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Publication Order of Silver Saints MC Books

The “Silver Saints MC” is a set of bestselling romance fiction by Fiona Davenport. The series is the work of two authors in the general romance and paranormal romance fiction author Elle Christensen and the new adult romance paranormal romance and general romance author Rochelle Paige.

Christensen is a USA Today bestselling author that is known to be a lover of books a passionate author and a hopeless romantic. Between her crazy imagination, her love of a happily ever after story, and her dirty mind, it was no surprise that she would later on become a romance fiction author.

She has also said that she is an obsessive reader, a complete girly girl, and a huge fan of baseball. Given her love for romance fiction, Christensen is married to a sweet and sexy alpha male just like the one that populates her novels.
She has said that he often is her biggest inspiration and sometimes provides much of the motivation she needs to be an author. He is also very understanding and patient, particularly about the fact that they often have to share her time with the many voices in her head.

Rochelle Paige is known for her more than 40 Amazon bestselling titles. The author has said that she grew up loving reading and she used to get a lot of flak from her friends as she used to try to walk and read at the same time.
Just like her friend and coauthor Christensen, Paige is a huge lover of happily ever after, alpha males, hot sex, and sassy heroines.
However, she loves to hop the genres in both her writing and reading and has penned works in a range of subgenres including romantic suspense, new adult, paranormal and contemporary romances.
Outside of her writing, she is the mother to two kids who were instrumental in inspiring her to pursue her dream of becoming a fiction author.

The “Silver Saints MC” series of novels are fast-paced romantic stories that come with well-crafted primary and secondary characters.

Fiona Devenport usually pens an adorable relationship between her male and female lead who enjoy some intense chemistry.

The men in the series are usually alpha males that belong to the Silver Saints Motor Cycle Club. On the other hand, are the sassy and sexy women who make them put aside their tough exteriors as they seek to claim them.
When their women come under threat from some dangerous characters, their protective warrior nature is activated which makes for some delicious moments.

The hero and heroine have some off-the-charts passion and the plots usually turn dangerous and wild as the alpha males protect their women with lethal skill ad bucketloads of determination.
They also provide some great insights into the running of an MC club which as it turns out are places of great unity and a sense of family.

“My Father’s Rival,” the first novel of the “Silver Saints MC” series of novels tells the story of the president of the Silver Saints who is a man named Mac. He did not get the results he wanted from a meeting with Pierce the president of the Hellfire MC and decided he would be better off with a bargaining chip.

The only weakness Pierce has is Bridget his little princess. Her father had always kept her far away from his club business and hence when she sees him storming out of a meeting with Mac, she knows it does not bode well. Nonetheless, it will never stop her year-long crush on the man.
After running surveillance over a few days, Mac and several of his colleagues are finally ready to make their move. But when Mac sets his eyes on Bridget, he knows that everything in his life will never be the same again.
However, he does his best to fight the attraction given her age, innocence, and the situation. But it is not going to be so easy.

The second novel of the “Silver Saints MC” series of novels is “Link,” which tells the story of 21-year-old Harlowe Reed. She is the sister to Lincoln Nash the treasurer of the Silver Saints and Huntley Reed the Navy SEAL.
The latter is on a mission overseas when he learns that his family is in danger and that his team may have been compromised.

There is a contract on Paisley and hugely concerned about his sister and contacts Cat who happens to be the girlfriend of the Silver Saints MC vice president whom he had known since he was a child.
The vice president of the MC is Lincoln, a huge possessive beast of a man who will do anything to keep her safe.

Will Link and his brothers at the MC club be able to find out who is threatening Harlowe? Will they be able to keep her safe and will the couple be able to find happiness?
Fiona Davenport writes a fast-paced romantic suspense fiction work full of dynamic primary and secondary characters.

“Dom” is the third novel of the “Silver Saints MC” series of novels. In this work, Fiona Davenport tells the story of Dominic Lazar and Lucy Skye.

The latter is a damsel in distress that had stopped in town to get some food and decided to get a drink in a nearby bar. Lucy is a desperate, hungry, and homeless woman on the run and hence when she gets opportunities she usually takes them.
When she sees a guy with a heavy-looking wallet about to fall out of his pocket, she thinks it could not have been easier. She mustered her courage and tried to pick the pocket only to get caught by the sheriff.

The targetted victim was Dom who immediately realized that she was in trouble. He asked the sheriff to let him and the Silver Saints take care of the problem on their own.

Watching the beautiful and sexy woman on the verge of tears, he decided to take her to the MC compound. Seeing her distress, she awakens a possessive and protective streak in him, and wants to help her.
It makes for a very steamy read that is simply unputdownable.

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