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Publication Order of Jake ArmitageBooks

The Russian Ink (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Mercenary's Trail (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Republic's Assassin (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Book of Occult (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Think Fast or Die (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Simon W. Clark
Simon W. Clark has been reading, writing, and dreaming adventures up ever since he was a teenager. He’s traveled the world frequently both for business; as an art consultant, and for pleasure; reaching the farthest ends of the globe. Breaking down in the Transylvanian mountains and hiking to get assistance; staying on a farm in northern Thailand and getting holed up at the German/Czech border while authorities searched for some wanted fugitives to mention just a few highlights.

He continues traveling whenever possible to unexplored destinations which also provides him inspiration for his books. Otherwise he can be found relaxing with friends and family or working.

“The Book of Occult” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2013. A man’s search for a mystery author catapults him into this dangerous race to unlocking esoteric wisdom which has been disputed and hidden for thousands of years.

Peter Ashton has got this dark past. In one teen prank he uses this old book in order to perform an occult ritual. The experiment goes awry and his best friend gets killed in the act. Peter travels to Europe two decades later in order to learn that book’s secrets and its mysterious author.

Plagued by his own guilt and curiosity he meets this Professor and some English Auctioneer that attempt to help him verify the origins and authenticity. The result is far beyond what he’d imagined. It’s the final unpublished secret work by Eliphas Levi, 19th century French occultist. The meaning of the book is shrouded in mystical conspiracy like its author. Peter quickly finds that it brings with it some unwanted attention.

From Paris to LA, Peter races against the clock and some powerful foes. A cult leader opens his eyes to the extent of underground mysticism and tempts him with power and money. Peter, limited on options, gets attacked by extremists desperate to get their hands on this book. A gorgeous gypsy woman gives him both insight and hope.

The final clue takes him to this Spanish mansion with way more revelations than he’d dreamed possible. Can he unlock the secret wisdom before it’s too late? Or is he going to be seduced by the lethal forces which tempted him 20 years ago?

“Think Fast or Die” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2019. How do you start a war? Assassinate a prominent American arms dealer. How do you deal with a growing terrorism threat that is spreading throughout the world? Find Rick Jensen, a black-ops agent.

The covert terror cell with its clandestine leader which no agency or government can identify. This Kurdish soldier slave that could hold the key to unmasking the mastermind terrorist. Looted ancient antiquities funding terror on a mass scale. Clock is ticking. There are no rules except for think fast or die.

“The Russian Ink” is the first novel in the “Jake Armitage” series and was released in 2022. When Jake Armitage (NSA contractor) gets recruited in St. Petersburg to locate an asset, little does he know yet that he is about to get drawn into the most dangerous mission of his entire career: the White House has just influenced a Russian presidential campaign and both the evidence and the witness have vanished.

In order to complete this contract Jake finds the asset has been murdered in a safehouse. It’s just the start of his obligation. What connects this data to the killers leads him into this international race between a shadowy political agenda and this corrupt military figure.

Along the way Jake teams up with this acquaintance, Katerina Venski (a feisty journalist). The two clash with this skilled mercenary that protects his superior’s interests at all costs.

Jake’s heading for this showdown just over the misty canals of St. Petersburg and the villains have got zero intention of letting him come out of it alive.

“Dead Mercenary’s Trail” is the second novel in the “Jake Armitage” series and was released in 2023. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The assassination attempt in the South China Sea has once again increases the body count and forces Jake Armitage back into the old game. After five whole months of sailing on a yacht the past has yet again caught up with him. One message sends Jake to Manila where this contact from his past surfaces. An offer that he can’t refuse.

From a heated assassination in Paris, this new contract leads to Japan where this outbreak of terrorism threatens Tokyo and the free world. However who’s the enemy; is it an arms dealer supplying a doomsday terrorist cult? Or could it be the source a much bigger underground organization that’s hellbent on world domination?

Additionally, his duty to alliances could take away everything that he cherishes and have the ultimate price.

“Republic’s Assassin” is the third novel in the “Jake Armitage” series and was released in 2024. How do you stop a devastating biological weapon from falling into China’s hands?

Jake escapes from a deadly mission in order to retrieve a pathogen from this courier in the Pacific Islands. Little does he know that there’s a more advance copy now in play in Taiwan. The People’s Republic are now poised to take this find from a private research company by force. The new version is more weaponized, developed, and near undetectable than its predecessor.

In Taiwan, Jake’s got formidable competition from ruthless MSS agents that are only the start of his problems. Vera James is hunting for the same weapon and has got a score to settle with Jake. China controls the island city and will stop at nothing in order to gain this technology.

This contract takes Jake to Belarus where he clashes with a powerful and old foe. The MSS director plans on selling this prototype tech to Russia. What or who will be this fascist dictator’s first target?

A whole generation of lives are at stake should this pathogen get unleashed. Jake’s one ally is this Polish secret service agent and a local team. They find a shadowy oligarch, a corrupt military leader, and a terror organization which forms part of a larger conspiracy. Can Jake possibly defeat some near impossible odds in order to divert an international catastrophe? There’s just one way to find out.

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