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Publication Order of Shattered Promises Books

Shattered Promises (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fractured Souls (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unbroken (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Visions (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scattered Ashes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Shattered Promises series is a set of novels by Jessica Sorensen, an urban fantasy, romance, romantic suspense, young adult fantasy, paranormal romance, and young adult romance author. She always loved to write and by the time she was in middle school she had written her first novella. Sorensen asserts that she penned much of the novella while attending math classes, which perhaps explains why she is terrible at math. As she grew up, she became even more obsessed with writing and becoming an author, but writing did not become a passion until she penned “The Fallen Star” her debut novel. It is at this time that she discovered that she loved writing and wanted to become an author above anything else. Jessica gets her inspiration from anything from television, dreams, books, life, and music among many other things. She spent the first two or three years writing her debut before she decided to self-publish. It was a hard and long road to get started on the path to becoming an author though she has since become one of the most prolific authors with more than a hundred novels spread across more than a dozen series.

Sorensen currently lives with her husband and children in Wyoming from where she writes her novels. While she can read and write in a variety of genres, she has asserted that she loved reading young adult novels more than anything. Some of her favorite authors include Jennifer L. Armentrout, Cassandra Clare, Jamie McGuire, Sarah Dessen, Tammara Webber, Becca Fitzpatrick, and Abbi Glines. She is also huge on watching TV series such as “Modern Family” and “The Vampire Diaries.” She is also a lover of music and most of the time you can find her listening to music when she is writing or just relaxing at home. Maybe this is because she has a very broad taste in music and can listen to almost anything. Some of her favorite musical bands include “Nirvana,” “Chevelle,” “Flight 409,” “Rise Against,” “Death Cab for Cutie,” “Brand New,” and “Alkaline Trio” among many others. As for her movies, she really does not have favorites as she can watch anything she finds interesting. However, some movies she often finds herself watching over and over are “Bad Teacher,” “Anywhere but Here,” “The Hangover,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Juno.” The USA Today and New York Times bestselling author currently lives in Wyoming and when she is not penning her novels, she loves hanging out with family and reading.

“Shattered Promises” the first novel of the “Shattered Promises” series of novels is the story of Gemma, a twenty-one-year-old girl that has never had a normal life. Her past is clouded in mystery and things have only become worse in recent times as she has been haunted by nightmares full of monsters. Numb and unemotional, she feels a sense of disconnection from everyone. She had cried a lot as she thought it would take away her pain but nothing will ever be the same again in her life. Her emotions slowly come to the surface as she starts feeling anger, happiness, and love, which are things she had never had the pleasure of felling. However, she left confused as she does not know if she should run away or embrace them. Things get interesting when she meets the secretive, arrogant, and sexy Alex, who has the uncanny ability to get under her skin unlike no one else. She has seen him in her nightmares before but cannot help the connection she feels with him. Every part of her is telling her that it is dangerous being anywhere near Alex yet the more it does the more she wants to get closer to him. But the closer they get, the more she learns that Alex may know more about her than he had let her believe when they first met. But someone is soon unearthing secrets about her past and putting her life in danger. She has to find out what is happening or else she may just end up dead. The only person she can think of who can help is Alex but can she trust him?

“Fractured Souls” the second novel of the “Shattered Promises” series opens to Gemma having said her goodbyes. Her soul is now detached after feeling all manner of emotion as she left behind everything. She was hoping that she would never wake up from the beauty of feeling since now she had experienced memories and emotions, life was not worth living without them. But one cannot sleep forever and when she wakes up, she still has all her memories and feelings from six months ago. Alex reassures her that he would never leave her and that he did not betray her as she thought he had. Gemma does not trust Alex completely and tries to stay away from him even though her desire and the connection between them makes such a thing almost impossible. Laylen is the only person she can trust but as the lines of friendship between them begin to blur, trusting her only friend becomes more complicated. While Gemma is struggling with her relationships and emotions, she is also searching for her mother and getting into a world filled with evil, seduction, and secrets. But the more she digs into the past and her mother’s secrets the more she is uncertain about what awaits her when she gets the answers from her mothers and her past.

In the third novel of the “Shattered Promises” series “Broken Visons” by Jessica Sorensen, Gemma is devastated since she believes Alex is dead. Gemma believes she will never see him again as she had made an irreversible mistake. But then she gets a chance to be with Alex once again when her father resets time but first she needs to get rid of the star and save the world to find happiness. Gemma decides that just like the father she is going to change the destiny of the world she lives in. If she manages to do it, she could finally get to live a normal life she had seen her friends live. She will also get to have Alex and a chance at a beautiful future with the man she loves. But changing trajectory also has its pitfalls and making a tiny mistake could result in disaster.

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