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Publication Order of Shattered Hearts Books

Chronological Order of Shattered Hearts Books

Cassia Leo is a published author of fiction.

She is a best selling writer that has had her works reach the top sellers list of USA Today and the New York Times. She grew up in the United States with her family in California. Since those days, she has resided in a total of three countries around the world. Cassia also really likes traveling.

Cassia has a daughter and they reside together in Portland, Oregon together. Sometimes her daughter is her assistant, which is fun. The author enjoys singing in the shower and hopes that she can someday be able to get a record deal based on her skills singing in the shower.

Others know her for her series written under Cassia Leo, the Luke and Chase series, The Story of Us series (a best seller), the Black Box series, and the Shattered Hearts series. They may also know her for her works under her other pen name, Trisha Leigh.

Her works have done very well ever since her first novel was released in 2011. Since then she has written over forty different novels and has seen her self published works reach all over the world since her stories were translated into different languages. You can buy her works all around the planet as they are published in many countries globally!

Cassia Leo counts among her writing influences George Orwell, Ted Chiang, Gillian Flynn, Jodi Picoult, Markus Zusak, and Lauren Oliver. She has reached the top of best-seller lists over a dozen times and with more to come.

Cassia Leo is the creator and the author of the Shattered Hearts series of fictional novels. The series first came out in 2014 when the debut novel Forever Ours was published. This was quickly followed by the sensuous sequel, Relentless. There is plenty of romance to go around for readers in this sizzling series, so be sure to check it out for yourself!

Forever Ours is the first novel in the Shattered Hearts series by Cassia Leo. If you love a book with a bit of heat, then check out this book!

Main character Claire never had a real family of her own. She was bounced around through foster care for eight years, moving around enough that she was never able to really bond with her families or the people there and definitely never made friendships that could last. Part of it is her own fault as she keeps getting herself kicked out of them.

However, she can’t keep doing that forever. Claire talks to her caseworker who tells her that she’s going to have to behave. She’s now 15 years old and her caseworker tells her that if she can’t end up behaving, the next place that she will be residing will be in a halfway house. Claire doesn’t want that, so she prepares herself for the next foster family.

She finds herself at Jackie Knight’s home, where she is introduced to her son Chris. Chris is 15 years old and a guitarist with tattoos, and when she sees him she worries that he’s going to be a bad influence that will have her at that halfway house before she knows it. Maybe it’s the lip piercing, maybe it’s the ink, but Claire is suddenly concerned that Chris is going to ruin everything for her.

But once she settles in, she realizes that she had Chris all wrong. He’s a really nice guy and Claire soon starts to trust him thanks to how patient he is with her and partly through the music he plays, too. Along with his mom, Chris shows her that she can trust again. Chris even shows her that she is loved in his own private way. But the thing is, they’re foster siblings, and if they ever get together Claire risks being kicked out and getting to be around Chris and Jackie, who have become like a real family to her.

The two are falling in love, but Chris has always wanted to pursue his music. When he gets the chance to sign a record deal, Claire knows that he will not take it unless she does something about it. Will she push him away so that he can go after his dreams or something drastic enough so that their love is destroyed forever?

Find out what happens between the two of them by picking up a copy of this book!

Relentless is the second novel in the Shattered Hearts series by Cassia Leo. If you loved the first book or are looking for some drama and a little romance, check out this series and this sequel!

When it comes to love, sometimes letting the walls down and letting someone in is one of the most courageous things that you can do. Especially if you have been hurt before.

Main character Claire Nixon is 20 years old and a former college student, now a drop out. She is keeping a secret to herself that she doesn’t intend to tell anyone about. Claire understands that a little bit of flirting here and there doesn’t mean anything, but Adam Parker may not end up being so innocent.

When they make a bet during a random conversation, Adam bets that if he can end up getting her to tell him about the deep dark secret that was behind leaving college, then she will agree to sign up for college again. She thinks that it’s an easy bet and nothing stands in the way of her winning.

Claire’s done everything that she can to leave the past behind, but she didn’t really expect Adam to be so tenacious in following up. She’s dealing with that and then everything else on top of it when Chris Knight, her first ever true love, shows up on her front door.

He’s part of the secret that she’s keeping, but she can’t let this Adam know. Can she win the bet and figure out which guy she really wants? Is Adam just out for the bet or does he really like her? Read this romance to find out!

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