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A thriller writer with a strong and measured grasp of suspense and intrigue, Miranda Leigh is an American author who has been delighting and thrilling readers worldwide, with her edge of the seat style and no-holds barred compelling narrative that always manage to captivate and enthral. Going against the grain for what is expected in her particular genre, she offers a unique perspective upon the codes and conventions that usually come up, providing something new, different and exciting, and it is because of this that many readers are turning to her work in their droves. Living in America, she is not without her fair share of critical acclaim as well, as she’s also received the Daphne du Maurier award for her work too. Her past as a banker also informs her work, providing it with a clear grounding and sense of immediacy unlike no other. Having written over a number of works, her career is now going stronger than ever, with more and more discovering her work everyday, as audiences flock both nationally and internationally to her many series. One such series she is particularly famous for is that of the She Can series; a highly popular franchise which exemplifies her work well.

A thriller series now reaching six books in total and counting, the She Can series is perhaps Leigh’s most famous franchise to date and for good reason, with its compelling plots and richly woven characters, it’s easy to see why so many can’t put it down. Featuring different stories for each, they are all tied together by common theme of a woman seeking justice, as they tell tales of jealousy, revenge passions inflamed, all in one intoxicating mixture that’s set to keep the reader guessing and turning to the very last page when the truth is finally revealed. As people find them in over their heads, they must do whatever it takes to rectify the situation at whatever cost, whether it be murder, theft or a conspiracy of gigantic proportions. There’s no end to these stories and what they have to offer, something which Leigh has become accustomed to over the years as she refines and hones her craft becoming a master in her field.

She Can Run

This was to be the first book where Melinda Leigh introduced this particular series to the public at large, leading onto worldwide acclaim. Setting up the style of the books to follow, it builds a sense of atmosphere and foreboding that tells its audience something dark is on the horizon. With the characters being interchangeable throughout the course of the books as well, it also manages to set an archetype for what is to come. Published in 2011, this was also a finalist for a set of thriller awards, thus cementing its permanent fixture status upon the suspense genre scene.

Believing she has met the man of her dreams in congressman Richard Baker, Elizabeth feels a sense of security for both her and her children that she hasn’t felt in quite some time. Things aren’t quite as they first appear though, as it soon transpires he’s got a few secrets that he doesn’t want getting out, dark and dangerous secret that he wants to keep hidden at all costs. Going on the run, she takes her children fleeing to rural Pennsylvania. It is here that she meets retired detective Jack O’Malley who swear to help her and protect her at all costs, a promise that might just put him in the firing line too. What is Baker’s deep dark secret that he wants to keep hidden whatever the cost? Can Jack O’Malley keep them safe, or will he be next? Just how will Beth escape once she realizes that she can run?

She Can Tell

Starting with a whole new story, this is another stand-alone book in the She Can series, as Leigh brings in a completely different, but equally compelling story of both suspense and intrigue. First published on the 4th of December, 2012, this was the book that managed to take the franchise in a whole different direction, thus securing its place within the literary establishment. Still managing to convey that sense of foreboding and edge-of-the-seat suspense that made her so popular in the first place, it’s easy to see why this particular book is so beloved by both readers and critics alike.

Rachel Parker plans to return home to be greeted with open arms as she returns to Pennsylvania, but she doesn’t quite get what she expected, as what she finds is far more shocking. Her sister has an extremely abusive husband who is harming her, and there now seems to be someone that is attempting to destroy Rachel’s new life as well, someone who knows something secret from her past. Stepping up is Mike O’Connell who vows to help her find out who is doing this and put and end to their nefarious scheme, but first he must untangle a whole web lies if he’s to get to the truth. What could be buried in Rachel Parker’s past? Who is trying to cause her harm and can she escape them? How will she be ablt to stop them after she decides that she can tell?

The She Can Series

With a lot of life left in it yet, this particular series keeps a clear eye on what it sets out to do and it does that well, retaining a sense of mystery and intrigue, in the face of danger and suspense. The characters are easy to relate to and the plotlines, whilst intricate, are nonetheless compelling keeping the reader guessing at every twist and turn. Easy to pick up yet difficult to put down, they instil a sense of foreboding throughout that’s intoxicating, as the reader feels themselves immersed within the action, as the characters make realistic human choices. Not just plot for plots sake, it creates a world that’s believable and interesting for her audience who are growing at an ever rapid rate. Constantly bringing out new stories, this is one series that’s not going to be finishing anytime soon, with a lot more potential available on the horizon.

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