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Publication Order of The Lost Queen Trilogy Books

The Lost Queen (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forgotten Kingdom (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadowed Land (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Faery Tale: One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

When You Pass Through Waters: Words of Hope and Healing from Your Favorite Authors(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Signe Pike is a published author. She also teaches workshops and speaks at seminars about writing as well as publishing.

Signe Pike used to work at Penguin as an editor. She ultimately chose to leave New York in order to write her 2010 book, titled Faery Tale. The book earned high praise. Other publications and reviewers liked the book as well, including Women’s Adventure Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.

Pike currently works freelancing as an editor. She lives in South Carolina in the city of Charleston. She writes on a full time basis now. She lives in Charleston along with her husband and their cat. In addition to the human and feline occupants of their home and land, there are of course also the resident fairies.

Pike became an officially published author in the fiction world with the release of her first full length historical novel in 2018. The Lost Queen proved to be popular and was quickly a hit. The story of a powerful queen, it is the first book in the trilogy by the same name. The fantasy novel was named to a featured new writers list by Barnes & Noble, and it was named the best book of 2018 by Kirkus Reviews as well.

Signe Pike has appeared on WPR on an episode that talked about enchantment. She was joined by fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, Salman Rushdie, and finally A.S. Byatt. Fantasy and fairies are two of Pike’s favorite things, so she is well authorized to speak (and write) on the subject!

Faery Tale is a real life memoir from author Signe Pike. If you are looking for something new and fresh to read, then check this out! It will give you a better insight into the life and mind of this author and also give the reader a good backdrop for moving on to Pike’s poetry or full length novels.

Signe was looking for something that she could believe in again. As a result, she made the choice to pack her bags and leave Manhattan. Pike would also be leaving behind not only her life in the city, but a career in the literary world that she had really enjoyed. However, she chooses to take on a journey that may just prove magical and provide her with the wonder that has not been present in her life lately as much as she would like.

Pike goes on a global traveling spree that would make any global traveling enthusiast swoon. From Mexico to England and Scotland and Ireland, Pike recounts her travels and takes readers along with her on her visits to sacred sites, abandoned forests, dark glens, and the pubs in town. She was on a quest to find people that might believe still in fairies, those shy and elusive magical beings.

The author writes vividly about her yearning to go back to that spiritual world and connect with it once more. Along the way, she is hoping that she can find a way to experience that sense of purpose and wonder that she used to know. She was never counting on having the way that she views herself and the world be put into a totally new light.

Engaging, whimsical, and full of interesting stories, this memoir is the story of a writer’s journey, but also a person that wants to believe in the magical. The belief in fairies might just challenge you to find your inner child, or it may just be a refreshing read that makes you feel good. Check out this memoir for yourself for a unique adventure that only Signe could take readers on.

The Lost Queen is the first novel in the trilogy of the same name by talented fantasy author Signe Pike. This is a book that tells the story of Languoreth, a queen that reigned over Scotland in the sixth century.

She was powerful, and also the sister of a man who would inspire the character Merlin. They are twins, and this queen has many positive qualities to her that make her a compelling character in her own right. She is the hero of this tale, and she is as brave as she is smart, rebellious, and passionate.

A female character that readers won’t soon forget, this is the story of love as well as survival. It is set in ancient Scotland, a place that is covered in green and where superstitions, fairy tales, and myths have all been inspired by the nature and the mood of this land.

The natural world in all of its beauty here is in full force. Languoreth is at the height of her power in a similar way and was one of history’s most influential and powerful queens of the early medieval age. She was tasked with ruling during a time where blood was being shed on a grand scale.

The growing forces of the religion known as Christianity were a true risk. They were threatening to get rid of the old pagan beliefs, an act that would alter Languoreth and her people’s way of living. The queen has an enormous task set out in front of her, but she is not alone in her mission.

Her brother stands beside her. Lailoken is a druid and a warrior, her twin, and a capable ally. He is in the history books by the name of Merlin. The queen’s world becomes ever more violent and dangerous. Things are truly starting to get out of control, to the point where she has been concerned about her hold on power as well as potential attempts on her life.

They find someone new in their ranks with the arrival of Emrys Pendragon. Coming in the middle of the war, the queen also comes into contact with Maelgwn, a good looking warrior. They have a connection, if only passionately created due to enchantment. The bad news is that the queen is promised to someone else, the High King’s son.

Rhydderch is sympathetic to Christianity followers, and being his wife means this queen would have to fight to preserve the kingdom and the old ways too. Read this book to see how this author brings a legend to life for yourself!

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    Thoroughly enjoyed The Lost Queen and The Forgotten Kingdom. Just recommended them to my adult daughters.
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    Loved the first two books but wasn’t sure if the third has not yet been written?? Please let me know if I have missed some information or will have to wait for the last book of the trilogy to be published.


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      Hi Susan – it isn’t available yet 🙂


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