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Publication Order of Sherring Cross Books

Man of My Dreams (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Me Forever (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pursuit (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Johanna Lindsey is an American author. Her novels are very popular and are usually in the genre of historical romance. They have collectively sold millions of copies.

She was born on March 10th in 1952 with the last name Howard in Germany as a result of her father being stationed there. When she was a child, her family frequently moved. Her father always wanted to retire in Hawaii, but passed away before he could move there. As a result, Johanna moved there with her mother as a way to honor that desire and his memory.

She became married at a young age in 1970, still in school at the time. Her name changed when she said I do to Ralph Lindsey and they had three children together. Today she is a grandmother. She moved to Maine after her husband passed away to live and to be close to her family.

She first became an author with the release of her book Captive Bride, which she wrote in 1977. The book did extremely well and today her novels are not only popular best sellers but have been so globally successful that they have been translated into at least a dozen languages and counting.

Today she is known as one of the most popular historical romance writers of all time. Every single one of her novels have reached best selling status on the New York Times and many of them have climbed all the way up to the top at number one!

Her books are often set in different stages of history. Some are set in the Old West, some in the Middle Ages, and some in England and Scotland. She even has tried out writing romances with a science fiction twist. Her most popular books would be the Malory-Anderson Family Saga, which is set in Regency England.

Johanna Lindsey is the creator and writer of the Sherring Cross series of novels. The series kicked off in 1993 with the release of the first novel. The sequel came out two years later and in 2002, the third novel was published. The Pursuit would make this series an official trilogy.

Man of My Dreams is the first novel in the Sherring Cross trilogy by Johanna Lindsey. In this first story of the series, readers get the chance to meet Megan Penworthy and Ambrose St. James in person (so to speak– at least in print) for the first time.

Megan is easily one of the most beautiful women in the land, if not the most beautiful. She is not only desirable but unpredictable in her behavior. She can have any man that she wants as they would all drop anything and do whatever they could to gain the honor of being her husband or even courting her to potentially be her husband.

She’s never had any intention of getting married to anyone until she set her sights on Ambrose. Even though she has never met him, she has decided that she is going to get married to him nevertheless. She could have virtually anyone that she wants as a suitor, and she has decided that no one else will do.

Megan has every wish to marry Mr. St. James and would never consider lowering her standards to marry a commoner. Especially not someone like her handsome but common horse breeder, Devlin. The horse breeder in turn is taken with this bold redheaded woman and cannot get her out of his mind.

Little does she know that Sir Ambrose had to take to hiding and pose as a commoner to get out of a bit of trouble. Posing as Devlin Jeffreys to save his life, Ambrose is swiftly falling for the woman that keeps him employed. Sure, her hunt to find someone of nobility with money without knowing them is indicative of someone with either very clear goals or delusion (or a combination of both), but he is simply too taken with her to care. It is all part of her charm.

The man in disguise can hardly reveal to her the nature of his identity. Sir Ambrose makes a decision to try and get this vexing woman to fall for him. He will seduce her and do his best to make her fall for him, making her forget about her shadow dream of another man– which also happens to be him.

This handsome man is on the verge of having everything that he ever wanted. But can dreams come true? Find out whether he can convince Megan to fall for him or if his status will truly be the one thing that stands in the way of their being together. Read this first novel in the Sherring Cross series to find out what happens for yourself!

Love Me Forever is the exciting second novel in the Sherring Cross trilogy by Johanna Lindsey. Meet the main character of Kimberly Richards, a young woman with a mind of her own.

She’s mourning the recent passing of her mother. So when her father comes up with a plan to marry her to someone quickly, she’s a little bit angry at the gall of him to suggest that. But the Earl is determined to find someone that can marry Kimberly as quickly as possible.

The worst part is that it isn’t even for her benefit. The Earl’s plan is to ship her off into a marriage just so that he can satisfy the demands of his lover, who is extremely jealous. They are planning to get married and for that to work as well as they would like, the plan is to shunt Kimberly off to some husband as soon as possible.

The only thing is that Kimberly doesn’t ever want to have a shallow marriage. She dislikes women who pursue money through marriage and has no desire to step into an arranged marriage. Still, the heiress may have just accidentally found a proper suitor in Lachlan MacGregor at the Sherring Cross Estate.

He is handsome and also newly poor. He does happen to be a Laird. She’s attracted to Lachlan. The only problems is he seems to want someone else. Can they get together? Pick up this book by Johanna Lindsey to find out!

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