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Shauna Robinson is a literary fiction author best known for her debut novel “Must Love Books.” The author had always had a love for books and as such it was no wonder that she ended up pursuing a career in publishing before becoming a writer.

Robinson is a native of San Diego but in her later years moved to Virginia. She now makes her home in the |Old Dominion” state alongside her sleepy greyhound and her husband.

She has asserted that she is an introvert at heart and spends much of the time when she is not writing, baking, reading and figuring out how to avoid any kind of social interaction thrust upon her.

Growing up, Shauna Robinson was a huge fan of Jane Eyre and read the book numerous times. The first reading was when she was an only child and found in the lead a heroine she could identify with.

She would then go on to read it as a teenager and then as an adult, which is when she understood why Jane was so attracted to Rochester.

Besides the many works by the Bronte sisters she also read literary fiction from the likes of Madeleine E. Robins, Ursula Le Guin, Saladin Ahmed, Barbara Hambly, Gene Wolfe, Guy Gavriel Kay, N.K. Jemisin, and Brandon Sanderson.

As for her biggest influences, Robinson cites the likes of Elizabeth Hand, Holly Black, Paul Park, Larissa Lai, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Robert Crais, who were her instructors at the 2009 Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Workshop at the Clarion Workshop.

Even though Shauna Robinson dabbled in writing poetry when she was in her teenage years, becoming an author always seemed like a fantasy. When she was in college, she got several internship jobs before she became an editorial assistant for a small publishing firm.

Once she became an editorial assistant, she felt like her dream of becoming an author was more achievable as she got to understand the processes even better. However, after several attempts and not achieving any success she started getting jaded.

It is not surprising that she would then write her debut as a jaded editorial assistant who is tired of dealing with the works of authors. The feeling of not knowing what to do with one’s life that is central to the novel is inspired by her own experiences.

Shauna Robinson’s novel “Must Love Books” is the story of Nora, a woman that lands a job at Parsons Press, where she is an editorial assistant. She believed it would pave the way to becoming an author, which had always been her dream.

After five years of finicky authors and lunch orders, she comes to the realization that dream jobs are a mirage. The Parsons staff is sinking and her life is spiraling when she gets some terrible news. Her company is slashing her already meager salary and unable to afford the rent, she starts moonlighting for a rival publisher.

Things get very interesting when one of the bestselling authors from Parsons gets into the mix. Andrew Santos is an author no publishing house worth its salt would date lose. His insistence on decamping means Nora has to choose between her future and herself and the ever optimistic Andrew and dream job.
Touching on aspects of happiness and mental health, it makes for a great read for anyone in their twenties struggling with how to build on their life.

“The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks” by Shauna Robinson sees Maggie Banks arriving in the small town of Bell River. She is in town to help her best friend whose bookshop has been in the doldrums for several months now.

But selling bestsellers to such a small clientele is proving difficult. The literary society in Bell River has insisted on books from the past and Magei has never been able to sell anything from the modern age.

As such, when several mishaps send the bookstore towards ultimate ruin, she is forced to get very innovative to save it. In her world, rules are made to be broken and to save the bookstore, she starts a very secret book club, where the residents celebrate books they actually love.

But in selling forbidden texts and keeping the activities of her club quiet, keeping her activities from the watchful eyes of the literary society is becoming harder by the day.

This becomes even harder when she stumbles upon a secret that could just run everything on its head. She will have to decide between the stories that could change everything and the few books which are part of the history of the Bell River.

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