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Publication Order of Beatrix the Bold Books

Beatrix the Bold and the Curse of the Wobblers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beatrix the Bold and the Riddletown Dragon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beatrix the Bold and the Balloon of Doom (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Decoy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark that Doesn't Sleep (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Simon Mockler
Simon Mockler studied Modern Languages at Cambridge and Art at Camberwell Art College. Simon’s worked as a musician, civil servant, artist, consumer law and advertising specialist, and teacher.

“Decoy” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2012. This synthetic bioweapon sends a man on a global chase, and a desperate race for survival.

A research lab is under attack, on the outskirts of Cambridge, England. The target is this synthetic bioweapon which has been harvested inside of the bodies of ten clinical trial patients. Jack Hartman, one of the patients, runs for his life while the others get brutally butchered and left for dead. Inside of him is the single remaining device, this cell-based supercomputer which could kill him, or it may just save his life.

Flung out into a world of high-tech security companies, international arms dealing, and government corruption, Jack starts this epic battle to survive which takes him from the backstreets in Paris to the war-torn jungles in the Congo. On his trail is this rogue MI6 officer that is intent on silencing him for good, and his estranged dad, this troubled ex-SAS officer that was once known as the Reaper.

Fans of the book enjoyed seeing Jack figure out how to get out of life-threatening situations and wonder if he will become just like his dad.

“Beatrix the Bold and the Curse of the Wobblers” is the first novel in the “Beatrix the Bold” series and was released in 2019. Beatrix (age ten) is incredibly good at throwing knives, telling jokes, and dancing. She also just so happens to be the queen of a distant land, even though she doesn’t know that just yet. She also happens to be the queen that is quite possibly destined to lead the Wobblers to a bold victory over the Evil Army, even though she has not learned that yet either.

Beatrix lives in this enormous golden palace with Uncle Ivan the Vicious and Aunt Esmerelda the Terrible, however as she has just been allowed to see one new room each birthday, she has just been inside of ten rooms of the palace. Her uncle and aunt have always told her that if she goes out beyond the woods outside of the palace she will fall right off the edge of the world.

And the Dark, Dark Woods and everything that lies beyond has to be avoided at all costs, what if the dreaded Wobblers were to get her? However finally, the veil that Beatrix has been living under is beginning to slip. Beatrix knows that she needs to be bold. Beatrix knows that she needs to look for answers. And she is about to get them.

Fans of the book found this to be a rollicking olden days type of adventure, replete with secret passages, mystery, menacingly elusive enemies, and a lead character that readers are going to root for.

“Beatrix the Bold and the Riddletown Dragon” is the second novel in the “Beatrix the Bold” series and was released in 2019. Beatrix the Bold is a queen. An incredibly bold queen. And she is also just ten years old. However that has never kept her from doing anything before, and it won’t stop her now. She has already averted her own kidnapping and has fought off an Evil Army.

Now she needs to find her long-lost parents, and fend off her villainous Aunt Esmerelda. Beatrix only has to cross this vast kingdom in order to get there and save a bunch of kids from deadly peril as she confronts a horrifying dragon. Sounds easy, right? However when you are Beatrix the Bold and you have Oi the Boy, Wilfred the Wise, and Dog the Dog at your side, you are able to do anything.

“Beatrix the Bold and the Balloon of Doom” is the third novel in the “Beatrix the Bold” series and was released in 2020. Beatrix is on the run from the Evil Army and evil Aunt Esmerelda, however she is getting ever closer to locating her long lost parents, whom she has not seen since she was a baby.

She only has to cross the Sea of Sinking Ships and the Volcanoes of Doom in order to get to them, simple, right? However when you are Beatrix the Bold and you have Oi the Boy, Wilfred the Wise, and Dog the dog, you can do anything.

This is a gloriously funny and anarchic series filled with queens, wizards, and more than a little bit of mud.

“The Dark That Doesn’t Sleep” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2023. A psychiatrist is tasked with unraveling this mystery right at the top-secret military base.

Winter of 1967. This arctic storm traps three soldiers at this secret American military base located just under the ice in Greenland. When the rescue team reaches them finally, two of the soldiers have died in what appears to be in an accidental fire and the third (Private Connor Murphy) is left having been severely burned, without any memory of the last seven days.

Jack Miller (a New York psychiatrist and occasional consult for the FBI) is tasked with uncovering Murphy’s memories. Carrying scars of his own from World War II, Jack feels this kinship with Murphy and patiently works to help him recall the events of that deadly storm.

But the FBI wants Miller to do more than merely uncover these missing memories. They also tell him that one of these three soldiers was a Soviet spy and his job is to figure out who. While Miller delves deeper into the personal background of the other two soldiers, and the history of the isolated base, he soon realizes that nothing is as it appears.

The story keeps you guessing as to what will happen next and you don’t figure it out until just before the reveal. It’s a fast paced read that is incredibly interesting. Readers enjoyed being taken back to the 1960s and reminded of what life was like then, with pay phones, cigarettes, and typewriters.

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