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The “Shifted Love” series is a set of bestselling paranormal romances by the author Fiona Davenport. What many people do not know is that Fiona Davenport is the writing duo of Elle Christensen and Rochelle Paige who are known for their bestselling romance novels.

Both authors are hopeless romantics with a love for happily-ever-after stories which are just the type of stories you would expect from many of their novels including the “Shifted Love” series of novels.
Elle and Rochelle have made a reputation for combining crazy imagination with a dirty mind to pen some engaging reads.

The fact that they have become some of the most successful authors in the romance genre perhaps comes from the fact that they were both voracious readers growing up and in adulthood.
In fact, people used to make fun of Paige when she was in her teenage years since she used to try to walk and read at the same time.

The two authors have over the years been writing in different subgenres such as romantic suspense, new adult, paranormal and contemporary romances for years.

Fiona Davenport’s novel “The Shifted Love” series is a set of shifter romances featuring smitten heroes and a passive but very beautiful heroine.

In the debut novel of the series, “Her Wolf,” we are introduced to Allegra Hale who did not have an inkling about shifters until she went to college and got into a crash, and was subsequently rescued by a wolf shifter named Zeke Blakesley. The man insists that they are fated to be together and is determined never to let her go.

In “Her Alpha” the second novel of the series, Zeke is a shifter who immediately knew he had met his mate when he caught Allegra’s scent.

Now that he met her he never intends to ever let her go even if she is a human who may not be accepted in his shifter pack. On her part, Larissa Nash was looking for her best friend when she met Kace Lowell who gave her a sweet surprise as he tuned into his wolf self.

The third novel of the series is the story of Calliope Taft who desired to have a handsome shifter of her own and was about to give up when she met Tane Ruslan. He is s strong man that intends to keep her safe from anyone that would hurt her and make her dreams come true.

These are some intense novels with a lot of emotion, and steamy sex scenes that make for incredible stories.

“Her Wolf,” the debut novel of the “Shifted Love” series of novels tells the story of Zeke Blakesley and Allegra Hale. The former is the sheriff of the small town of Timber Ridge, which is full of all manner of shapeshifters.

He had made it a rule to never reveal his true nature to humans as one could never tell how they would react. As a beta, he never expected that he would be fortunate enough to meet his fated mate as not many wolves usually did.

But then he smells something sweet in the air and sees Allegra Hale walking along the street with her best friends. She is a college student who always desired to find a handsome young man to begin life with but it seems to be taking too long.
Things changed when she had been rescued by a very handsome man after she was involved in a car accident. He goes against his rules and tells her that she is his fated mate and that he is a wolf shifter.

Deep in her heart, she knows she has to believe him since she feels strongly about him too. With a crazy in love and over the top alpha and a swoon-worthy heroine, it makes for a beautiful romance story.

The second novel of the “Shifted Love” series by Fiona Davenport is Her Alpha. At the opening of the novel, we are introduced to Larissa Nash who is worrying about her best friend.

She had just been informed that she had been in an accident where she had met Timber Ridge’s sexy sheriff. However, her friend fails to attend classes the following day and she had to go looking for her. She is surprised to find her friend with the sheriff and not in the least interested in coming back with her.

Kace Lowell is the leader of the Timber Wolf pack but also the mayor of the small town. He has spent months listless and nervous until he was hit by the sweet smell of his newly found mate at his friend’s house.
When Larissa came to find her friend she was puzzled that she was not interested in leaving, even though it looked as if she had been kidnapped.

But this was love at first sight. The moment she met Kace who is the friend of the man that had seemingly kidnapped her friend, there were fireworks and an instant connection just like with her friend and her new man.

“Her Tiger,” the third novel of the “Shifted Love” series of novels is the story of Calliope. She is the only girl who has not found a shapeshifter lover, even though that is what she desires most.

As an artist and the most sensitive of her three friends, she had always wanted to find a man with whom she could start a family. She has not found her fated mate among the wolf pack in Timber Ridge and had been losing hope.
But then a stranger walks into her friend’s house and tells her that she is the mate she has been looking for over the past several months. He is a tiger shifter who has been away from home for years to take care of the family business.
He is now back and is happy to reintegrate himself into the community but is a little jealous that everyone has found their mate except for him.

But things get better when he is introduced to his partner’s new friend and right from the moment of their meeting he knows she is the one. She emits that sweet scent and he immediately tells her that she is his mate and they are soon dating.
But their fledgling relationship is threatened by a danger that is threatening Calliope.

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