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Publication Order of Silas Seaweed Mystery Books

Seaweed on the Street (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed on Ice (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed Under Water (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed on the Rocks (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed in the Soup (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed in the Mythworld (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed Under Fire (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Silas Seaweed by Stanley Evans

Silas Seaweed is the main character in a series of mystery novels by a British born Canadian author of mystery and thrillers books Stanley Evans. Silas is a neighborhood cop based in downtown Victoria B.C. who is regularly assigned to crack the puzzle behind homicide and other cases.

Stanley was born in England and moved to Canada at the age of 23 years where he worked as a deep-sea fisherman for a couple of years. He began his writing career by publishing stories in magazines and newspapers. His experiences have inspired some of his stories as a deep-sea fisherman and a soldier. He began his Silas Seaweed series in 2005 when Seaweed on the Street was published. The series lasted six books concluding in 2011 with Seaweed in the Mythworld. The third book in the series Seaweed Under Water won Monday Magazine Award in 2007.

Seaweed on the Street

Seaweed on the Street is the first book in Silas Seaweed Mystery series. Conspiracies, pretensions, and lies are some of the pillar stones that character this novel, a new mystery series featuring Silas Seaweed, a Coast Salish Investigator. A billionaire’s daughter with some disturbing past has mysteriously vanished. Silas, a witty, street smart investigator living in Victoria, B.C., is tasked with investigating the young’s girl disappearance.
His investigations, lead him on a murder trial, obsessive violence and greed. Overcoming such challenges as Seaweed must have to preserve as his hunt for the killer leads him from Victoria’s dark alleys to Nevada’s booming casinos.

Evans has blended a modern-day crime detective story with some age-old Coast Salish ritual to create a suspenseful and absorbing page-turning story with a pace that never slows down until the last page.

The series debut novel is a pleasant surprise. The main character Silas, a Salish Indian and Victoria policeman, is a combination of Joe Leaphorn and Travis McGee. Seaweed is what most of us refer to as the “neighborhood” cop working from his local small office in Victoria, B.C. His district is characterized by druggies, prostitutes and pimps, alongside with other normal people who work and live there. He has worked as a cop for more than two decades, and while he is a bit cynic, he is also a man with a good heart. He’s requested by the lawyer of a local philanthropist to try and find his daughter who’s been reported missing for several years. So this means that he’ll have to search the past and to try to figure out where the girl would have vanished to.

As a result of his investigations, Seaweed soon finds himself trying to help a native client who had been wrongly accused of murder in the past. His investigations send him from his small office in Victoria traveling to Vancouver Island, then Seattle and even to Reno as he tries to unravel the mystery.
He is a man with a good heart and easily angered by how their pimp treats the local prostitutes. Seaweed on the Street is an excellent tale narrated in a way that makes you keep on reading to find out what will happen in the end.

Seaweed on Ice

Seaweed on Ice is book two in Stanley Evans series Silas Seaweed. We meet Silas, the Coast Salish native working for the Victoria BC police department as the neighborhood cop. Living on the reservation, he works out of a small office in Victoria, and for some reasons, chief of detectives greatly dislike him.
Despite this, Silas has many friends and clients, especially, Bernie Tapp, a police detective. In this second novel, the owner of a local Moran wants him to investigate the case of a missing member of his staff, a man named Isaac Schwarz who cleans and lives in the gym.

Later, Seaweed is taken by Bernie to a remote village where they find Isaac’s body. This sparks a series of events involving a Lofthouse, a llocal lawyer, and a widow who wants her will edited so that she can keep cash from her nephew and an incident involving stolen art from Jewish citizens in German. For the given short time of this story, Seaweed on Ice is a fast-paced and engaging story. At the same time, the Salish people are preparing for the annual Winter Ceremony. Before long, more bodies start piling up, and someone might be planning to steal Salish work of arts.

The second novel in the series is a nicely paced story with a fascinating character. The mystery is also quite engaging promising to keep you hooked in the right from the first page to the last.

Seaweed Under Water

In the third book in Silas Seaweed, what starts off as a case of a missing person takes a twisted turn when the innocent girl Jane is found drowned and her necks full of strangulation marks. Silas Seaweed through his investigations discovers that some of Jane’s acquaintances would have benefited from her death. Armed with his intelligence, customary wits and intelligence, Silas heads out to find the killer. In his investigations, he crosses paths with witches, shady loggers, and a beautiful woman the owner of a million dollar boat.

Solving the case sends him into a complex web of danger from one that he may never return alive.

Seaweed in the Soup

Silas is back on the beat as the neighborhood cop. A gardener is discovered dead, and the main suspects are two young girls.

Seaweed is tasked with investigating the case, and soon the case takes a twisted and a bloodier turn when a cop’s wife is found dead. Silas starts to suspect that the deaths and other series of events are somehow connected to gang-related crimes that have been terrorizing the streets of British Columbia. Just as he draws closer to finding some solid clues, he finds his reputation at risk, and soon he’s suspended from the police force. His journey to clear his name and find the murderers sends him from Victoria’s nightclubs and bars to the remote and peaceful island in Desolation Sound.

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