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Publication Order of Shine Books

Childhood's End / Shine (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roses in the Ashes (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pandora's Daughters (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Renegades (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Gonna Stop Me? (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Raze (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Haven (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unfound (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cassandra (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Say Reven (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Fire (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Road to Nowhere (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storms and Spirits (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gilded Cage (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ricochet (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shine is a new monthly series from the bestselling author William Bernhardt, and every month you will see the release of a new book. This series of books tell us of a near future where some young women exhibit extraordinary abilities known as “Shine”. According to the story, each girl (Shine) has a different ability. We have some who develop amazing mental abilities while others develop physical strength. Yet we have other girls whose powers defy description. However, the sad thing is that the world doesn’t embrace these “Shines” and instead it fears them.

The first installment of the Shine series is called “Childhood’s End” and it tells us about the story of Aura, who was simply trying to make use of her extraordinary healing powers in helping a little child. However, when she “shined”, something goes horribly wrong, with Seattle being destroyed. When the disaster happens, the government places all Shines in so called rehabilitative treatment centers. Aura is then sent to an island rehab center called “Transforming Your Light”, but according to her, it seems like just a fancy name for a prison. Other Shines despise her and the people who run the place make her a scapegoat.

We learn that apart from Aura, there are six other girls with the Shine powers. We also learn of a domineering Dr Coutant who makes life difficult for the girls. Aura is quite certain that there’s more to the place than meets the eye. Her suspicions are confirmed when she stumbles upon the horrible truth about the rehab in underground cells at the Pacific rehab center where they are being held. The center is supposed to provide group therapy for the girls but behind the scenes, there are some sinister activities that are taking place.

She soon realizes that there’s a lot of danger facing her and the rest of the Shines. She therefore decides to escape from the island before it is too late. A brutal interrogation is also thrown into the mix, and this makes Aura even more determined to escape the hell hole that is Transforming Your Light Rehabilitation Center. However, she is going to need the assistance of the other Shines if she is to succeed with her escape plan. Her plan is to organize the Shines but first she has to persuade them of the benefit of working together and overcome the deadly foes that she is only starting to understand.
The second installment of the Shine series is called “Roses in the Ashes”. The second book picks up exactly where part one ended and carries the story forward in an effective manner. You remember in the first book Aura was despised by the other shines, but now she has managed to befriend other girls and they have formed an organized group that begins to fight back the oppression that faces them. In the process, we discover what the authorities are planning to do with these girls. We also find a few surprises in store, which makes for a good read.

The second book also begins to shed some light on how the Shine superpowers work. The characters in the story also begin to take form and the plot has many layers to it. The underground cellblock that Aura discovers is a place where many prisoners were being held, including her own mother. Not only were these people being held captive, the authorities were conducting experiments on them. The government was hiding something about what was really going on at the island rehab center, and we learn that the world changed after Seattle was destroyed.

A chance meeting with a Shine called Perfume, who was soon discovered dead in the huge explosion of Santa Monica, told Aura that there were more things happening at the island rehab apart from group therapy. Unfortunately, as she is conducting her investigations, she is captured by Dr Coutant and goes through a torturous investigation. Even as she plans her escape, the problem is that the rehab center is in a remote island in the Pacific. Apart from this, there is a Shine Surveillance System to contend with. If Aura doesn’t escape, there are mysterious forces that are soon going to destroy her and the rest of the Shines.

This is a captivating series that will keep you thoroughly entertained. The good thing is that we have a new series being released every month. The author decided to distribute these books every month in a bid t make them more affordable to the reading public. If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, you are going to enjoy the way the characters are presented. These are novella books, meaning that they are more than a short story but not exactly a full novel. Each book is about 100 pages in length and so they are light reading.

The plot of the series is fast paced and it’s a good thing that there are new releases every month. These books are engaging and they will certainly leave you yearning for more. Reading these books will remind you exactly why you fell in love with comic books. If you love underdogs, you will certainly feel something for this group of girls whom the government fears and everyone treats like criminals. As the first book is ending, we discover that the story has got many layers and so you should look forward to reading the rest of the series.

The good thing about these books is that they are available in many forms. We have downloadable e-books and we also have audio books. This means that you can download these books and read them on your Kindle device, PC, phone or tablet. The series is still in its infancy and so you can soon catch up with the events. In addition, these books are very affordable and they go for around $5 in various online stores. You will also love the artwork on the books, which is presented in comic fashion. You are also going to love the way in which the author has crafted each of the character’s personality and ability.

Shine is a monthly series from one of the world’s bestselling author William Bernhardt. A new book of the series will be released every month and on the 5th book William Bernhardt will invite other writers to write the rest of the books in this series. The books written by the other writers will be a continuation of William’s books and will still be based in the same universe as the first five books. The shine books have become a major sensation and readers all over the world cannot seem to get enough of them. Here is a description of the first two books that made this series such a big hit.

Book 1: Childhoods End

Shine is an adventure fantasy series made up of several novellas. The first book of this series, Childhoods End was a sensation. It opens up to a world of several beautiful, young women who come to develop extraordinary abilities which are referred to as “shine”. Each of the women has distinct abilities, some gaining extraordinary mental abilities, others superhuman physical strength and many other indescribable powers.

Despite their gifts, the rest of the world did not appreciate the powers that these young women possessed. In fact most of the world was terrified of the “shines” as they called them. One of the shines was a kind and generous young woman known as Aura who had healing abilities. She planned on using her powers in healing a small child. On using her powers, something went horribly wrong and instead she destroyed an entire city.

This disaster led to the institutionalizing of all shines in in Antolina Island by the government who feared that another disaster would occur if the shines were left to roam the world freely. On institutionalization, Aura came to stumble upon a huge secret that made her realise that the rehab posed a great threat to her and her fellow Shines. Aura now has to find a way to mobilise and unite all the shines, so that they can escape the mean and evil people running the institution.

Book 2: Roses in the Ashes

In this book Aura and her fellow Shines are still locked up in the Transform your Life rehabilitation centre. She tries to adjust to life and accommodate her fellow shines and the domineering Dr. Coutant. However, an encounter that left one of the shines dead in an explosion in Santa Monica, confirmed Aura’s suspicions that a lot more was happening in the Transform your Life rehabilitation centre than just group therapy. This propagates Aura’s will to find out more about the rehab centre and she ends up finding out that things much more horrifying than she expected were happening in the rehab centre. Unfortunately, Aura was captured by Dr. Coutant and her goons before she could tell her fellow shines.

Now she is determined to find a way to free her friends and herself from the terrible fate that awaits them. This is however not an easy task as her fellow shines hate her and the rehab is in an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Aura remains hopeful and determined on finding a way to save herself and her friends from the evil arms of their government. This two amazing chapters of this series manifest the beauty of the personality of our main character Aura through all her tribulations and the evil that is Dr. Coutant.


Aura is depicted in the series as a strong, selfless and determined young woman. Her selflessness is seen in her efforts to heal the small child from her condition. It is also seen when she is trying to find a way to escape with all her fellow shiners after finding out the truth about the Transform your life rehab centre. She is also very forgiving as she is willing to help her fellow shiners even though all of them hate and despise her. Her determination is seen as she tries to figure out a way to escape the island even though all the odds are against her. Aura also has strong leadership qualities shown by her determination to mobilise and unite the shiners in order to embark on the mission to escape the Island. Aura is also extremely intuitive and passionate about finding the truth. This is depicted by her earlier negative feelings about the rehab centre and her successful strive for the truth.

Dr. Coutant

Dr. Coutant on the other hand is depicted as a sadist. This is shown by her actions aimed at making the lives of Aura and the 6 shiners as difficult as possible. She is also domineering, as she wants everyone to live under rules without fail. Dr. Coutant is also seen as strict and ruthless, which is implied by the fear the shiners feel towards her.


This is a captivating series that will most definitely keep you very entertained. The timeless nature and quality of this story appeals to all audiences, most especially, those with a liking to adventure and fantasy stories. The relevant nature of the story to a modern setting is yet another factor that has contributed to its success and popularity. The books are aimed at audiences of all ages and have the ability to take them back to a universe of their imagination and experience endless adventure. The plot of this wonderful series is fast paced and since a new chapter is released every month, the captivated audience do not have to wait long for the sequel. The books are also very engaging and its readers will definitely be left yearning for more. These books are aimed at comic book lovers who have a wild sense of imagination. The first book only opens a path to many layers of the story and you should look forward to unravelling these layers by reading the rest of the books in the series. The fact that these books are novella books makes them more attractive to readers, as they are not as tasking as long novels and they are also longer than short stories. This means that you will stay entertained for significant amount of time.

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