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Shifters and Partners Books In Order

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Publication Order of Shifters and Partners Books

This is a series of books that follows the fictitious life of human and shifter partners. The first book in this series focuses on Tom Langley and Sean Goods. The Author of this series Hollis Shiloh is a writer of gay fiction romance stories. In this series, Tom is introduced to the reader as a gay married man and who helps police fight crime with Sean who is a wolf. The two are a great team and have a lot of fun doing their job, but Tom’s husband does not like his wolf shifter partner Sean.

This is part of the first book in this series, “My Partner the Wolf”. This book sets the stage for the series of other books that follow. It serves to create interest in reading the other books that follow.

In My Partner the Wolf, Tom’s relationship originally seems like it is working out, however with time, the couple suffer a terrible break up which leaves Tom devastated and with a feeling that he can never love again because of the betrayal he has suffered at the hands of Lowell. Sean his partner is there however to comfort him and to try and help him get over it.

It is at this point that their partnership takes on a new face when Sean offers to have sex with Tom as a friend to help him get over his breakup. The two have some chemistry together and they have a bond of trust, unlike any other partners because of the experiences they have been through together doing their work.

Sean is a funny, strong and protective guy and these are things Tom can see the friendship starts to seem more than just that and the reader will begin to see that there may be more to Sean’s comforting of Tom than just sex between friends. It could be that Sean may have secret feelings for his partner and may be expecting to get more than just sex from their partnership.

The feeling may not be mutual though as Tom has just been through a major relationship failure which probably prevents him from being able to reciprocate the love that Sean has for him. The two are a great team, but Tom may end up breaking Sean’s heart and affect their partnership if it is a case of one-sided love.

Tom’s character in this book will take the reader through a mix of emotions as the two partners try to balance their work, friendship, and romantic feelings. As they go about their duties, it also becomes clear why Tom’s husband Lowell hates Sean so much and tried to get Tom to choose between his partnership and his marriage. The book is not particularly a romantic one, it may come off more as a thriller with a story of romance and antagonism. The reader will be drawn to find out what will be the fate of the partners and how will different crimes be solved. The story continues into the second book in the series.

The third book in the Shifters and Partners series is one of an odd partnership between a human and a fox. “ Joey and the Fox” follows the lives of two partners, one, Joey – An arrogant but very attractive cop who is well accomplished, and Dylan – Joey’s partner who is a fox shifter.

This is a very mismatched partnership as Joey is always bashing gay people as they are telling gay jokes in the office while Dylan is gay and adores Joey despite all the hurtful things he says about gay people. Joey does take his job seriously and he really sees the need for his fox partner in being able to do his job properly so he tries his best to ensure that it works out.

Dylan comes off to the reader as a mess, who is very clingy and broken but also cheerful and it is obvious how much he adores his partner Joey who just seems like a regular Asshole. The reader will be drawn to Dylan because of his sensitive nature as well as his loyalty to his friend.

Joey is also loyal to the partnership, mainly because he sees how it benefits his career and he is determined to make that work, he cannot sacrifice his fox shifter partner for any reason, not even because of his sexual orientation.

The story revolves around their day to day life, showing the challenges they go through and the reader will wonder as they read what will become of the weird attraction that Dylan has for his redhead partner go away.

Shifters and Partners in this book gives a chance for the reader to know more about Joey who in book 1 and 2 was just the office asshole with very little revealed about his character. In this book, the reader gets to see more of him as a human with positive attributes especially in the way he looks after his partner and comforts him when he is feeling low.

For the reader who enjoyed the first and second books in this series, they will be happy to have the main characters from those books, Tom, and Sean return and add to the plot of Joey and the Fox. This book is a story of 2 individuals from different worlds finding themselves in a partnership they have to make work despite their differences and eventually discovering a lot about themselves that they did not think possible.

Shifters and Partners is a series written by an author who has the ability to play with emotion in a way that excites and pains at the same time. It is a creation of fiction that may just seem real as you flip the pages. It provides another side to characters who may seem physically strong but with insight into their emotions they are revealed to be ordinary people with emotions that can be touched by other people’s actions. It is a blend of the paranormal, manly romance and a hint of mystery. It is a typical Hollis Shiloh series.

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