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Publication Order of Sianim Books

Chronological Order of Sianim Books

Composed of four books the Sianim series is a series of fantasy novels written about the mercenary world of Sianim. The books series features different main characters and their lives within the world. These books are easy to read and classic fantasy. Written to be enjoyed as either independent novels or as a series these books offer classic fantasy components with bursts of action and romance.

About Author

The Sianim series is written by the American author Patricia Briggs. Patricia Briggs began writing in 1990. She is known to write book series that can be read as stand-alone books without cliff-hanger endings. Her first book to be published Masques is the first book in the Sianim series. She later revised the book and published the revised version. With the exception of Wolfsbane a direct sequel to Masques the Sianim books can be read in order or for standalone enjoyment.

General Series Overview

The Sianim series takes place in different parts of Sianim and surrounding countries. A fantasy series each book can be enjoyed independently. The series consist of four books about different places and characters within Sianim.

The country of Sianim is a mercenary country. The characters featured in each of the novels written are spies for Sianim. Each book in the series focuses on a different crisis happening within different parts and countries of the world. The characters featured are sent to save the countries in crisis.


Like other books by Patricia Briggs issues of power and control are explored within the Sianim series. These issues are typically demonstrated through the issue of rape. In a series of books where the main characters are female Particia Briggs often demonstrates that the male evil force is truly evil through rape. While an effective illustration for the reader the abundance of rape is sometimes overdone.

An additional component to these series is the love developments of the female main characters. While they are independent strong women they all seem to find themselves in roles where they rely on a male counterpart. The male counterpart’s role is to help them with their mission. Often there is a romantic pattern that develops within these relationships.

Main Characters

In the Sianim series the focus is on the world as opposed to individual characters. Each book in the series takes place in the same world but features different main characters. The exception to this is the two books: Masques and Wolfsbane. These books share the same main characters but the different books introduce unique plot points. The character list is also expanded in Wolfsbane to include Aralorns family.

With the focus on the world readers are able to enjoy the familiarity of the world while being introduced to new characters and plots. It allows each book to end without speculation. This allows readers options in regards to the order of reading.

In the Sianim series the main characters are all female. Each of these strong women have gifts and powers that allow them to complete their missions. Each woman is a spy or mercenary sent to a different nation in crisis or facing political changes. The women then have the challenges of figuring out how to best resolve the problems of the country they were sent. In each book a side kick or secondary character is introduced to help the heroine.


The first book in the series Masques follows the main character Aralorn and her companion Wolf. Important to note about the book Masques is that two similar versions have been published. The original Masques was Patricia Brigg’s first book. Masques was revised by Briggs when her writing skills increased. The newer version of the book features an explanation by Briggs in the beginning. She does mention that she kept parts of the book she wanted to change to preserve the integrity of the story. With both editions of Masques the main plot and characters remain the same with some edits and minor changes.

Raised in a proper but oppressive household the main character of Masques Aralorn decided to leave home to live as a mercenary spy. In Masques Aralorn’s task is to spy on an evil sorcerer named Geoffrey ae’Magi. Aralorn’s companion in the book Wolf is a shape shifter who prefers the form of a wolf. When wolf is in human form he always takes care to hide his face.


Published last in the series but written after Masques Wolfsbane is considered to be the sequel to the first book in the series. Wolfsbane features both Aralorn and Wolf ten years after Masques takes place. The characters are summoned home upon hearing of the death of Aralorn’s father. It turns out the ae’Magi is back. Aralorn’s father is not really dead he has been ensorcelled. His ensorcelled state acts as a means for ae’Magi to get to Aralorn and Wolf.

Steal the Dragon

Rialla is the main character in Steal the Dragon. She escaped her world of slavery. While acting as a spy in training for Sianim Rialla is sent on a mission to her homeland. In Darran (Rialla’s homeland) there is a lord who opposes slavery. By going back to Darran Rialla risks her own freedom to protect a Lord whose life is in danger because of his political views. In Steal the Dragon Rialla is sent back to her Darran to prevent the murder of this Lord.

When Demons Walk

Sham is an orphan who spent her life stealing from her countries nobility to survive. In a twist of fate she is now called upon to protect the nobility from a killer force. By partnering with enemies Sham (a magician/wizard) has to use her magical wisdom to ensure the survival of the nobility.


The Sinami series is an easy to read series that engages readers around familiarity with the mercenary world of Sinami. Each book offers a female main character that is sent on a specific mission to aid a country during a crisis. An added component to the series is the revised version on Masques and the later publication the sequel Wolfsbane.

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