lines coupled with some great banter between the sunshine/grumpy pair.
With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Chris is the perfect salve that Mae needs to lift her spirits, even if she never believed that she needed help and has trouble accepting it.

“The Do-Over” by Sharon M. Peterson follows the life and times of Perci, whose mother has often reinforced that she is the ugly duckling among her perfect siblings.
Her sister is popular, thin, smart, pretty, does everything better, and above all a perfect fiance in her mother’s eyes.

Things turn even worse for Perci when her boyfriend breaks up with her in a very public manner and she becomes determined to change her life for good.

She distances herself from her family and quits her job, getting a new one at a daycare center, and is soon thriving.

By chance, she meets an incredibly good-looking and incredibly nice neighbor who soon becomes her new fake boyfriend. But a little slip of the tongue made everyone believe she was paired up, but now it may be impossible to defend herself.
It is a fascinating work that is clearly more than just a fake relationship, as it also includes elements of the importance of well-being and family relationships.

Perci had made several resolutions including never dating since men were the worst. Still, she could not help herself in the face of the bad boy with a razor-sharp jawline, gorgeous hazel eyes, and a mysterious demeanor.
Things are about to get very interesting.

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