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Publication Order of Shift Happens Books

Ready To Were (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Some Were In Time (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Were To Run (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Were Me Out (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Were We Belong (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Shift Happens series is a popular series of paranormal, romance, fantasy, shapeshifters, urban fantasy, and humor novels. It is written by a bestselling American writer named Robyn Peterman and consists of 5 books in total released between 2014 and 2019. The books of this series revolve around vampires, dragons, werewolves, zombies, and other paranormal elements. They are depicted as indulging in passionate romances and trying to overcome the obstacles in their path of achieving love. Author Peterman has done the books’ setting in a small town in Georgia and in Chicago and Alabama.

The essential characters mentioned in the novels include Essie, Hank Wilson, Dwayne, Jacob Wilson, Granny, Dima, etc. All the novels are narrated from the point of view of Essie as she indulges in several paranormal events along with her pack of werewolves. This series is hugely popular in many parts of the world. The readers have liked its interesting set of characters and excellent plots and stories. Along with the various literary features of the series, the critics have also praised the humorous elements in the novels, which carry the stories forward and keep the readers interested.

Robyn Peterman is a reputed novelist from The United States, who is famous for writing paranormal, humor, romance, and fantasy stories. She has written a number of mind-blowing series in her career, including the Hot Dammed series, Magic & Mayhem series, Sea Shenanigans series, Shift Happens novel series, Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters series, etc. Robyn considers writing a form of addiction. The other things that keep her busy include reading, shoes, coke, and coffee. Prior to becoming an actress, Robyn was working as a professional actress. Currently, she resides in the south and spends most of her time writing stories that interest her.

The debut book of the Shift Happens series written by Robyn Peterman is entitled ‘Ready to Were’. It was released in 2014 in the Kindle format. The lead characters of this novel include Hank Wilson, Essie, and Dwayne. Robyn Peterman has done the setting of the book in Chicago and Hung Island, Georgia. The story opens by introducing Essie has a top-ranked Were agent. She works for a secret Council of paranormal and lives a happy life in Chicago. She seemed to have everything she needed to live a life full of excitement. Essie has a gym membership that she loves very much. Also, she is able to get season tickets to attend Cubs games whenever she wants. Essie has a best friend in the form of a Vampyre named Dwayne. As she has everything she wishes in Chicago, Essie doesn’t plan to go back to Hung Island in Georgia ever. However, an unavoidable situation arises that requires Essie to visit Hung Island. When she learns about this urgent assignment, she hates it very much.

Going back to the island at this point in life means Essie has to face the reason which made her move out of the island in the first place. And that reason is none other than Hank Wilson. Hank is described as a 6 ft 3 inch long, egotistical, obnoxious, and perfectly shaped werewolf. He is the one with whom Essie had the best sex of her life. She was left heartbroken when Hank cheated on her and now, she is willing to chew off her own paw than to face her former lover. Hank is often referred to as ‘the Tank’ because of his long height and heavily built body. When Essie had caught him cheating on her, she did what any rational lady would have done in her place. She packed her suitcase, collected enough money for her bus ride out of the island, made big plans for her future, and set off for her freedom with a vow not to return ever. But, all of this goes for a toss when Essie is asked to look into the matter of some missing werewolves on Hung Island. The more she tries to keep her head in one place, the more she finds herself distracted by the presence of Hank Wilson. No matter how hard she tries to resist bending towards the sexy werewolf, she feels giving herself to him all over again. This time, she hopes that Hank doesn’t break her heart and she doesn’t have to make a promise that she would end up breaking later.

Another exciting installment of the series is entitled ‘No Were To Run’. It was also published as a Kindle book in 2016. This book also contains the same set of central characters and paranormal settings. The novel opens by depicting that Dima has waged a battle all her life against her father, the Dragon King. She is the dragon princess and is living in exile because her father wants to kill her. He has already killed the remaining members of her family. Dima considers her father a horrible leader of dragons and wants to destroy him. To achieve this goal, Dima forms an allegiance with the dragons who have formed a resistance against the king as she believes they share a common goal. The dragons agree to work with her, but most of them do not let go of their hate for her because of her relation to the king. When Dima’s father began his evil quest for power, he killed Dima’s brother and mother. She was very young at that time, but managed to escape.

Dima went into exile and overcame the assassination attempts by her father’s dragons for almost 500 years. Due to her lineage, Dima is required to find a suitable mate before her 500th anniversary of birth or else she will die. Dima wants to ensure the safety of her horde from her father before her death. So, she plans to launch an attack on the Dragon King with the support of some friendly vampires, were cows, and werewolves. Hank and Essie provide their assistance to Dima’s cause. They bring all the Resistance team members at her disposal and give her all the freedom to use them as she pleases. Nicolai, the sexy leader of the Resistance, doesn’t support this decision of Essie & Hank. He despises Dima. But, when he ends up becoming his mate, their differences subside and they form an unbreakable bond. All the characters described in this particular book are truly fantastic. They are depicted as having quirky sassiness, headstrong and outgoing personality, and other exciting features. What makes this novel even more interesting to read is the inclusion of humor throughout the story. The book is fast paced, quirky, and fun-filled. It appears to be a perfect novel for all the fans of fantasy tales with paranormal characters.

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