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Publication Order of Shenandoah Album Books

The “Shenandoah Album” series is written by author Emilie Richards, and is set in the Shenandoah Valley. The series began being published in the year 2004, when “Wedding Ring” was released.

Except for the first book, the stories are romances. The first book is about three women bonding with each other. The books are stand alone works that can be read in any order.

“Wedding Ring” is the first novel in the “Shenandoah Album” series and was released in the year 2004. Tessa MacRae, in an effort to figure out her trouble filled marriage, agrees to help her mother and grandmother clean out their family home for the summer, it is located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

That being said, none of the women have been close. Helen (who is the matriarch of the family) is one to dominate and has a sharp tongue. Nancy (who is Tessa’s mom) does not seem to be much more than just a social climber. Meanwhile, Tessa finds herself in all kinds of turmoil after a tragedy in the family that has left them all affected.

Now with the help of time, Tessa has her eyes opened. It makes her start to see both her grandmother and mother as the courageous yet flawed females they truly are. While she restores a quilt that is wedding ring theme and vintage (quilted by Nancy and pieced by Helen), all the secrets that have clouded all their lives start to come out, once and for all. Each one finds that you have to clean out a house to find some things that you believed were lost forever.

Fans of the novel found they were in awe of Richards’s ability to bring to life so many characters and their many personalities in just one story. Some liked the way these three women were able to bond over a summer, and the stories about each of the quilts. Some found that they started getting into quilting as a result of enjoying these books so much.

“Endless Chain” is the second novel in the “Shenandoah Album” series and was released in the year 2005. Sam Kinkade finally feels at home and is content with life, as well as his Shenandoah Valley congregation as minister in the rural part of Toms Brook, Virginia. The plans he has made to welcome the expanding Hispanic community are being resisted.

The good thing is, that when the community center (which is ran by the church) gets threatened and a woman walks in (named Elisa Martinez); Sam knows she is the kind that can build bridges. She has not come to make any connections. She comes to Toms Brook so she can hide out.

Despite the fears she holds about being found out, she gets enchanted by the gorgeous work the women of the quilting circle are doing. Not to mention the friendship they offer. She fears the consequences that could come for both her and Sam, she is strongly attracted to him. And to a generations old love story that roots itself as part of the town.

Are Elisa and Sam going to repeat what happened in the past? Or will they be able to find the freedom and love they are looking for at last?

Fans of the novel found that they enjoyed this even more the second time around. The book is wonderfully written; it is full of vivid characters, moments that warm the heart, and situations that are unique to each character. For some, the ending fit for each of the characters and was the perfect way to end things for the people involved.

“Lover’s Knot” is the third novel in the “Shenandoah Album” series and was released in the year 2006. Kendra Taylor has become confused about her marriage, and just needs some time to figure things out. She retreats to a cabin that has been abandoned. It was left to her husband (who is named Isaac) by his mom’s grandma that he never got to know. Kendra is welcomed quickly into Toms Brook’s rural community.

She quickly starts becoming curious about a gorgeous heirloom quilt and a past that Isaac never wanted to explore. This odd quilt truly has a story to tell anyone who wants to hear it. Kendra hopes that if she helps her husband connect with where he came from, it would help him be able to connect again with her.

His hesitant visits at the cabin only emphasize their problems that much more. Circumstances start making them put together a new relationship, and Isaac finds a family’s history that he never one knew. It might just hold the answer to his future.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read that hooks the reader and never lets go. You want to stay with them even once the book is over. Fans of the novel enjoyed this as much as the first two stories. Kendra and Isaac’s story was so captivating that readers did not want to see the characters from the previous books.

“Touching Stars” is the fourth novel in the “Shenandoah Album” series and was released in the year 2007. Gayle Fortman has put together a good life for her sons and herself while working as innkeeper in the Shenandoah Valley. She is lucky enough to have kept up a relationship with her ex (he is Eric Fortman, a broadcast journalist) that is civil. She even covers with her sons about his absences and the promises he breaks. A guy named Travis Allen has been a loving and wonderful surrogate father for her sons and is her best friend.

Eric comes back the night before Jared (the oldest son) is set to graduate after he almost died in Afghanistan. To make things worse, he has gone and lost both his courage and his way. He needs a place he can go and recover from what has happened with him. Gayle sees that this is probably the final chance her sons are going to have to create a real bond with their dead.

She offers him a chance to spend the summer at the inn, as well as a chance to make things right. They both see that the old attraction and love still remain. Is it possible to mend bo

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