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Silver Ships series by SH Jucha
Author Scott H Jucha pens the “Silver Ships” series of science fiction novels. The first of which, called “The Silver Ships”, was released in the year 2015.
The series explores first contacts between the different descendants of two Earth colony ships, that landed on their separate planets over seven centuries ago, as well as the alien worlds they investigate.
The star of the series is Alex Racine, who starts out as an explorer tug captain, and becomes the Harakan president.
“The Silver Ships” is the first novel in the “Silver Ships” series, which was released in the year 2015. Alex Racine, an explorer tug captain, detects a damaged alien craft that is drifting into their system. Seeing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make first contact, Alex pulls a daring maneuver off in order to latch on to the derelict craft. Alex finds the ship was attacked by some unknown craft, the very first of its kind to ever be encountered. The mysterious silver ship’s attack was both lethal and instant.

This is the story of the descendants of the two Earth colony ships, each with different histories, meeting seven centuries after their creation and uniting to defend mankind from all the silver ships.

“Libre” is the second novel in the “Silver Ships” series, which was released in the year 2015. The Meridiens that have survived have gone back to Confederation space, aided by the New Terrans, their recently found cousins. They are expecting a celebration to happen after their absence of seventy-one years. Instead, they are stunned to learn the silver ships destroyed half of the Confederation.

The Meridiens flee in advance of the horde of alien ships. Alex Racine and his crew did not travel all this way just to run away from humanity’s enemy. A whole colony of independent radicals held captive on planet Libre offers Alex just the sort of people he wants to have on his side, and an alliance is struck. The planet has to be evacuated and the military force readied before the silver ships begin attacking. Alex knows that a battle is coming, but are they going to be ready?

“Merdien” is the third novel in the “Silver Ships” series, which was released in the year 2015. Alex Racine, who used to enjoy the solitary life led by an explorer-tug captain, now is an admiral and responsible for a quarter million Librans. So far, Alex’s people have been successful in battles against enemy fighters.

Now, they are getting ready to attack the entire alien fleet. To both the chagrin and surprise of his crew and officers, Alex puts a new plan together. This is because he thinks humanity faces two alien species, and one could be enslaved to the other. If so, Alex believes these slaves should not obliterated but liberated. To test his theory, his people have to capture an entirely intact enemy ship, something that has never before been accomplished.

“Haraken” is the fourth novel in the “Silver Ships” series, which was released in the year 2016. Nine years of peace came to a quick end as a Meridien starship arrives in the hellebore system, and sounds a dire warning for the Haraken president, Alex Racine. Once more, unwanted visitors have shown up. This time, they are human, and not aliens.

With claims that he followed a colony ship’s course that was launched a millennium back when Earth wrestled with climate change and resource wars, Antonio Garcia (the commander of the mission) wants a meeting with the planet’s leaders. The Earthers say they have a kinship with every human, and their big desire is to have Meridien become a part of their United Earth (UE).

Alex Racine goes to Meridien to learn more and find out the intentions of the Earthers. Within the world of Haraken, self-aware digital entities (SADEs) have been freed from their boxes on the Meridien-built starships. The mobile SADEs are important players in Alex’s plans, who is inventing all kinds of ingenious methods to investigate these Earthers as well as their ship.

Making things more complicated, the Meridien’s leadership is currently in turmoil. The Council Leader insists that her people should just ignore the Earthers, but this path is costly. While tensions escalate even further, Garcia sends off a request for support to his superiors on Earth, so his find of the rich worlds of Meridien, which boasts of unbelievable advanced technology doesn’t slip through his fingers. A UE battleship is what heeds the call, and escalates the pressure to take action.

Join their journey while the Meridiens and Harakens come together to keep each of their planets safe, as well as their way of life, from these newest of invaders.

“Haraken” is the fifth novel in the “Silver Ships” series, which was released in the year 2016. Sol’s warships paid the final price for threatening both the New Terran and Haraken worlds. Now, Alex and Renee de Guirnon (his Meridien partner) are engaged in a horribly desperate gamble to keep a war between the UE’s large forces their worlds before it begins.

What is Alex’s grand plan? He has got no clue. His people do believe in him and hope that he is going to be able to keep him safe. He has powerful assets: the brilliant SADEs, the Haraken space fleet, mobile Haraken digital intelligences, and the UE scientists that defected. These last have provided a wealth of intelligence on their home world.

Coming to Sol, Alex finds the best chance to make his statement to the UE Supreme Tribunal in the form of Idona Station, which fell into disrepair while the UE militia as well as the rebels battle to get control. Alex explains his strange plan by saying UE tribunes are going to be done in when they are overpowered by prosperity.

The Harakens work on melding Idona’s stationers, militia, and rebels into the view the Haraken’s hold of the world. One that is based on equality, peace, and purpose. The Tribunal becomes at odds over the Harakens’ meddling inside their system, which caused the rifts within the UE’s political structure to widen right into chasms.

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