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Publication Order of Wool / Silo Books

Chronological Order of Wool / Silo Books

The “Silo” series written by author Hugh Howey is made up of novellas (that are also available in collected form) and is from the genres of dystopian fiction, apocalyptic fiction, and science fiction. The series first began in the year 2011, when Howey wrote “Wool” with the original intention of it being a stand alone work. The first five books are the main series, the three after are prequels, and the book after ties the first two collections together.

The story was published through Amazon’s self publishing system, to give him the freedom that comes with self publishing. Once it grew in popularity, he penned more entries to it. He has said that without this push by fans for him to write more stories, he never would have returned to this world.

He signed a deal with Simon & Schuster for half a million dollars to distribute “Wool” to retailers of books all over Canada and America. At the same time, he holds the full rights to the books for online distribution.

The series has other short stories that make up “The Apocalypse Triptych” collection.

There is also a comic adaptation done by Jet City Comics (Amazon’s comic book imprint). It features the art of Jimmy Broxton and was adapted by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

“Wool” is the first novel in the “Silo” series and was released in the year 2012. This book collects the first five Wool stories into one volume. Mankind struggles to survive while in a subterranean city called Silo that goes down one hundred and forty four stories under the surface. It starts out following Holston, who is Silo’s sheriff, while the other volumes follow Jahns, Marnes, and Juliette.

A story line throughout the series is the mystery behind Silo as well as the secrets that come with it. By the end of the fifth book, that mystery is revealed.

The first book is called “Holston”. It follows the character of Holston, the sheriff of Silo. He spends the book investigating and processing all of the circumstances around how his wife (who is named Allison) died. The investigation he conducts of Silo and its secrets are the catalyst that starts impacting different characters’ lives and is key in setting up the action for what is to come.

The second book is called “Proper Gauge”. This book follows Marnes (who is the deputy sheriff) and Jahns (who is Silo’s mayor) and their special relationship. The relationship they have is explored while they go off on a quest that takes them further into Silo’s lower levels. It starts bringing them into conflict with the IT division in Silo, throughout, their growing authority is slowly revealed. The journey they take is how they are introduced to Juliette, a key character in the next three stories.

The next three books are “Casting Off”, “The Unraveling”, and “The Stranded”. Juliette stars in these books and she continues to explore Silos’ mysteries, and it introduces her with IT’s head as well as Lukas (one of the members of IT and a young astronomer). Their growing relationship is the backdrop for these last three novellas.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the unique story, and how really interesting the entire thing was. It is a book that you keep on thinking about after you are done reading it, and it will creep back into your mind a few months after you are done reading it. Some especially liked the character of Juliette, who is determined, quite elemental, and simply rocks some readers’ world. This author has a gift for writing understated prose, and this is a book that has some pleasing writing
in it.

“Shift” is the second novel in the “Silo” series and was released in the year 2013. In the year 2007, CAN (or the center for Automation in Nanobiotech) puts together an outline for the software and hardware platform that would eventually give robots that are smaller than the cells humans have the chance to conduct repairs, determine medical diagnoses, and they can even self propagate.

During the same time, CBS network re-aired their program about propranolol’s effects on the sufferers of any extreme trauma. Just one pill, it is found, is able to wipe out any memory of traumatic events of those who take it.

During this same time in the history of humans, mankind figures out how to ultimately bring on its own downfall. Not to mention to be able to forget all about it happening.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the strong start the book gets off to, the way you start caring for the major characters, and some philosophical themes about sacrifice to be able to survive as part of the human race and war. This is a great story that is well written, and is full of tension the entire time. Some like how you get to learn about how each of the Silos came about. Upon reading this, some cannot wait to see what will be in store in the final installment of the series.

“Dust” is the third novel in the “Silo” series and was released in the year 2013. Jules has figured out what it was that her predecessors made, and knows they are the exact reason they have to live the way they do. She is not going to stand for it, either.

She no longer has any supporters, though. There is much more to fear than just the toxic world that is beyond her walls. There is a poison that grows from inside of Silo 18. There is nothing that can be done, unless Silo 1 comes to their aid at some point.

It was interesting to see Howey thread plot points from the first two books together and wrap it all up here. Some find themselves having a hard time tearing themselves away from the book, and they are staying up late to keep on reading it. Fans of the novel found that they liked this one almost as much as the first book in the series. Some felt that this one lived up to their expectations and then some; even though it goes in its own direction from the first two in the series.

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