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The Mersey Mistress (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mersey Angels (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sheila Riley is an English author of historical fiction books. She also writes Saga and Romantic Suspense novels under the pseudonym Annie Groves and Penny Jordan. She was born and raised in Merseyside and is the eldest of seven children. Sheila’s parents took the scenic route through the many families the narrative they shared and encouraged her to do the same. At school, she discovered that she could improve her English exam grades by writing stories in the back of her exercise book, which sparked her lifelong journey of writing stories. She is happily married to Tony, and the couple have three grown-up children, five grandkids, a pet German Shepard and a cat named Missy.

First published in 2021, The Mersey Mistress kicks off in 1892. She sets the tone of this fascinating saga when young lovebirds Archie Swift and Rowena Ashland are banished from Rowena’s family, and it’s revealed that Rowena is with a child. Silas Ashland, however, Rowena’s father, bans her from getting married to Archie and threatens to disinherit her if she does so within his lifetime. Together, they establish a home and welcome their daughter into the world. However, they were unaware that her father and her younger sister’s infertile husband had planned to kidnap Rowena and Archie’s child when she was only ten days old so that May and Giles could raise her as their own, leaving Rowena upset. Never again would she pardon her father or Giles Harrington.

The book then shifts to Liverpool in 1910, and we are introduced to Emma Cassidy, a mother of four children and a widow whose husband died at sea before her five-year-old twins were born. She comes knocking at Ruby Swift’s Emporium, seeking work to feed her family. Emma flourished in the employment Ruby offered her after taking her in. Five years later, on the evening before Christmas, she is walking to the Emporium when she slips over a broken gas bulb and injures her ankle. She makes it home on her crutches, where her 16-year-old daughter Anna takes her in alongside the twins to rest by the fire and promises to work at her mom’s job for the day so she won’t miss out on her much-needed money.

Ruby Swift, nicknamed by some as “her ladyship,” was not born into poverty like the people who visited her stores. But since her father prohibited her from marrying the man she loved and kidnapped their child in the middle of the night, life has shown her to be modest. Born Rowena Ashland, Ruby adopted the names of Archie’s adored aunt and the longtime housekeeper at Ashland Hall. Despite the fact that they are not married, they cohabitate as husband and wife. Ruby earned the respect of many by being kind to the residents of Liverpool’s dock district and giving generously. Ruby, however, upheld the value of an honest day’s labor and never looked down on anyone making the best effort for their family. When she hired Emma Cassidy, she gained a friend and a reliable employer. Emma didn’t show up for work on Christmas Eve, which shocked her because it was very out of character for her. But then Anna knocked on the door and offered to take over for her mother.

Anna Cassidy was raised to appreciate others while also being able to get around on just her two feet. She had no problem taking up her mother’s duties if it meant giving the twins a memorable Christmas. She went to collect the rentals for Miss Ruby with her 12-year-old brother Sam, but when she was alone, she was confronted by the disagreeable and aggressive Jerky Woods, who tried to seduce her and take her takings. Anna had the opportunity to flee as Jerky reeled in agony from a quick kick, but she knew she would have to be on watch moving forward since Jerky wouldn’t allow such humiliation to stand. Even while it would not be her only contact with him that day, it would alter her life’s path forever.

Tragic events shock Anna when Ruby alerts her to a fire in her home. Anna rushes home to Queen Street to rescue her mother and younger brothers, but it is too late. The firefighters hauled out her family’s lifeless bodies as she watched her home burn to charred ruin. Where was Sam though? While Ruby is battling the dishonest Father O’Connell, Anna sneaks off at night to look for her lone surviving brother. Archie and Ned, the young guy he and Ruby both dated, discover Anna cold and unconscious by the docks the following day after a fruitless night of searching.

Sam was found by a police officer in the destroyed remains of his home and transported to the priest, who pledged not to let the wicked harlot Ruby Swift touch the boy. He signed Sam’s life away to Canada and sent him off to the orphanage before Ruby could figure out his. Sam was supposed to start a new life, but what was in store for him?

Despite spending several weeks in the hospital, Anna was eventually taken in by Ruby and Archie and began working at the Emporium with the person who had saved her life. She learned Sam had been transported to Canada too late; all she had to do was hold out hope that she would someday be able to see him there. Anna had lost her family, her house, and everything in one night. She was left with nothing more than the silver necklace that her brother had been saving up all year to give their mom for Christmas. Despite the hard life on the docks, Anna has been granted a second opportunity. But is it sufficient? Can Ruby give Anna the heart-healing she needs? And when will Sam and Anna be reunited?

This captivating tale of love, family, betrayal, grief, and tragedy transports you to the dawn of the twentieth century. THE MERSEY MISTRESS will shatter your heart and make you cry, but it’s also adorable and heartwarming.

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