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Shifters is a book series written by Rachel Vincent, who is an international author of American origin. Apart from writing the book series, Rachel has managed to publish other thrilling book titles and series including the “Soul Screamer series, Unbound series, and other anthologies which have earned her a good credible reputation with her book fans.

The shifters book series comprises of 6 book titles that have been written and published right from the year 2007 to the year 2010. The book series, which is categorized under the young adult fantasy, has managed to increase Vincent’s popularity in the global scale reserving a position for her among other popular writers.

Shifters is mainly about a female werecat who is the main character throughout the story going by the name Faythe Sanders. She actively struggles to find the right balance between her own beliefs and loyalty to herself. The female werecat character must have been influenced by author Rachel’s her love for animals due to the fact that apart from being a family person, she is also a proud keeper of two cats. The motivation behind writing the Shifters book series among other book titles for Rachel Vincent is derived greatly from the fact that she chooses to write about things that scare her the most. She considers this to be the cheapest and most effective form of therapy.

Book characters found in Shifters

Faythe Sanders

Faythe who is the main character in the book series is the daughter of the Alpha of the South-central Pride making her a werecat which is a species that is highly similar to the Housecat. She is depicted as a strong, independent woman who is working towards building a better and secure future for herself and her pride throughout the book series. She is a staunch believer in her heart’s desires. This is proven by the fact that she is ready to risk her life and image in order to fight for what she believes, although she meets various obstacles and shortcomings on the way.

Although she is a fearless leader with strong convictions and personality, Sanders is physically weaker than her male-werecats. This at times leads her to make less “smart” choices on the way. Throughout the story, Faythe seeks to overcome what is considered to be the norm by demonstrating that women in general can offer a lot to the world making it a better place.

Marc Ramos

Marc is Faythe Sanders’ ex- fiancé who is caught up in a constant on and off relationship with her. Although she is convinced that her life is destined to change for the better through making it official and marrying Marc, Faythe is still not willing to do so.


The list of Faythe Sanders lovers just got a lot bigger. Andrew is Sanders’ ex- boyfriend who was once human, but later became a stray werecat. Unlike pure werecats that are conceived that way “strays” become werecats as a result of being bitten or scratched by a pure werecat. Andrew is shown in the book series as a man on a mission to exact revenge on Faythe who “turned” him and took away life’s normalcy from him.


Ethan is Faythe’s blood brother. He is murdered in a mysterious way and taken away from the pride and the people he loves. Ethan had been involved romantically with Angela, who was his girlfriend and this relationship had led to Angela getting pregnant with Ethan’s baby.

Calvin Malone

Calvin Malone, who can be considered to be the main villain in the story, is an evil person who is dedicated and willing to kill all members of Faythe’s pride. He controls the Thunderbirds group which he commands at his own will and volition. He uses the group to try and eliminate members of Faythe’s pride.

Novels in the Shifters book series


This is a novel about a female character who wishes to escape the “madness” of her world and live a normal peaceful life only to find that the whole world is conspiring to ensure that does not happen. In the novel Stray, Faythe who is a werecat desperately tries to escape her world of supernormal beings by trying to live like any other normal girl would. The abandoned responsibilities of childbearing and marriage which are considered to be a norm in her pride do not excite her in any way. She is a believer in the fact that women in particular regardless of their background should aim higher.

While she is in her graduate school, Marc Ramos, who comes bearing bad news pays Faythe a visit. He informs her that two female werecats also known as tabbies have been kidnapped which is a huge blow to the Pride. As careful as she tries to be, she makes one small mistake that makes her a kidnapping victim too. She later comes to realize that her fate together with the other kidnapped tabbies lies in her hands and she actively fights to take down the rogues who are involved in the female werecats trafficking ring.


Faythe Sanders’ father is ousted from the council that is mandated with the task of controlling their secret werecat world. Although she had always been groomed to take over the alpha position from her father, the orchestrated tragedy manages to ruin her future as the Alpha of the Pride transforming her into a rebel on the run. Her desire for a better life is further dimmed when she alongside Marc and Jace are put on a trial for murder, kidnapping and treason charges.

Both her heart and leadership skills are consistently put to the taste in the Alpha novel, forcing her to either adapt and become something new or give up and die. Giving up for her is not and has never been an option; hence she chooses to fight instead of letting go which would have been a lot easier.

Some of Faythe’s old allies from her supernatural world team up with her and are willing to prove their loyalty through standing with her throughout the events. The drama deepens when both Marc and Jace, who are still madly in love with her actively, compete to see who will successfully win over her heart. She uses her leadership and survival skills to rally her pride in what she considers to be the last battle against her enemies.

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