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About Shon Faye

Just as much an activist as she is a writer, British journalist and LGBTQ+ advocate Shon Faye has been leading the way in progressive politics and issues of gender identity for some time now. Often writing on the subject of feminism, sexuality, and mental health, she’s a strong left-wing voice speaking up on a wide-range of topics. Notably it is her work trans-rights that’s really left an impression, with her debut book dealing with the subject in a concise and clear manner. Seen as a voice at the forefront of progressive discourse surrounding trans issues, she’s become hugely influential with her informed and intelligent analysis.

Working in a variety of positions, she’s been a lawyer, editor, journalist and writer, giving her a wealth of experience. Offering a unique perspective, she is widely regarded as one of the leading trans voices in the United Kingdom today. With her first book going on to become a bestselling sensation, she has also become a household name for many internationally as well. Critically lauded, she would soon go on to be seen as someone with a strong voice on otherwise under-represented points-of-view.

From editorials and opinion pieces to short films and art, Faye’s writing and creative output is as much versatile as it is relevant. Advocating for LGBTQ+ issues, she has made herself heard, taking a fresh and unique approach to her craft, being one of the most singular voices in her field today. Inspiring others through her work, she has not only written, but created art-work, as well as presenting and publicly speaking. Running her own podcast, she’s also appeared at events giving talks, producing videos and series both online and off.

An activist with a strong political drive, she continues to advance the cause on a number of different issues she feels passionate about. Never afraid to shy away from a difficult discussion, she’s known facing challenging subject matter with a real sense of conviction. As a key commentator in the advancement progressive politics, she continues to make herself heard, and will carry on doing so for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Bristol on the 27th of March in 1988, Shon Faye would grow up in the area before going on to attend the University of Oxford where she studied English Literature. Following this, she would go on to receive her Graduate Diploma in Law, before moving into London during her early twenties. Working as a lawyer for a period of time, she would later quit her job before moving back to Bristol and coming out trans woman. Finding herself, she would begin her career as a writer back in 2014, speaking out about the issues she has faced and obstacles overcome.

This change in direction would lead to her becoming a spokesperson for a wide-range of subjects, from feminism, to sexuality, to mental-health. Appearing in short films, including ‘Catechism,’ which was featured at the Tate Gallery, which she wrote and starred in. She has also produced an online video series for the outlet Novara Media titled ‘Shon This Way’ back in 2017, looking at the history of LGBT politics. Living in London, she worked with charities such as Amnesty International and Stonewall, and continues to be highly vocal to this day.

Writing Career

Starting out as a writer in 2014, Shon Faye would quickly rise to prominence, making a name for herself with her incisive opinions and commentary. Creating two short films showing at the Tate and creating a series for Novara, she would also present at the Amnesty International Women Making History event in 2018. Publishing articles and reviews, she would write for publications such as ‘The Guardian,’ ‘Vice,’ and ‘The Independent,’ while also working as the editor for ‘Dazed.’ Producing a podcast as well, she hosts the show ‘Call Me Mother,’ whereby she talks to LGBTQ pioneers and activists who paved the way for better representation and rights.

In 2021 she would publish her first book, which was titled ‘The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice.’ A non-fiction piece, it would look at the various different issues trans women faced in contemporary society, such as media representation and healthcare. The book would quickly become a bestseller reaching the top of numerous lists, as it went on to see numerous translations worldwide. Continuing to maintain a presence both online and off, Shon Faye’s profile grows, with more books planned for the future.

The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice

Released in 2021 on the 2nd of September, this would first come out through the ‘Allen Lane’ publishing imprint. A non-fiction title, it provides an examination of trans issues in society today, looking at both the political and social aspects surrounding them. Instantly becoming a bestseller, it provided an insight into a subject that had otherwise been marginalized up to that point.

Clearly stating that trans discourse has become a ‘culture war’ issue in modern Britain, trans people make up 1% of the population, yet receive a disproportionate amount of hate. Here Shon Faye analyzes this, looking at real trans lives seeing how they’ve been impacted by this focus of attention. Uncovering the truth behind the transgender issue, the book sets about demystifying who transgender people are and what they mean to society as a whole. Seeking trans liberation for all, it provides a clear manifesto, with strong ideas put forth, as the book creates a strong and compelling foundation for readers to put into practice.

It really is a powerful piece of work, with its easy to follow style that’s straightforward immediately getting to the point. The many stories of the trans people Shon speaks to are also engaging, as the reader finds themselves fully invested in their outcome, providing an insight into the reality of their situation. Written in a style of prose that flows effortlessly across the page, it’s both informative and concise in equal measure. Readers from all over the world will be able to relate to Shon, which is more than evident in her global book sales, making for a treatise that will truly stand the test of time.

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