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A beautiful combination of romance alongside a heavy dose of dystopian science fiction that is the Shatter Me Series. This series is a three book trilogy created by Tahereh Mafi, a young author who was inspired by a combination of superheroes, human natures and strength. Tahereh Mafi is responsible for the creation of a key character to the series, her name is Juliette Ferrars. The Shatter Me Series is narrated by Juliette Ferrars, however before knowing who she is as a character, you have to know a little background to environment of the Shatter Me Series.

The World and The Reestablishment

At the time of the Shatter Me Series the world has begun to fall apart. The people are being affected by harsh diseases, food is constantly running scarce and even nature has begun to crack. Birds refuse to fly and the clouds are no longer the white fluff they used to know them as, instead they are a different color entirely. However, there is a group looking to fix the world, or so they say, and they are known as The Reestablishment. Unfortunately The Reestablishment has not made good on their promises to fix the problem, and as people continue to die individuals talk about overthrowing the rule of The Reestablishment. This is where the importance of Juliette Ferrars is introduced.

The Superficial Juliette

Juliette is a naturally beauty, described as a short 5 foot, 3 inches with blue-green eyes and luxuriously long, brown hair. Her face is thin, with full pink lips, perfectly straight teeth and cheekbones that rest high upon her face. She used to live with her parents who were incredibly abusive until the incident that changed her life at 14. Now at 17 years old Juliette is in the prime of her youth but she happens to have a strange power that she seems incapable of controlling, keeping her from knowing happiness.

The Start of Juliette’s Story

When Juliette Ferrars was just a girl she accidently murdered another young boy in a grocery store with an unexplainable power she could not and still not is capable of controlling. With one touch she is able of paralyzing and killing someone by stealing their energy. Although Juliette and the people around her are unable to understand her power, it does not stop individuals from fearing that said power. So as the book begins, Juliette has been trapped in an insane asylum for three years by The Reestablishment. With her sanity deteriorating due to seclusion and self-loathing everything begins to change when she meets up with a new cell mate named Adam Kent.

Friend or Foe?

Adam Kent is a mysterious character who has a connection to Juliette’s past and when first introduced to Adam she feels she has seen him before but dismisses the notion. An 18 year old man with attractive blue eyes and brown hair he and Juliette bond together in captivity. However, one day the leaders of The Reestablishment come to reclaim Juliette for their own purposes and Adam is revealed to be more than what meets the eye. He turns out to be a solider for a specific part of The Reestablishment known as, Sector 45. With a leader who comes to be another pivotal character in this book and his name is Aaron Warner.

The Change for Juliette

Aaron offers Juliette a proposition that involves her becoming a member of The Reestablishment. However, due to her powers of destruction they only plan to use her to silence individuals who question The Reestablishment. After a horrifying experience for Juliette where she is made to torture a man and an infant she is maintained in captivity with Adam as her guard, but here they begin to develop a budding romance.

Another big secret is revealed, and through a unique power further detailed in the book, Adam is resistant to Juliette’s touch of death. From this love for one another, Adam is convinced to rescue Juliette and together they escape the asylum. However, not before Juliette shoots Aaron to escape and it is revealed he is also resistant to Juliette’s touch. By the end of the book, Adam, Adam’s brother James, his friend Kenji and Juliette join a rebellion group against The Reestablishment.

Following Juliette Ferrars’ Story

The preceding novels Unravel Me and Ignite Me divulge more secrets, lies and interesting facts about Juliette, Adam Kent and Aaron Warner. There are smaller books that provide a larger insight into the story but are necessary for following the plot, they include Destroy Me, Fracture Me and Unite Me. In these disconnected books there is a unique look into the story of Aaron Warner and the two sides he possesses. His love for Juliette and his father’s plans for her demise deliver a new way to look at the possible ‘villain’ he may or may not be. While Ignite Me, which is the final book in the Shatter Me Series, it revolves around the Omega Point and its existence as a haven for individuals similar to Juliette. However, there are unforgettable issues that still exist, and cannot be forgotten so easily.

The Shatter Me Series Reviews and Media Reaction

The Shatter Me series as a whole received different criticisms ranging from mixed to generally positive. The Booklist, which consistently provides critical reviews, gave Shatter Me relatively positive reviews, summarizing the books as having a, “rip-roaring adventure with steamy romance scenes and a relationship teens will root for.” Relatively affirmative commentary also from the Canadian National Post that was quoted as saying that the book had, “right amount of action to make it thrilling, but not exactly gruesome.” Also, currently the film rights to the Shatter Me series are owned by 20th Century Fox, these were purchased before the books were even published and Chernin Entertainment will be the ones to produce the film.

Read For Yourself

The story of Juliette Ferrars is an intense one following a tale of heartache, fear and hopefully love. The Shatter Me series transcends normal and explores the heart of madness and distress as a young beautiful girl whose been pushed to her limits multiple times is forced to be stronger than ever. Take part in her adventure along with Adam Kent and even possibly Aaron Warner, a truly defining series by Tahereh Mafi.

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    What is the book order for the Shatter ME series. I am looking for which number Imagine Me is.
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    • Graeme: 12 months ago

      Imagine Me is the 6th and final “book” in the series, although the 10th out of 11 when factoring in the novellas.


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