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Simon Mayo
Simon Mayo is a mystery, young adult, and historical writer. He is also a well-known and loved radio presenter in Britain. Over the years, Mayo has been recognized enough time for his broadcasting prowess. What started as a small-time job in Hospital Radio grew into a successful career, and Mayo has worked as a Dj with BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2. Itch is Mayo’s debut novel, and it was so well-received that he turned it into a series. So far, Mayo has eighteen published works to his name. He enjoys writing whenever he is not on the radio or engaged in other BBC tasks.

Itch is the first book in the Itch series. The book stars Itchingham Lofte, otherwise known as Itch. This fourteen-year-old has a unique passion that involves collecting elements found in the periodic table. It has been quite a journey trying to collect all these elements, and there have been a few mishaps along the way. There is a time Itch blew his bedroom and burned his eyebrows while handling some phosphorous element. His antique wallpaper had also led to some arsenic poisoning that saw his school close for a few days. Itch’s sister, Chloe, is so used to these mishaps that she always has a fire extinguisher close by. His parents are often stressed, wondering what trouble their son will be getting in next.

It is during his summer internship that Itch chances upon a strange rock that he is unaware of its component. When he approaches his teacher, Mr. Flowerdew, for more information, the teacher suggests that they should send the rock to Switzerland for testing. However, this is not what Mr. Flowerdew has in mind once he lays his hand on the rock. He suspects that the warm rock is uranium and can fetch him good money if he sells it. What Itch and Mr. Flowerdew do not realize is that the rock would attract a top-secret government agency and an evil corporation to their door. How does Itch ensure that the rocks collected from Cake are kept away from the wrong hands? Can Itch use his know-how in the sciences to stay a step ahead of those chasing him?

This is a thrilling tale, packed with action and quite suspenseful. The author has done a good job with character development, so the cast sounds believable. Just like in real life, the teenage characters in this book keep things from their parents, and they keep on doing stupid stuff that lands them in great trouble. While there is a lot of Chemistry in this book, the tale is quite enjoyable even to readers who are not so keen on science. The tension builds as the story progresses, and the ending will leave you searching for the next book in the series.

If you are looking for a clever young-adult novel with a fun plot and entertaining characters, Itch is a perfect choice. You will laugh at some of the mischief and trouble Itch gets himself into while also marveling at some of the smart choices he makes at times. Itch is an easy character to love, and the supporting cast is just as easy to identify with. It is incredible that the science doesn’t bog down the story, so it remains fun and enjoyable all through.

Itch Rocks
Itch Rocks is the second book in the series. The last year was quite eventful for this teenage boy. First, there was the arsenic gas poisoning case, then the trouble with his psychotic science teacher, and a near-death experience because of radiation. Life is just starting to get back to normal for Itch, but it can never be like before, especially since he has round-the-clock government protection. Security guards are watching his every move, and unfortunately, so are some sinister forces. Enough people want to get their hands on Element 126, and Itch is determined to ensure that this doesn’t happen. The young boy is sure that international terrorists and unscrupulous scientists would use this element with no regard for the rest of humankind.

In this book, Itch will be risking his life in an effort to hide element 126, where he hopes no person can find it. The evil men will try to kidnap him, but he manages to outsmart them. Just like in the first book, the action will start right from the first page. The ride will be thrilling from the start, and you will be sitting at the edge of your seat all the way to the end. Itch is 15-years-old in this book, and while he has not grown much in age, the boy has matured. He now understands that not everything is black and white and sometimes, the bad guys come camouflaged as good people. Sure, he will still be doing some dumb stuff with his friends and providing some comic relief, but there is no denying that Itch is more aware and mature.

The author introduces one more character while greatly fleshing out the rest. Jack, Itch’s cousin, grows better, and it is fantastic that her moral compass is so strong that she doesn’t think that the terrible people deserved a cruel death. She also stands up for her cousin and even helps him to safety a few times in the story. Chloe misses out in most of the action, but it is also through her that we get to know what is happening. The plot builds to a good climax, and the ending will leave you searching for the third book in this series.

Itch Rocks is an excellent book. You will love how Itch makes use of the elements to help him get out of compromising situations. Watching him add to his elements collection is just as entertaining. Shivvi was a real treat, and when she kidnaps Itch and Jack, you will keep on wondering how the kids will manage to escape. If you are looking for an engaging, well-written, and action-packed novel in the young adult category, this book would be a great place to start your search.

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