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Publication Order of Silver Harbor Books

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Melissa Foster is an accomplished, best-selling author who has had her books reach the top of the charts for publications like USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

She has written over one hundred novels and counting. She is known for writing women’s fiction and sexy, heartwarming contemporary romance stories that have characters that are emotionally compelling and that she says will stay with you long after you have finished the last page. Her emotional journeys are described as ‘lovingly erotic’ and are family oriented with loyal and handsome heroes and sassy and smart heroines starring in them, along with different complex relatable issues.

Melissa also writes using the pen name Addison Cole for her sweet romances. She enjoys hearing from readers, and encourages the, to send her an email or go onto social media to chat.

Maybe We Will is the first book in the Silver Harbor series by Melissa Foster. This is a heart-warming and sexy story that is all about discovering love and family in the last place that you expect it.

Abby is a chef, and she’s going back home for a somber reason. She’s going back to Silver Island along with her sister so that they can deal with their late mother’s affairs and put them in order. Upon going back, Abby thought that he would be getting her mother’s bistro and the home that they grew up in since they were children.

The last thing that she was expecting was to be introduced to a half-sister that Abby and her sister never even knew existed in the first place. On top of that, when they show up, there’s a handsome man on vacation that appears to be camping out on her late mother’s patio. Abby doesn’t really know what to do with that one.

Aiden Aldridge knows that he’s a workaholic. So maybe it’s for the best that he has been sent off to Silver Island on a vacation that is entirely free of work. He has a list of ways to let loose and his younger sister has told him that he needs to get a life (in a nice way). He raised her himself about their parents died and her well-being was his central focus for years. Perhaps that’s why he became so addicted to work, as he had to be sure that the two of them could get by.

Now Aiden is getting the chance to just relax and be a regular adult without the responsibilities that he has borne over so many years. He never saw a young woman like Abby coming his way. She’s free spirited and absolutely gorgeous. From the second that he sees her, he feels that he’s found someone special.

He may not be that good at relaxing, but Aiden knows that he excels at making deals. He gets Abby to agree to let him help at the restaurant in trade for her helping him tackle the various things on his list. As the two of them spend more time together, he can’t help but notice that the sparks are flying between them. They are spending a lot of time together playing and working, and the more time side by side they have, the closer the pair of them grow.

They have intimate conversations and start to find out more about each other. The talks that they have end up leading to hot kisses between them and they’re both aware that there’s a huge passion between them. But Aiden also has more beneath the surface than Abby truly knows about. When the truth finally comes out, the romance between the two of them is put to the test more than ever. Can Aiden and Abby follow their true love and find out if it conquers everything? Read this book to find out!

Maybe We Should is the second novel in the Silver Harbor series by Melissa Foster. If you loved the first book in the series, check out this second book in the series. Melissa Foster brings a sexy and emotional novel about finding love and more, so if you’re into romances, be sure to give this one a chance.

Main character Cait Weatherby is a tattoo artist and she’s never truly found out who she was. It may just turn out that she’s in luck. Going to Silver Island and enjoying its sandy shores, Cait’s finally discovered the answers that she’s been looking for over the years. She also has more family than she anticipated.

Cait has found out that she has two half-sisters that she never knew about before, and it’s fun getting to reconnect with family and seeing it expand. She also has a great group of friends that she loves that are always there for her. She also happens to have a charming admirer that does not miss a single chance to flirt with her.

Now it’s just up to Cait to find out what the next steps to take are. The only trouble with it is that Cait isn’t naturally home free. She has a dark past behind her and is still living in the shadow of it. She doesn’t want any complications to come up that might make her lose a family that she is just only getting to know and has just found.

Cait doesn’t want complications in the form of romance, either. That would be Brant Remington, the blue-eyed hunk who builds boats and appears to be just as open as Cait is guarded. She just wishes that he would leave her alone. Or does she?

Cait and Brant are total opposites, but that isn’t stopping him from his attraction to the new girl in town. He loves her beautiful green eyes and her tough front– and can’t wait to get rid of it. He’s trying to get her to get her walls to come down, and it’s working. But can Cait trust that easily? Will she give the handsome boat builder a shot? Read this romance to find o

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