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Simon Snow is a New Zealand author known for the writing of crime mystery thrillers. Snow was born in England but his parents moved to New Zealand when he was only eight years old. He was raised in the small town of Dunedin in his adopted home country though he now lives in Geraldine on the West Coast. He graduated with an English literature MA with honors but decided not to pursue a conventional career as he believed a more rugged lifestyle was what was best for him. His debut novel was a mystery named Devil’s Apple which was published in 2003 by Random House. The novel is currently under development to be made into a movie titled “Men of the Trees.” The film will be his first creative work to be published ever since the serialization of Devil’s Apple in “The Press,” a Christchurch newspaper. The novel was then part of the newspapers Summer Fiction series. After a long hiatus from writing, Snow came back with a bang and wrote the “Deep Red” series of short fiction in 2018.

A lover of the bush, Snow has held a range of jobs that have included small farmer, slaughter man, white baiter, commercial fisherman, possum trapper, bushman and teacher. While he is currently a published author, he still loves to spend much of his time in the bush. He has asserted that the bush and mountains especially those of the West Coast of South Island have a special place in his heart. He currently lives on a small farm in the town of Geraldine with Adelaide his wife and four children. In his free time, he loves to work as a fishing guide, occasional teacher and freelance writer.

Just like with all exceptional thrillers, “Devil’s Apple” is a tale in which the hunters ultimately turn into the hunted. The story is set in the West Coast of New Zealand and is probably inspired by the author’s love for the coasts of South Island. The setting is known for having some great costs which means that the author has a great canvas on which he can paint some eccentric characters and plots. Simon Snow’s debut novel also comes with a great story with a dash of passion and steamy sex. These aspects of story provide an element of danger and build suspense to the gloomy predicament facing the protagonist. While it was his debut, he writes like an accomplished author describing the unique beauty of the Australian bush. The bush provides a unique background and frame to the unfurling of a mystery which makes for a captivating read. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Snow does not make the mistake of being too wordy or neglecting the plot. Simon excels in the description and writes a gripping story that many readers have found difficult to put down.

Simon Snow’s “Devil’s Apple” is a novel set in a landscape peopled with tough guys, odd-bods and recluses who make a living on the New Zealand West Coast. Deep in the bush, the dope growers, hippies, and greenies live without the constraints of government. Here on the coast lives a reclusive man named George Todman that is drinking away his life. But then Rainbow the striking flower child comes into his life and totally transforms it. It is quite a bizarre happenstance as the child often dances naked on the far bank from where Todman lives. He forms quite a bond with the child though they never talk and hence when Rainbow is found murdered, he immediately joins the hunt for the killer. But for the locals, Todman is the perfect fit of the man that would commit such as a grisly act. But teaming up with an irreverent and feisty detective constable named Linda Loveridge, they set out to find the real killer. They start by exploring the tensions in the community that include rumors of corruption and witchcraft prejudice, drug trafficking, logging feuds and mistrust of outsiders. It is a good idea to look into these tensions given that there is enough intrigue and paranoia to make some people want to commit murder. Will they be able to uncover the truth in such an eccentric and lawless community?

Simon Snow’s “Deep Red” series is a set of novelettes about a man who lives in a small country town. He does not think there are many other people like him in the small town but is soon proved wrong. Things get very interesting when he gets into a fierce competition with some jock. In the last novelette, his friend ends up dead in bizarre circumstances forcing him to immediately become an amateur sleuth.

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