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About Sibylle Berg

Sibylle Berg is a highly praised German science-fiction writer who has achieved fame for her dynamic characters and protagonists. She frequently crafts stories and narratives that completely absorb readers. Berg spent her childhood years in Weimar and operated as a puppeteer there. She attended the Dimitri theatre school in Ticino and had various occupations prior to writing, giving her a wide insight and wealth of experience to draw from.

In 1997, she published her first book, and other novels and stories soon followed. Her first play, “Helges Leben” also gained attention. She also wrote articles and reportage and was a columnist for the “Zeit-Magazin”. Sibylle Berg’s writing style is known for making her stories fun and entertaining to read, which has made her a favorite among readers.

Currently, Sibylle Berg resides in Zurich. She continues to write and her works have been translated into many languages. Her works have been praised for their craftsmanship and her gift for creating remarkable stories with engaging narratives. As a result, Sibylle Berg is considered one of the best German science-fiction authors of all time.

In addition to her captivating characters and intriguing storylines, Sibylle Berg also often uses dystopian themes and ideas to speak about wider issues in her work. She conveys her messages in a subtle yet powerful way, making her works thought-provoking and thought-inspiring. Her stories often take place in a near-future setting, allowing her to explore how current societal issues can evolve and develop in the years to come.

Sibylle Berg has a knack for making her dystopian stories relatable and accessible to her readers. Her stories are often filled with complex characters that are easy to relate to, making them even more compelling to read. She also often makes use of unconventional settings and ideas, which help to further illustrate the issues she is discussing.

By combining her storytelling abilities with her dystopian themes and ideas, Sibylle Berg has managed to create some of the most compelling and thought-provoking science-fiction stories of all time. Her works have made her a beloved and respected author in Germany and beyond, and have helped to shape the way science-fiction stories are written. Berg’s imagination and skill for crafting well-rounded characters have made her a beloved author in Germany and beyond.

Her stories often feature protagonists at the edge of society, and she uses them to illustrate broader themes and issues. Her works often address issues such as inequality, oppression, and the power of technology. She also makes use of elements of fantasy and horror, adding a unique and interesting twist to her stories.

Overall, Sibylle Berg is one of the most respected German science-fiction authors of all time. Her works feature captivating characters, compelling stories, and remarkable narratives that make her stories enjoyable and thought-provoking. Through her dystopian themes and ideas, she is able to provide a unique and interesting perspective that is sure to captivate her readers.

Early and Personal Life

Sibylle Berg was born in Weimar, Germany on the 2nd of June 1962, and spent her childhood living with a foster family in Constanta, Romania, before also spending time in Israel. After completing her studies in Hamburg, she obtained Swiss citizenship, and developed an interest in martial arts, including Judo and Kung Fu, and military diving. She also identifies herself as non-binary and part of the Straight Edge movement.

Throughout her studies, Sibylle Berg had a long-standing passion for reading and writing. Afterward, her works have been translated into 34 languages and she is now one of the best-known contemporary playwrights in the German-speaking world. She has written 29 plays, 16 novels, and many anthologies, radio plays, and other works.

Sibylle Berg continues to use her love of literature to draw inspiration and has become an acclaimed author with her works being featured around the world. She is highly respected in her field and has achieved a level of recognition that many authors only dream of.

Writing Career

Sibylle Berg has enjoyed a successful writing career thus far. In 2009 she was awarded the Swiss Book Prize for her novel ‘GRM – Brainfuck.’ This work of fiction was a major success, earning her accolades and recognition.

In 2020, Sibylle was presented with the Grand Prix Literature, the highest award given by Switzerland for literary work. This launched her career to the next level and established her as a renowned writer.

In 2022, Sibylle’s first English translation was published, translated by Tim Mohr. This was a major milestone for her, as her works were now accessible to a wider audience. Her writing career continues to grow, with more work to come in the future.


Sibylle Berg’s science-fiction dystopian novel ‘Grime’ was published on December 27, 2022, by the renowned St. Martin’s Griffin. This was the first title in the ‘GRM: Brainfuck’ series, and it was even translated into English by Tim Mohr. The novel proved to be a great success, and was enjoyed by readers far and wide.

Rochdale is an all-too-familiar post-industrial town, a place of poverty and violence. Yet, amidst this adversity, four teenagers draw strength and comfort from their shared love of grime music. Don(atella), Peter, Karen, and Hannah find solace in this unlikely family and together they take control of their destinies, bravely facing the authoritarian surveillance state to seek revenge on those responsible for their suffering.

In Sibylle Berg’s critically acclaimed novel, readers are taken on a journey through a future landscape that has been altered by climate change, AI, right-wing populism, and surveillance. Berg’s stylistically innovative writing style, reminiscent of Jennifer Egan and William Gibson, is a hugely powerful commentary on neoliberalism. As a masterful dystopian satire, Berg forces readers to confront the potential consequences of our current societal systems with a blend of rage and brutality, while also paying tribute to the strength of the human spirit.

This unforgettable epic story is an uncompromising critique of neoliberalism, harnessing rage and brutality to reveal a heart that is firmly rooted in humanity and who we as people truly are.

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