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The Orphan Sisters (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Our Last Goodbye (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Outcast Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Children (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orphan's Secret (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shirley Dickson is a fiction author known for her debut novel, The Orphans Sisters. At ten, she wrote her first short story featured in a children’s magazine competition. Even though she wasn’t lucky enough to win, she became motivated to write more.

She wrote poetry and short stories, which were rejected multiple times. Shirley got focused on creating stories once she retired. The author started full time writing after she retired. The author has written two gripping World War II historical books.

Shirley has motivated most people not to give up their life dreams. Shirley signed with Bookouture in 2018

Orphan Sisters
In 1929, Eight-year-old Dorothy and four-year-old Esther accompany their mother on what she tells them is a special journey, but soon they realize their destination isn’t something they thought of. They are left at Blakely Hall orphanage by their mother and never see her again.

They are left with no one to call family because they were used to living with their mum; they feel confused and heartbroken after her decision. Esther can’t understand why her mother made such a decision, but as long as she had Dorothy by her side, she was sure she could face anything.

To add to their misery, the orphanage was led by a cruel and bitter lady who made their life uncomfortable. She rules the orphanage with an iron fist, and through that, Esther learns to be tough and harden her heart so that she endures it all until the time to leave.

Dorothy is the first to leave and is placed in service not far from the orphanage. She would visit Esther every week until her time to came. Unfortunately, they get their freedom when the country is experiencing World War II. For the first time, both find themselves learning how to survive on their own and vow always to stay together.

There is lots of screaming in the air caused by raid sirens and cold nights spent in the house; the sisters decide it’s time to put their hard and broken childhood behind. Their journey takes them through loss and the effects of war as they discover themselves and learn of what they are both capable of becoming.

More trouble faces them, and Dorothy has no option but to bid goodbye to her husband after he is sent to war in the navy to be a signalman in a submarine. On the other hand, Esther must heal after she gets attracted to the one man she can never have.

The sisters made it to the orphanage with each being the other’s keeper, and none of them can forget the awful experience after their mother abandoned them. Since that day, it has been haunting them, and they never got over it.

The country is under attack from air raids, and their life isn’t smooth, but they are yet to experience the worst.

However, soon when a heartbreaking secret is revealed, will the sisters remain the same again? Would they ever find peace even after the war has ended? Can they finally find their mother?

Orphan Sisters is a heartbreaking story about sisterly love, hope and support and the terrible war effects. The love the two sisters had was so heartfelt and touching.

Shirley Dickson outdid herself in describing how it was during World War II and people’s fear due to the night raids and constant air horns. She shows how the war can’t break one’s spirit as people can still endure all the hardship during the trying moments.

The story of the two sisters is gripping from the first page keeping the reader engaged both during the heartbreaking moments and happy times. It’s a coming of age story and a real page-turner that you’ll find hard to put down after capturing your heart.

Our Last Goodbye
It’s a story of a young woman who should finally face the secret she has hidden her entire life. The novel kicks off in 1943 IN England during a foggy blackout night where May isn’t sure she can keep the secret to herself for many years.

May was devastated when her mother was murdered during the blackout on their way home after a birthday night. She had no idea how she would cope since her father wanted nothing from her or her son Derek who was being housed on a farm during the war.

One night when coming from work, May opens the door to the house she called home and the same place where she gave birth to Derek to find a woman ordering her to look for somewhere else to live.

The woman adds that they have tenants moving in, and they happen to be her father and his new woman. May soon finds herself homeless, and the only place she can think of is Etty’s house.

It’s a secret that her mother sacrificed her life to hide and is capable of further tearing their family apart. The only person she could turn to was her friend Etty. Dedicated to making her mother proud, May trains to be a nurse at Edgemoor Hospital in South Shields, experiencing a backdrop of air raid sirens and drone enemy planes.

Exhausted yet feeling proud of her achievements, May is happy to pass her exams and become a qualified nurse.

She takes care of the wounded soldiers as she fights to save their lives. While doing her job, she feels drawn to Richard Bentley, a kind colleague working together. He’s so funny and always puts a smile on May’s face. However, they know that once they are discovered, they will be fired.

During dark days dealing with death and despair, Richard and May become beacons of hope for each other. However, May wonders why he isn’t participating in the war like the rest of the young men.

May longs for the day she’ll escape her past and her mother’s. In this challenging time full of uncertainty, she wonders how well the two know each other when the heartbreaking truth about May’s secret is brought to light when the war is too close to home.

Can their love survive the trying and impossible moments? Can Richard continue to love her once he learns the truth?

When the unexpected happens, May is thrown into turbulence. Can she deal with everything that’s happening? Can Richard and May ever have another chance in the future?

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  1. Penny Hess: 1 year ago

    To Shirley Dickson—I have read your first four books and loved them! I have ordered your fifth one. I hope you keep writing them! I love them. 💕

  2. Sheila Osborne: 2 years ago

    I am reading The Lost Children. It is a real page turner and an easy read. This is my first book by Shirley Dickson but it won’t be my last.


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