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Mike Ryan is an American author of fiction. He is known for his earliest published series, the CIA Ghost series of fictional novels. The first novel in this series is Rogue Ghost and it came out in 2015. It was quickly followed by the sequel, Ghost Pursuit, and the follow-up novels, Ghost Fall and Ghost Revival, which were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Mike Ryan is a big fan of Star Wars and enjoys movies and anything that has superheroes in it, which includes the universes of DV and Marvel. He enjoys speaking with and interacting with readers of his work through his blog as well as emails that he receives and social media like Twitter.

He can be reached at his Twitter handle @Mike_Ryan36 or emailed at Ryan also is a rare author in that he offers his readers the chance to be beta readers for his books and consume them before they are published and released to be masses. Mike Ryan does this via a mailing list, so if you enjoy his books and want to be a beta reader then you can sign up!

He enjoys writing and currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. He lives there and is married with not only three children but three dogs too. As you can imagine, he has become accustomed to a busy and hectic household. He does have some free time, and Mike Ryan enjoys using that free time to watch sports, watch movies, and listen to music.

He is the author of the Silencer series. The series features the main character of Agent John Smith, an agent for the CIA’s Black Ops group. The first book in the series is titled The Silencer and it came out in 2016. The sequel is titled Fully Loaded. It was followed by the third novel Hard Target, the fourth novel Blowback, the following novel Point Blank, and the exciting sixth novel in the series, Double Tap.

The Silencer is the first book in the exciting action-adventure Silencer series by Mike Ryan. It features John Smith, an agent that works for the CIA Black Ops. He’s on assignment in London on his latest mission, but he has no idea that if everything goes according to plan the assignment will the last that he ever follows.

Smith barely survives a vicious and planned attack on his life. After that, he decides to go into hiding and lay low until he figures out what’s going on. It was no coincidence that there was an attempt on his life– not when you work in his line of work.

But when John Smith finally boards a flight to go to the U.S., his flight is weirdly diverted to the city of Philadelphia. It is there that he has a chance encounter (or so it appears) with a man. This strange man actually knows everything about his past– something that is considerably impressive. What’s more, he wants to recruit the secret agent for a job.

Smith is gifted with a new identity for the job. He now is the man known as Michael Recker. Now it is up to Smith, or Recker, to help prevent something very bad from happening that will affect innocent people. Recker is also forced to interact with several factions of organized crime, all of whom are fighting each other to control the city.

Recker has an ulterior motive the entire time he is on his new job. Recker cannot forget that he has a grudge against Agent 17. Now he will finally go after his revenge on the agent, who Recker is convinced is responsible for a horrible act that he will never forget. Can Recker get revenge, or will he fall in the process? You’re going to have to pick up the action-packed novel The Silencer from Mike Ryan’s gripping Silencer series to find out for yourself!

Fully Loaded is the engaging second novel in the Silencer series by Mike Ryan. In this action-packed sequel to The Silencer, Mike Ryan delivers adventure and intensity of the highest caliber that only he could create.

Recker has no idea that he’s about to be ambushed and after that, he is missing for several days. He is presumed dead by anyone that has any idea that exists. But the skilled agent comes back and is committed to his vendetta against the men that were responsible for his ambush. Now Smith, or Recker as he is currently known, must turn to a highly unlikely source in order to get assistance with his plan for revenge.

All that Recker cares about is his revenge. But can he get it? Recker is determined to get his retribution and come back ten times as hard at the men who are responsible for his attack. But the agent must also begin to navigate the waters carefully as the woman he is with is gradually developing feelings for him. The trouble is that he is starting to develop feelings for her of a romantic nature as well.

Recker still must keep his focus on his main mission of helping protect innocent people. Through the process, he also begins a tentative relationship with Tyrell as allies after he assists him with a personal problem with his family. Now he and Tyrell know that they can rely on the other for help, something that may come in handy in the future.

Although the secret agent is still keeping romantic interest Mia at arm’s length, they gradually start to become closer. This is only helped by Recker’s willingness to look into the disappearance of one of her friends that Mia really cares about.

Still, Recker is focused on taking down the men that came after him. Can he track them down? And will The Silencer’s reputation amongst the agencies be a problem? Recker has a lot on his plate and a romantic investment in Mia as well.

What will happen in the end? Pick up Fully Loaded by action and adventure master Mike Ryan to find out for yourself! If you loved these two books, check out the rest of the books in the Silencer series by Mike Ryan and keep the adventures rolling.

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