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Christopher Reich is an American author.

Christopher was born on November 12, 1961, in Tokyo, Japan. His father was not there on military duties, as is often the case. His father was Swiss but his business in Japan was working running a travel agency that dealt exclusively in sending Japanese tourists over to America.

The family moved back to the United States in 1965, settling down in Los Angeles. Christopher went to Carl Curtis School and then went to Harvard School for Boys and graduated in 1979. He learned a lot in high school and is grateful to the teachers that made a lasting impact on him.

One of the highlights of his years in high school was when he was fifteen years old and spent the summer at Outward Bound East Africa. He was excited to go to a camp in Kenya, although he had second thoughts when he found out along with the group that each morning, they had to run a mile and swim a length in a cold pool before starting their chores. There was an interesting event when the tough guy kid from Detroit in their cabin that acted like a bully encountered a rat and let loose a scream, and then started to cry. Eventually he fell asleep, but the author recounts that he was a different man the next day and was a great guy from there on out, helping out other campers and turning things around. The group found out later that his bunkmate had created the rat not knowing about his pal’s fear by tying a gray sock to a string and throwing it up onto his bed, which gave everyone a good laugh including the kid from Detroit.

Once Christopher had graduated from Harvard, he went to Georgetown University to attend the School of Foreign Service. He thought the school would be the right fit for him as he had a Swiss passport in addition to his American one and had spent summers abroad, and he was right. He recounts his four years in D.C. as being some of the most stimulating in his life. While there, he joined the Delta Phi Epsilon fraternity. He graduated with honors in history and earned the W. Coleman Nevils Gold Medal for being an outstanding student in diplomatic history.

He landed his first job out of Georgetown as a stockbroker, but it was not an ideal fit. However, one of his friends was also a client and he called him up advising him to get to business school before he got into trouble since he didn’t know anything about stocks and bonds. So, he did and graduated from UT close to the top of the class. He was on the track of going into investment banking and wanted to make a lot of money, just like everyone around him at the time.

He had the grades to get Wall Street interviews and started going after them. Christopher flew up to New York for his interview with First Boston, having bought a new suit and gotten a haircut for the occasion. When he went into the conference room, the partner told him that there was something they had to discuss before they started, where he was informed that they did not intend to hire them after cutting their hiring class in half. Christopher was informed that they did not have room for a ‘marginal graduate’. It was 1987 and the firms were sticking to grads from certain schools. Reich defended himself by saying he had great grades and pointing to his award-winning thesis. The partner confirmed the high marks but said the marks at Georgetown left more to be desired.

Luckily, Christopher had a back-up offer set up for himself. It wasn’t the luxe job he had been anticipating, but it was a decent job with the Union Bank of Switzerland. It was a modest salary, and the city was expensive, but that was all right. His second day at work in Geneva, Christopher was inspired with the idea for his first novel Numbered Account and calls writing it the best move he ever made.

Christopher Reich is the creator and author of the Simon Riske series of fictional novels. The series started in 2018 with the release of the debut novel, The Take. The second novel Crown Jewel followed in 2019. The third novel in the series is titled The Palace and came out in 2020. The fourth novel in the series is titled Once a Thief.

The Take is the first book in the Simon Riske series by Christopher Reich. Check out this international spy thriller and jump right into the action!

Simon Riske works as a freelance industrial spy. Despite his line of work, he has been able to live a quiet and private life in central London, living above his auto garage. He’s been hired to do an odd job for everything from insurance companies to banks to the British Secret Service. That is, when he isn’t stealing watches worth a million off Russian oligarch’s wrist.

Riske has been able to have a quiet life by staying away from jobs that are too messy or too big. But things might be about to change. Tino Coluzzi is a gangster that has pulled off the best street heist in Parisian history. A Saudi prince in the area has been made lighter of lots of cash and something else besides. Inside a stolen briefcase, carefully hidden, is a secret letter that could change the Western world’s balance of power. By the time the CIA decides to come see Simon, the Russians have already killed someone trying to get it back.

He used to work with Coluzzi, but their alliance concluded with Simon in prison and having just avoided a hit ordered by his former partner. Now, they’re pitted against each other. Following them are a cop, a femme fatale, her boss, and maybe even the CIA. How will this shake out? Read The Take to find out!

Crown Jewel is the second book in the Simon Riske series by Christopher Reich. Read this book and check out another thriller!

Simon Riske, international spy, is back. Meanwhile, the fanciest casinos in Monte Carlo have become targets for a group of criminal gamblers. A casino dealer is found murdered, beaten to death. The son of a German heiress has been abducted. Simon Riske is on the scene to connect all of these crimes and see the deeper plot.

Riske knows the area from when he was a thief there himself, until he was double-crossed. Since then, he served time and graduated the Sorbonne as an investment genius. Now he’s solving problems, big and risky ones. From casinos to yachts to the private jet company that may be involved in criminal enterprise, Riske will naturally be in over his head, go head-first into danger, and face and out-think all types of villains. Will he be successful? Read Crown Jewel to find out!

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