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Rupture / A Thousand Cuts (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Facility (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Child Who (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Houseaka The New Neighbors (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Liar's Room (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Search Party (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hailing from the south of the United Kingdom, the writer Simon Lelic is an author with a reputation that’s much admired throughout the entire literary industry. Known for his ever unique and extremely perceptive insights, he’s been able to create a style of prose that’s all of his very own, thus establishing himself as one of the foremost voices currently working within his field to date. With a down-to-earth manner, he is known for the directness of his approach, whilst simultaneously building a rapport with his readers quite unlike any other. This has lead to him becoming a highly vocal spokesperson for him and his craft, with him having become a true master of his trade. Combining characters and story, he has an ability for keeping his readers glued to the page, ensuring that they continue to come back for more. Over time this has lead to him becoming a highly successful writer worldwide, with a vast audience ranging from all across the globe, as his work speaks on a universal level, with his easily accessible themes and ideas. A leading figure, he is appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike, as more and more discover his work every day.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1976 he grew up in the city of Brighton in the UK, before going on to live in London for some time, before moving back home once again. During this time he would heavily invest himself in the art and craft of writing, creating a style that was all of his very own and entirely unique to him. This he would continue throughout his education, as he went on to study at the University of Exeter, whereby he would further both himself and his craft, constantly honing and refining his style and voice to be.

Later on this would also see him go on to become a journalist, during which time he would gain an insight into writing for increasingly large numbers of people. Feeding into his work as an author, this would provide him with his well grounded style that would come to form the basis for much of his career, whilst also providing him with plenty of material too. Following this he would go on and run his own business after becoming a full time writer as well, as he currently lives with his wife and their two sons back in Brighton.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book back in 2010 he would go on to make his debut with the title ‘Rupture’, which would also be called ‘A Thousand Cuts’, and this would be a stand-alone novel. Not writing many series as such, he was well known for creating tightly woven and extremely intricate narratives that exuded a very real sense of humanity. Crafting characters that resonated with the readers would become his forte, as they managed to find something of themselves within the expertly crafted narratives, allowing them to experience his work on an even deeper and far more involving level.

Over time this would gradually build, allowing him to become the writer that he currently is today, putting out work at an ever consistent and regular pace. Alongside his writing he runs an import/export business, which is something that also helps to fund him, as he writes about what he wants to write about, making it far more personal and genuine to him. He has also been nominated for various awards over the course of his writing career too, such as the ‘CWA New Blood Dagger’ award. This has thus ensured that he has become one of the most prolific authors currently working to date, something which will continue on into the foreseeable future.

A Thousand Cuts

This would be the first novel to come out from Simon Lelic as a full time novelist, setting up his writing career as it currently stands to this very day. Originally brought out through the Viking publishing label in 2010, it was first released on the 4th of March, working as a stand-alone novel, not being a part of any series. Giving readers a clear idea of what was to come from him as a writer in the years to follow, it’s a must for any fans of the author, as well as newcomers looking to find out more.

With dark subject matter, this is a title that manages to dig into the underbelly of human psyche with fascinating insight and intelligence. Getting to the heart of the matter, it really works at building a feeling of understanding with the characters, whilst also distancing itself from their more heinous and evil actions. Looking at the topic of bullying within Western culture, it manages to get to the heart of something extremely real, whilst not shying away from the more difficult subject matter.

Opening with the character of Samuel Szajkowski, it sees this newly appointed history teacher enter his school hall shooting three students, a colleague, and himself. This tragedy was unforeseen as nobody could’ve predicted it, with many people chalking it up to latent psychotic tendencies lying dormant. That is until Detective Inspector Lucia May realizes that there could be more to this case than meets the eye, whilst also finding uncomfortable similarities between her and the killer. Can she overcome the sexism within her department? Why is nobody else apparently interested, merely looking to brush it all under the rug? How was it death by a thousand cuts?

The Child Who

Initially coming out in 2012 on the 28th of February, this would first be released through the ‘Penguin Books’ publishing outlet. Showing a clear sense of development since his first, it manages to provide a definite insight into his progression as a full time writer. Working as another stand-alone once again, it manages to provide yet another tightly knit story with a self-contained narrative.

The provincial attorney Leo Curtice has just had the single largest case of his entire career thrown into his hands. All set to defend twelve-year-old Daniel Blake of murdering an eleven-year-old girl, everything he knows is called into question. Wondering if he can really defend the seemingly indefensible, he starts to wonder how culpable a child can really be. Why did they do it? Can he find the truth behind it all? Who really is the child who?

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