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Sheryl Scarborough is an American published author and writer of children’s television.

Scarborough first developed an interest in forensics and solving mysteries due to a strange occurrence in her early life. Her house had the appearance of a Peeping Tom that kept showing up and did her best to catch him. After the visits she would photograph the footprints and collected evidence.

While the individual in question never was found, she always had that desire to solve mysteries using clues and solid evidence. She still enjoys mysteries to the point where she has written novels revolving around them!

Sheryl Scarborough attended Vermont’s College of the Fine Arts and graduated with her MFA degree in writing (especially fiction for young adults and children). She has since put the degree to good use! She is married to her husband and lives with him and their cats in the state of Washington. They are located just over the river from Portland, Oregon.

Sheryl Scarborough is the author and the creator of the Erin Blake series of fiction. Readers were first able to check out the debut story in this series in 2017 with the publication of To Catch a Killer. This mystery series is designed to be read by young adults but you can always check it out if you are a little older than the middle to high school grade range! The sequel would come out in 2018 and is titled To Right the Wrongs. If you love mysteries, check out this series for yourself.

The first mystery novel in the Erin Blake series is titled To Catch a Killer. In this exciting mystery story debut from Scarborough, readers get the chance to meet the main character of Erin for the first time.

Erin knows that her name is just one of the names that people know for some reason. A famous name, one they heard for some reason. Just like Elizabeth Smart or another name that has been linked to a crime. This is for a reason– it doesn’t just like sound like a name that people would know from a news story, it actually is.

When Erin was a young girl, she survived as a toddler against all the odds. It was three long days that she spent along with three nights by her mother’s dead body. She was murdered, and to this day, the unsolved case continues to be of interest. Of course, back then, it was a huge story and became the object of fascination for many.

Erin doesn’t know who her father is, and so she was eventually taken into a home by the best friend of her mother. Even though she was not raised by family and went through a terrible ordeal and lost her mother, Erin grew up and became a teen that was relatively normal.

Even though her life did somewhat balance out, Erin is left with tons of questions burning in her mind about the past. What really happened back then, and who killed her mother? If someone were responsible, what possible reasons could they have had for doing it?

It has been nearly a decade that has gone by since the transition and now she’s finding herself in a repeat of the past. Just like a form of a nightmare, Erin is the center of attention in what appears to have been a brutal murder. The fact that it’s her teacher of biology only makes it worse and she naturally is interviewed by authorities. She tells nearly the entire truth to the police except for her secret theory deep down inside.

She knows that it sounds crazy, and maybe it is. She could just be reading into things from her own personal experience and seeing things from the past. Even though she believes it to be potentially true, Erin doesn’t bring up to the police officers how it could be the same person that killed her mother. They probably would not believe her anyway and she has to safeguard casework that she is already conducting.

Now Erin’s doing all that she can to investigate the case on her own, partly inspired by the FBI Agent relative that she has. If her uncle can do it then she can too! Her hobby and obsession with the forensics field is about to help her out because now the cold case investigation is about to really get started. She’s going to need all of her skills and her tools to try and make it to the finish line.

Could it be that the death of this person is related to that same case all those years ago or is this just a coincidence and she is seeing exactly what she wants to see? The new death and victim makes her believe that she may be onto something. Whether that is the truth or not remains to be seen!

Erin’s doing her best, but is surprised when the evidence starts to point the authorities her way. Could it be coincidence or sabotage? Will the killer decide to strike again? And will a suspect and her crush Journey Michaels be able to assist her in cracking this case? Pick up the debut mystery in the Blake series to find out!

The second book in the Erin Blake mystery series is titled To Right the Wrongs. If you enjoyed the fast paced events of the first mystery book, check out the sequel!

When a killer is caught, Erin believes that a case is finally closed. Now Erin is back doing the hard work and putting herself to the test. Forensics projects are about to be completed with full parental approval. Erin is collaborating with her Uncle Victor to try and do what she can along with her friends Lysa and Sam.

They’re all working to get a classroom ready for summer camp. They’re all going to be counselors at this CSI camp. Erin also has a new boyfriend in Journey that will be the intern at the campus’s CSI lab with Victor. When they review case evidence, will it prove that Journey’s dad is innocent and is wrongfully in prison for murder? Read this mystery to find out!

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