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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Billionaires Not Welcome (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Ella (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Doc Next Door (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot New Neighbor (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mountain Lumberjack (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Dirty Bosses (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Screaming Demons MC Books

with Summer Cooper

Sienna Chance is a romance author of Two Dirty Bosses novel. She co-authored with Summer cooper in the Screaming Demons Mc series. The author is known for weaving steamy scenes in her books where characters find great chemistry in odd

Some of her work includes Dirty Ella, Two dirty Bosses, and Mountain Lumberjack, among others.

Two Dirty Bosses
Victoria is seated in the conference hall, waiting for an interview with five other prospects. She’s desperate to get the job but is annoyed by the candidate’s attitude and puts him in his place. He keeps staring at her, and she can’t help, so she comments.

To her surprise, she discovers Xavier is, in fact, one of his bosses, and once she realizes it, she feels so embarrassed. However, this does not prevent Xavier from recommending her to his other two partners.

Later in the day, Victoria decides to go out for drinks after how embarrassing her interview was and discovers that she got the job while drinking out with her friends. She later calls her brother to pick her up but mistakenly dialed one of her bosses instead of the brother.

She is surprised to see Louis pull up to pick her up, and he tells her that she had called him instead. On her way to the car, Victoria trips on the ice, injuring her ankle. Louis takes her home and helps with the ankle.

Thoughts going through Victoria’s mind were that she might be fired for calling her boss. Instead, Louis tells her not to come to work for one week so that her ankle can get better.

Later, when Louis resumes work, Xavier calls her to his office to delegate some work, but as the two get closer, Xavier can’t stop him from kissing her. Louis is also attracted to Victoria and has been fighting his feeling for a long. Lucky for her, Louis comes into the office since he knows he has to stop because she is his employee.

Victoria has had a fling with both bosses, and Zachery, one of the new employees, appears to know something about it. He tries blackmailing her so he wouldn’t tell anyone about her relationship with Xavier. He even recorded Victoria’s and Xavier’s conversations. Zachery takes out his phone and shows her a photo of her kissing Louis.

Upset by everything happening, Victoria goes to church to reconnect with her estranged family, where her brother keeps calling her a slut. Her idea of meeting them turns out more chaotic than she thought. It causes more problems than solutions for her.

Someone close to her and her family got inappropriately, but her family chose to side with the other person instead of her. So when her apartment was broken into, and someone left the words slut written on the wall, she knew it was her brother, but she didn’t want to call the police on him.

When Slut is written on the company wall, and Louise sees Zachery with Jeremiah, he knows something weird is going on. If there’s something she wishes is that she was never attracted to the two bosses.

Louis happens to be in Victoria’s apartment when a rock breaks the window, and when they look outside, they see a man in a hoodie; once he realizes he has been spotted, he waves at them.

She needs this job so badly and doesn’t want her feelings getting in her way. When Victoria, Xavier, and Louis yield to temptation and start getting close to one another, external aspects begin to conspire against them.

They only know one person capable of turning against them and trying to settle, but what happens when they discover there is more than one person after Victoria? Can they settle and agree to be with her together? When Victoria’s past catches up with her, and there is deception all over, can their friendship survive?

Later Xavier finds out what happens in Victoria’s place. When Louis and Xavier talked, he decided he was going to leave. With the twists, turns, kidnapping, and extortion, will Xavier come back to Louis and Victoria, or is it so painful to see them together?

Victoria is confident with her professional life, but her personal life is unstable, which is very realistic.

Dirty Ella
Ella has been trapped with her stepmother doing all the cooking and cleaning. She has nowhere to go since her father died, and she still cares for her grandmother. Life took a different turn since her father remarried a woman who was wealthy, controlling, and cold to her. In addition, her new stepbrothers were angry and meant to her.

She is no different from an enslaved person as she works to get money to help her continue paying for her grandmother’s care; Eric and Julian are her twin stepbrothers who used to bully her and are returning after ten years.

Ella’s stepmother Lola has been taking advantage of her situation by dismissing the housekeepers so that Ella can do all the chores,

However, they plan to be nice to her this time, especially when they find out she is a changed woman, and struggle to take them off their minds.

At first, when Lola married Ella’s father, Rick, the twins were cruel and constantly teased her about how her father was poor and only married their mother for her money. She at least felt at peace when they left for school, but of late, she overheard Lola speak to someone about them visiting her.

The news makes Ella panic, wondering if she can’t tolerate Lola and how she will deal with the twins. Ella isn’t sure whether she wants a relationship with the two brothers, and she has had a challenge fighting it.
Eric and Julian had grown and become more mature in the ten years they were far from their mother. They had even realized that they were mean to Ella and regretted how they used to treat her. By the look on Ella’s face, you could tell that she still recalls how the two used to tease her back then.

The two brothers are attracted to her, but what would people say when they found out, especially Lola? Ella is afraid that she’ll be kicked out with her grandmother; that’s why she has been taking everything Lola throws at her for the longest she can remember. She is sure she’ll be sent out if she acts on her feelings.

The intensity of the characters’ relationships moves the story along, keeping the reader hooked.

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