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Publication Order of Shaye Archer Books

The Shaye Archer book series is an exciting series of mystery, suspense, thriller, and crime fiction stories. It is written by a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and NY Times bestselling novelist named Jana DeLeon. This series began in 2012 and comprised of a total of 7 books up to 2019. Every novel of this series features the main protagonist in the role of a private investigator named Shaye Archer. She hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is shown investigation heinous crimes, brutal murders, and other criminal activities for the clients that hire her. With the help of her determined and dedicated efforts, Shaye Archer helps the local authorities in solving murder mysteries and catching dangerous criminals.

Jana DeLeon has set all the novels primarily in New Orleans. She has created the essential characters for this series other than Shaye Archer in the form of Emma Frederick, Jinx, Hustle, Tara Chatry, Ethan Campbell, Madison Avery, Jenny Taylor, Caitlyn Taylor, Nicholas Chatry, and a few others. All the novels of this series are widely popular and have developed a huge fan following in all the places of their release. Many critics have reviewed this series with rave reviews and comments. Even the fellow writers have praised Jana DeLeon for her excellent work in writing the series. Such reviews helped the series to become successful and also brought a lot of fame to the writing career of Jana DeLeon. She went on to write more exciting novels in the later years.

The debut book of the Shaye Archer series written by author Jana DeLeon is entitled ‘Malevolent’. It was self-published by the author in 2015. This book features the primary characters in the roles of Emma Frederick and Shaye Archer and is set in New Orleans, Louisiana. The book opens by mentioning that Shaye Archer began her life effectively on the night she was found by the police in an alley. She was badly abused and beaten up and did not have the memory of the last 15 years. Shaye didn’t even remember her name. Nine years after that incident, she begins her licensed practice as a private investigator with the primary goal of finding answers for the clients that they are not able to find on their one. Shaye also looks to find answers about her past life as well. The first case that comes her way is that of Emma Frederick, who approaches her to ask for her help.

Emma informs Shaye that her husband used to abuse her and beat her up whenever he wanted without any reason. When she could not take the beating any longer, she ended up killing him and thought that does not have to worry about the nightmare anymore. But, someone has recently started stalking her and sending mementos from the life that she has finally managed to move on. Emma Frederick approached the police for help, but when they asked for evidence she did not have anything to give. So, they dismissed her claims by saying that it was the post-traumatic stress that was bothering her. Shaye Archer understands the plight of an abused woman and agrees to provide a helping hand. She investigates the matter and discovers that someone is actually terrorizing Emma. Shaye fears that the culprit might kill Emma if she doesn’t act in advance. So, she begins tracking the activities of the stalker to find solid evidence and save Emma Frederick from meeting a deadly end.

Another intriguing installment of this mystery/thriller series is called ‘Sinister’. It was also self-published by Jana DeLeon in 2016. This novel features Shaye Archer, Hustle, and Jinx in main roles. Initially, it is depicted that street children have started to disappear mysteriously. When Hustle comes to know about it, he wants to report it to the local authorities. But, he knows that he will not get any help from them because the street kids do not exist for them in the first place. When Hustle is not able to find his best friend Jinx, he fears for his safety and decides to approach Shaye Archer and ask her to help him in finding Jinx.

Hustle had helped Shaye Archer previously when she was working on her first case’s investigation. So, she knows that he is not lying about the disappearance of Jinx. As Shaye investigates the disappearance of Hustle’s friend, she finds that there are other kids who have gone missing from the place in recent times. Shortly after, Shaye discovers a frightening pattern that makes her fearful of the safety of the missing children. She wonders whether she will be able to find them before time runs out.

Jana DeLeon is a famous American writer of romance, mystery, and humor novels. She has written several mind-blowing book series in her career, including the Ghost-in-Law series, Mystere Parish series, Miss Fortune Mystery series, Shaye Archer novel series, etc. Several of her books have become bestsellers and have been listed in USA Today, New York Times, and a few other literary journals. They have succeeded in reaching out to a large number of audiences in various parts of the world. Author Jana DeLeon was brought up in southwest Louisiana in an area full of gators and bayous. She is a native of Carlyss, where her family was the owner of a camp situated near the Gulf of Mexico. The only way to get there was by boat.

Jana used to enjoy a lot while taking the boat rides. Particularly, she loved the rope hammock that hung in the shade on a deck. The hammock used to stretch out and allow Jana to sit under it and read books for many hours. Jana DeLeon would join his brother in spending numerous hours to comb the bayous in an aluminum boat. This allowed her to study the natural habitat comprising of nutria, alligators, and birds. Though Jana DeLeon has described many ghosts in her stories, she has never come across any in real life. However, she is hopeful of meeting them at some point. As of today, Jana DeLeon lives in Dallas, Texas. She has a Sheltie to give her company.

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