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Publication Order of Sign of Seven Books

Sign of Seven is a series of romantic suspense novels written by Nora Roberts. The books follow the exploits of a trio of friends who must stop a demon they unleashed when they were children.

+The Story
Nora Roberts started out as a strictly romantic writer. Over time, as her popularity grew, she began to experiment with new genres and sub-genres. Even readers that are not particularly interested in the romance genre or even Nora Roberts’ work have admitted to getting a kick out of her supernatural stories.

The Sign of Seven Trilogy is one such story. The book takes readers to the town of Hawkins Hollow. Hawkins Hollow, while seemingly peaceful, isn’t the most pleasant location to live.

Every seven years, specifically in the seventh month and on the seventh day, all hell breaks loose. Things begin to go wrong and, in some cases, people actually die. No one thinks much of the matter when Caleb, Fox, and Gage return to Hawkins Hollow.

They do not really know that the young men have made it their business to save Hawkins Hollow from the monster that hunts it. Though, Caleb and his friends will tell you that it isn’t out of strictly altruistic intentions that they are putting their lives on the line.

Caleb Hawkins knows that something evil stalks the streets of Hawkins Hollow not only because he can see it, a gift that makes him uniquely qualified to fight it, but also because he summoned it.

The town’s nightmare began when Caleb, Fox, and Gage where just kids. The fact that they all had the same birthday always came as a delightful surprise to the group. Born in the seventh month, on the seventh day, in 1977, this was part of the reason why the kids where the best of friends.

And on the day that they were to turn ten, the group decided to celebrate in a special way. They met up at Pagan Stone, an ancient location deep in the woods. There they decided to become blood brothers by cutting their wrists and mixing their blood at the exact moment that they all turned ten.

A long time ago, a great battle between good and evil was fought on that same ground. And without knowing it, by making their vow and mixing their blood, the kids freed a demon that had been trapped in Pagan Stone.

From that moment onward, the demon would walk the streets of Hawkins Hollow for seven days, causing all manner of madness and mayhem before finally returning to its resting place.

The Sign of Seven Trilogy follows Caleb, Fox, and Gage as they return to their hometown a decade later, determined to stop the demon they unleashed once and for all. The series has three novels. Each novel explores the adventures of a particular member of the group.

Caleb Hawkins kicks things off. A descendant of the people who founded the town, Caleb can see and sense evil. When he returns to Hawkins Hollow, it is with the intention of working hand in hand with his best friends to stop a great evil.

He doesn’t expect to encounter Quinn Black, a reporter who comes to Hawkins Hollow to look into the paranormal stories that surround its existence. Quinn and Caleb are immediately drawn to one another.
And Caleb drags her into his quest when he realizes that, like him, she can see and sense evil.

The second novel looks at the life of Fox, a charming local lawyer who can read minds. Fox has spent his life honing his abilities for the day his friends will return to fight and destroy the demon that haunts Hawkins Hollow.

His life takes a turn for the interesting when Fox runs into Layla, a woman who, like him, can enter the minds of others. Unlike Fox, Layla has fought hard to bury her gift. Fox must earn her trust before he can use her gift for the good of the town.

Gage Turner closes things out, with his story encompassing the final novel in the Sign of Seven Trilogy. Gage was always the most haunted of the group, having come from an abusive home.

Despite his temper and abrasive attitude, Gage’s loyalty has never been in question. And his chance to contribute to the fight to save the town comes when he meets Cybil. Like Layla and Quinn, Cybil has a crucial role to play in the fight against their demonic enemy.

The Sign of Seven Trilogy blends romance with the supernatural. Each novel is as interested in exploring the love lives of its male and female leads as it is in delving into the horror unleashed by their demonic antagonist.

+The Author
Nora Roberts is a bestselling author of romance that has written novels under pen names like J.D. Robb and Jill March.

The youngest of five children, Roberts wasn’t much of a writer as a child or even as a teenager. Her chance to enter the publishing arena came long after she had become a wife and mother.

1). Blood Brothers
Every seven years, bad things happen in Hawkins Hollow. Most people think that it’s just bad luck but Caleb Hawkins knows the truth. Caleb was just ten-years-old when he went into the woods with his friends and unknowingly unleashed a demon.

Now that demon comes to town to cause havoc every seven years. Now a young man in his early twenties, Caleb is back in town. This time nothing will stop him from either trapping or destroying the demon once and for all.

But before he can make up for his past mistakes, Caleb must come to terms with his feelings for Quinn Black, a reporter that not only has the same gifts as him but also sets his mind and body on fire.

2). The Hollow
Caleb, Fox, and Gage were only ten when they unleashed a demon upon the streets of Hawkins Hollow. A decade later, the young men are back to make things right. Fox knows that it won’t be long before they face their ancient enemy in battle.

The local attorney has the power to read minds but he doesn’t need his gift to know that evil is approaching. If he wants his friends to survive the coming conflict, Fox must convince Layla, a woman he just met, to embrace her gift and join them in their fight.

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