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About Sidney Karger

Sidney Karger is a celebrated writer in the world of film and television. His impressive record contains acclaimed work with notable platforms like Comedy Central, AMC, and MTV. His talent has also led to him contributing to prominent shows like Billy On The Street, Saturday Night Live, and the revered literature publication McSweeney’s.

What sets Sidney apart is his uncanny ability to create captivating characters and plots. His storytelling prowess, particularly in portraying relatable protagonists, makes his narratives spellbinding and thrilling. His magic as a writer lies in his ability to make readers feel a genuine connection to his characters, making his stories all the more compelling. It’s no wonder his work is highly entertaining and appealing to his diverse readership.

Adding to his diverse portfolio, Sidney has expanded his literary landscape with the introduction of his debut novel, ‘Best Men.’ His leap into the realm of romance novel writing demonstrates his versatility as a writer. Given his history of engaging storytelling, it’s interesting to imagine the fresh narrative dimensions Sidney will explore in the future. Sidney Karger is indeed a natural born storyteller whose works continue to entertain and inspire.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up, Sidney Karger nurtured a deep-seated fascination for the written word. As a young reader, he was captivated by the power of storytelling, awed by how letters on a page could form vivid narratives. This early love for reading and writing built the foundation for his award-winning career in the literary world.

Sidney’s journey towards becoming an accomplished author is marked by dedication, curiosity, and an instinctive understanding of the power of narrative. In his works, he drew inspiration from the world around him, crafting engaging narratives that drew readers in. His unique voice and innovative techniques earned him the respect and adoration of readers and critics alike.

As he matured as an author, Sidney’s creative prowess did not plateau but instead continued to thrive. His unquenchable passion for storytelling led him to explore different facets of writing, further expanding his literary landscape. Through his constant pursuit of literary excellence, Sidney Karger remains a source of inspiration for aspiring writers, a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.

Residing in New York City with his partner along with their Australian Labradoodle, Zelda, Sidney’s work and name continues to grow.

Writing Career

Sidney Karger’s mastery of narrative unfolds through an impressive resume in screenwriting. He etched his name in Hollywood with the sale of his original screenplay ‘Fantasy Camp’ to STX Entertainment, with Jennifer Garner cast as the leading star. While contributing to esteemed shows like Billy On The Street and Saturday Night Live, Sidney’s screenplays have also graced the coveted Black List and The Hit List twice.

Branching into television, his dramedy ‘Bangs’ is shaping the TV landscape. Prior to screenwriting, he rubbed shoulders with renowned talent such as Amy Schumer and Adam Sandler while directing for major networks. Broadening his creative endeavors, his debut novel ‘Best Men’ hit the shelves in Spring 2023. It’s apparent Sidney’s influence in the literary world continues to bloom.

Best Men

Sidney Karger, the acclaimed author, inked his debut novel, ‘Best Men,’ marking a milestone in his writing career. The novel, embracing the themes of LGBT-friendly romance, was brought to life on May 2, 2023. Published by Berkley, this book solidifies Sidney’s debut in the literary world.

Max Moody, a New Yorker with a vivacious best friend, Paige, finds his world abruptly altered when Paige announces her engagement, calling on Max to take on the role of her man of honor. Max, who had always considered himself the more romantic one, is taken aback by Paige’s sudden decision to settle down.

The surprise doesn’t end there, as he discovers there isn’t just one man entering Paige’s life, but two: Austin, her affable groom-to-be, and his charismatic gay younger brother, Chasten, who is also the best man.

As the wedding approaches, Chasten and Max, despite their stark differences, must navigate their roles in Paige’s life, overshadowed by a subtle romantic spark that could potentially change their roles from supporting best men to leading men in each other’s lives.

Sidney Karger’s debut novel, ‘Best Men,’ is a splendid exploration of lighthearted romance and profound friendship that captures the reader’s attention. It masterfully weaves experiences of adaptation and growth when life pulls the rug out from under one’s feet. The narrative, teeming with endearing characters and unexpected twists, twines around the themes of Love and LGBT-friendly romance in a refreshing manner.

The Bump

The talented author, Sidney Karger, further established his literary prowess with his second novel, ‘The Bump.’ This eagerly anticipated romance offering was published on May 21, 2024. This publication, like his debut, was introduced to readers through the Berkley publishing house.

Wyatt Wallace, a meticulous television commercials director, and Biz Petterelli, a spontaneous former child actor turned magazine writer, are a committed couple living in Brooklyn with their dog, Matilda. Facing impending parenthood with their first child due soon, emotional turbulence and self-doubt permeate their formerly calm life.

Believing they need some recuperative ‘us-time’ before their lives are turned upside down, Biz suggests the couple set out on a cross-country babymoon adventure in their old Volkswagen Cabriolet. However, as they zigzag through America, unforeseen digressions lead to revealing secrets and reopening old wounds, compelling the couple to redefine their understanding of family as they build their own amidst unexpected turns and bumps.

Sidney Karger’s second novel, ‘The Bump,’ is a stirring, deeply-layered tale that expands upon familiar themes of love, commitment, and impending parenthood. The story majorly revolves around two contrasting personalities, Wyatt and Biz, whose riveting journey of self-discovery is filled with unexpected revelations and detours, offering readers a roller-coaster of emotions.

The narrative wonderfully captures the vulnerability, joy, fear, and anticipation that brace one’s life at the onset of parenthood, making it a heartwarming read. Packed with love, humor, and a whirlwind of emotions, this book makes for a captivating read that is bound to touch the hearts of readers.

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