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Publication Order of Shifters Unbound Books

The Shifters Unbound book series by Jennifer Ashley is a fascinating collection of romantic stories set in science fiction cum fantasy setting. Ashley published her first Shifters Unbound romance novel: Pride Mate back in 2010. The latest in the series: Wild Wolf came out in February 2014 and is the sixth sequel. The books are set in a world where humans live side by side with mystical creatures known as Shifters who can change from human to animal forms at different times.

To provide you with a glimpse of what to expect in the series, here we have carried out a detailed review of the first two books in the series and then concluded the review with a short glimpse to a set of other books in the series.

Pride Mates: Book I in the Series

Some two decades back, shifters came together to form an alliance in a bid to be allowed to live on an equal footing with pureblood human beings. Driven by paranoia and mistrust however, humans shunned shape shifters and segregated them off to special areas known as “Shiftertowns” where they could live and do as they list.

In order to control the shape shifter’s innate hunting and fighting instincts, they are compelled to wear special collars. Shape shifters refer to this as the process of taking the collar. Despite this collar, shape shifters have other passions which cannot be collared. This is the truth which Kim Fraser is about to learn when she crosses over to the other side while working on a case.

Liam Morrissey is a shape shifter living in the Austin, TX Shiftertown. He is the main liaison with the humans living in the city of Austin. Kim Fraser is an attorney who has taken on the task of defending a Shifter against allegations of murder. For the purpose, she has to cross over to the Shiftertown but in the process, she uncovers too many secrets which Shifters do not want to come to light as yet.

Kim Fraser is accused of seeking to destroy the Shifters clan and they are all baying for her blood. Liam is intent to protect her but it is not easy. He is unmated as yet meaning his influence does not count for much. Moreover, his father is the undisputed leader of the clan and undermining his authority is next to unimaginable. However, will the budding love which comes between the two protagonists triumph in the end? You will have to read the book to find out…

Primal Bonds: Book II in the Series

While Book 1 in the Series was all about Liam Morrissey, its sequel tells the story of his brother Sean Morrissey. Sean is a Guardian and thus bears a magical sword that has mysterious powers to dispatch the souls of dead Shifters to the afterlife. This elevated position earns him all round respect in his community, however, Sean is pining on the inside as he has no mate.

The book opens with a scene pitting Sean Morrissey with a beautiful Shifter female known as Andrea Gray. The magnetic sexual attraction between the two is immediately clear though it soon emerges that Andrea is not a full bred Shifter but a half-Fae, half-Shifter. In order for her to be accepted in the Austin Shiftertown community, a male Shifter has to claim her. Sean immediately volunteers to be the hero to provide the haughty and opinionated lupine Shifter a place in the community.

It is not all plain sailing after this as the relationship is often strained. Matters come to a head when a crisis arises with a spate of shootings perpetrated by humans against Shifters. The police turn a blind eye to the escalating cases of fatal shootings. The Morrissey family is however not content to sit back and watch their numbers get decimated and are determined to find a solution to the problem.

The natural chemistry between the novel’s main protagonists captivates the reader right from the first page and goes on throughout the book. There are plenty of surprises awaiting you about the character of Andrea to add spice to the plot too. Many readers and expert critics are in agreement that this sequel is even better than the first book in the series.

Other Books in the Shifters Unbound Series

The third book in the series was published in November 2011. Shifters Unbound: Bodyguard tells the story of the human female Elizabeth Chapman and the Shifter Ronan who volunteers to be her 24/7 bodyguard after Elizabeth is involved in a violent robbery incident.

Lovers of fantasy romance genre are also bound to fall in love with the fourth Shifters Unbound novel: Wild Cat. Like Bodyguard, Wild Cat tells a story of a romantic liaison between a human and a Shifter. However, this time round the roles are reversed with a shifter female getting herself a human male lover. The adventure begins when a police detective Diego Escobar is saved from certain death by a naked feamel Shifter, Cassidy Warden. Diego is determined to do anything to hold onto his love even if Cassidy is accused of breaking just about every law in the humans’ rule book. To save Iona from termination, Diego promises to keep an eye on Cassidy and ensure she does not break any laws, but is it going to be as easy as it sounds?

Mate Claimed, is yet another compelling Shifters Unbound fantasy romance novel. It features wildcat half-Shifter Iona who is masquerading as a human and thereby living uncollared in the human world. Her true identity is however known by Eric Warden, a wildcat and a leader of his own Shiftertown. Eric knows well enough that if Iona does not come out and acknowledge her real Shifter nature and irrepressible mating call, this could end up killing her. He invades Iona’s dreams in a bid to draw her out but Iona is reluctant to obey this subliminal call as she’s afraid that once it becomes known that her human mother and sister have aided her to live freely as a human , they will face dangerous consequences for it. To find out which power wins in the end: Iona’s allegiance to her family or the primordial mating call from Eric, you will have to read the book yourself.

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