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Sheeryl Lim is a published author of fiction.

Sheeryl grew up in San Diego and is a California girl at heart. She is Filipino-American and has since relocated from the west coast all the way over to the east coast.

Sheeryl Lim joins the ranks of many other authors that came before her of being a published author ever since the debut of her first novel, Brown Boy Nowhere, in 2021. If you have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of new work from new voices in fiction, give this novel a chance and see what Lim’s first story is all about!

Like many others who write books, Lim thinks of herself as a bookworm and reads quite a bit. In fact, she admits that she has what seems to be a never ending pile of books that she is meaning to read in the future just stacking up. When she is not busy writing, she likes to spend time with her partner as well as their rescue dogs and go take Roscoe and Nollie out to play.

Sheeryl also loves to eat popcorn as a snack. She is married and lives somewhere on the East Coast along with her spouse and the dogs!

Sheeryl Lim is the author of Brown Boy Nowhere, her 2021 fictional debut. The Kindle edition stands at 319 pages and is focused around the main character of Angelo Rivera. If you have been wanting to read something new, check this wonderful debut from American author Sheeryl Lim out!

The main character in this story is named Angelo Rivera. He is Filipino-American and sixteen years old at the moment, and he would be the first to tell you how terrible life is if you asked him. He’s basically living in the middle of nowhere, and apparently this is where all of life starts for him. Not that he has a choice about the matter. All that he knows is that he is not excited about where he is currently at.

As far as Angelo is concerned, life here sucks. He was perfectly comfortable living in the city of San Diego and considered it his home. At least it used to be his home, until his family got the bright idea that they wanted to move. Just like that he was torn up out of the place that he was the most comfortable and has been transported like magic to some tiny town that truly has nothing going on.

Angelo dislikes living in this place immensely. It’s so different from San Diego and the town is not only landlocked but appears to be very boring. Everything that he loved about his home is no longer there– the waves of the ocean rolling in, spending time with his girlfriend, and he was also really into skateboarding and now has to wave goodbye to one of the hugest competitions in skateboarding that there is in California.

Angelo’s really disappointed in this new change of scene and doesn’t want to really give it a chance. The last thing that he wants is to help out at the diner his parents are now running, standing at the grill cooking burgers for customers. To make things worse, he appears to be the singular Asian attending his new public school, which doesn’t exactly keep him from standing out as an outsider and a newcomer.

Everyone at his school is white and there is a faction at the school of jocks that appear to think trolling him as being the brown boy is a good source of regular entertainment. It’s definitely far from the perfect situation, and Angelo decides that he is just going to accept being an outcast and not try to fit in with anyone he doesn’t feel like hanging out with. Especially if they appear to be ignorant and want to bully him for being a different race, which was not something that happened at his old school.

However, he might not be the only person on the outskirts at his new school. There are others like him. There’s Larry, the bank geek that thinks that he’s invisible and is essentially right. Then there is Kristen, who used to be a cheerleader and now spends her time making graffiti art. They soon see that he is on the outside of everything and take him into their crew.

Angelo not only joins the group but soon finds that he is something of a leader among the group. They might not be the most popular people at school, but that doesn’t matter to them. They know that they’re cool, and they’re not going to let anyone steamroll over them or tell them that they’re any less than they are.

The group may not be super popular, but that doesn’t matter. Angelo soon finds that there are some things about this place that he actually likes, and hanging out with his new friends is one of them. He even starts to not mind working at his parents’ diner and flipping the burgers. But between the shifts he’s pulling at the diner and avoiding the jocks as much as he can, he can’t help wishing for home.

It’s still nice to have people that get him, though, and Angelo decides that this place might not be so bad. It might be the middle of nowhere, but sharing the experience with others can turn it into a place that is something like home and that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Can Angelo find a way to take the things that he loved about his old home and still keep them in his life while adapting to his new life here?

Angelo is starting to see that maybe he could be happy here and have a solid launching pad into the rest of his life. Will he stay together with his girlfriend? Will he still keep up with skateboarding and enter the competition? Can he stay solid with his new friends? Pick up a copy of this best-selling debut from Sheeryl Lim to find out!

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