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Sierra Godfrey is an American author of general fiction and contemporary romance books. She is the author of A Very Typical Family (2023) and The Second Chance Hotel (2023). Although born in Santa Cruz, California (where her debut novel is set), she spent her childhood years in different places, including Santorini, Greece. Besides writing novels, Sierra is also a technical writer, worked as a graphic designer and a sports writer majoring in Spanish football for various online sports websites. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her beloved husband, their two sons, and their pet dog, cats, and a turtle.

In A Very Typical Family, we are introduced to the main character, Natalie Walker. Her past haunts her as she believes she is responsible for her older siblings being sent to prison over 15 years ago. She fled California after that fateful night and has had no contact with her family since. On a day that has already dealt her a blow by causing her to lose her dream job to her boyfriend, she receives a letter from a lawyer informing her of her estranged mother’s passing. To inherit the family’s historic Santa Cruz house, Natalie and her siblings, Lynn and Jake, must return and make a claim together.

Natalie embarks on a cross-country journey to Santa Cruz. She is accompanied by her feisty cat, with the expectation of signing some documents, having brief encounters with her siblings, and swiftly returning to sort out her life in Boston. Unfortunately, her brother Jake, is missing, and her sister Lynn arrives with her teenage son.

As Natalie, along with her nephew, searches for Jake, they encounter a handsome marine biologist who wins her heart. Along the way, she grapples with the guilt that has plagued her for years, pondering how, or if, she can mend her relationships with her siblings after such a prolonged estrangement.
A Very Typical Family takes readers on a heartfelt journey through the intricate bonds and emotional wounds that can exist within a family. Written with a dark yet delightful sense of humor and featuring characters with their fair share of flaws, Sierra Godfrey’s debut novel explores the power of family and second chances. While the past cannot be changed, every day presents an opportunity to shape the future.

The novel skillfully delves into themes of forgiveness, showcasing how it is often unexpected and surprising when either party, the forgiver or the forgiven, experiences it. The story also explores the evolution of familial relationships, emphasizing how people change over time and how reconnecting after years apart can be challenging.

Readers will appreciate the character development and the various themes interwoven into the narrative. As Natalie meets the requirements of her mother’s will, she encounters new people, including a potential romantic interest. A Very Typical Family is a moving and emotive debut by Sierra Godfrey. It offers a blend of heart, hope, and healing, making it a must-read for those who enjoy well-crafted family sagas.

Published in 2023, The Second Chance Hotel is Sierra Godfrey’s second novel. It’s a contemporary, adult romance novel that focuses on two characters (strangers) who find themselves caught up in an accidental marriage and inherit a hotel all in one night.
How many of us have, at some point in our lives, dreamt of running away when it feels like life is leading us down the wrong path? The Second Chance Hotel’s main character shares this dream. While the story may not hold any major surprises, and the ending may appear inevitable, the allure of a small Greek island, its quirky and warm-hearted villagers, delectable cuisine, white sandy beaches, the blue waters of the Aegean, and the potential for romance make this a delightful read.

Amelia works in the tech industry, navigating a male-dominated workplace. Her life takes a turn for the worse when she makes the mistake of dating a coworker who later sabotages her at work. In the midst of a meeting, Amelia is unfairly blamed for a major error, which makes her lose her temper. Throws a cup at her ex-boyfriend, and this results in her getting fired.

She had initially planned a vacation in Europe with her now ex-boyfriend. Despite her commitment as her best friend’s maid of honor, she decides to use the plane ticket. Running away seems to be one of Amelia’s preferred coping mechanisms.
We only get a glimpse, after the fact, of the adventurous beginning of her trip. The true adventure only starts after Amelia travels to a small, secluded Greek island and books a room at her parents’ honeymoon hotel. This island is where she intends to collect her thoughts and figure out how to get her life back on track.

In the three decades since her parents’ honeymoon, the hotel has deteriorated. It’s run-down and outdated, the owner’s wife has passed away, and there’s only one other guest—an American traveler named James. He is also in search of meaning in his life and conveniently happens to be single, handsome, and the complete opposite of Amelia.

Through a series of amusing events, they discover that they are married and are the new proprietors of the hotel. The ensuing conflicts, the vibrant personalities of their newfound friends, and the various twists and obstacles, including more attempts to run away, create an entertaining narrative.

Sierra Godfrey skillfully paints a vivid picture of this weathered yet charming island, where even the most challenging decisions become clear. Whether you’re reading this on a tropical beach or a chilly evening with the wind howling outside, the escape to this island is a delightful experience. The characters, although they might appear stereotypical at first, possess enough unique qualities to set them apart.

Overall, The Second Chance Hotel is a heartwarming tale of starting over and discovering one’s place in the world. It comes highly recommended if you’re in the mood for an escape to a beautiful island, if you enjoy stories that highlight the best in people, or if you savor a good love story.

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