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Publication Order of Simple Man Books

Kinda Don't Care (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maybe Don't Wanna (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Get You Some (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ain't Doin' It (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Bad So Sad (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Simple Man is a series of romance novels written by Lani Lynn Vale. The books explore the love lives of broken men and women who realize that they can only find happiness in the arms of the right person.

+The Story
Rafe has lived a difficult life. His father did a lot of bad things. And Rafe quickly realized that a lot of people in the world expected him to shoulder the resulting consequences. Rafe’s time in the military was no less problematic.

And yet, as life began to close in on him, one fact kept Rafe going, kept him focused on living one more day. He loved Janie. He had loved her for much longer than would have been legal.

And now that she was in her 20s, he was finally free to pursue her. But Rafe did not know that Janie loved him the same. He did not know that she was willing to do everything in her power to have him.

So the pair proceeded to engage in a chaotic dance of love and romance, filled with miscommunication and misunderstandings, unaware that they would find perfect happiness if they could only sit down long enough to make the full extent of their feelings for one another known.

Rafe and Janie’s story is explored in ‘Kinda Don’t Care’, the first novel in the Simple Man series. The novel provides the perfect entry into the series because it introduces the characters of Janie and Rafe, a fact that will excite most longtime fans of Lani Lynn Vale.

The Simple Man series, for those that are new to Vale’s work, is a spinoff of the Freebird novels. The Freebird series, like the Simple Man collection, followed the exploits of various roguish alpha males who wrestled the many obstacles of life to secure the love of the women after whom they lusted.

Lani Lynn Vale’s fans, specifically those who enjoyed the Freebird series, would often ask her if she had any intention of dipping her toes back into the Freebird universe. The author initially dismissed their calls.

While she was attached to her protagonists, she couldn’t see the point in expanding the stories of their lives any further. But then, as the questions from fans kept coming and as Vale pondered the issue, a new idea began to take shape in her mind.

Vale thought about all the big strong men in her Freebird series, specifically the wild and unrestrained manner in which they had dealt with their heroines. She wondered how those men would react if their daughters eventually fell for men who were exactly like them.

That seed, that concept eventually gave birth to the Simple Man series. The novels are technically independent stories. One does not need to read the Freebird series to understand the individual Simple Man books.

Of course, an understanding of the Freebird series will improve one’s enjoyment of the Simple Man series. The Freebird series provides a lot of backstory for characters like Rafe that the Simple Man series only lightly touches upon.

The readers who seem to enjoy the Simple Man novels the most are typically the ones who first grew attached to the recurring characters from the Freebird series. That being said, the Simple Man novels tell distinct stories.

Each novel has a new couple at its center, a man and a woman struggling to maneuver their own personal tale of love and romance. As if often the case, the man is an alpha male. He’s big, strong, handsome, and broody. He is also broken in some way. The tragedy of his past has kept him from finding happiness.

The heroine isn’t so different. Sometimes she’s happier than the hero. But even then, her bubbly façade almost always hides a painful past.

The hero and the heroine fall for one another from the moment they meet. But obstacles keep manifesting to separate them. In the first couple of books, age was one of the more notable challenges to the central romance.

The heroes were much older men who had to contend with the controversy of dating women in their early 20s. In later novels, though, the age gap was eliminated, probably because many readers expressed some discomfort with the concept.

Ultimately, each novel comes down to a moment where the hero realizes that for all his baggage, his strengths and weaknesses, he is just a simple man looking for a woman to love.

It is worth noting that these novels have been categorized as action, suspense, and romance, and for good reason. The heroes are normally men of action. They either served in the army or they work within the field of security.

Either way, they meet the heroine just as they come up against an enemy they must defeat, an enemy that could be a serial killer, a corrupt police department, an assassin etc.

The Simple man novels are most commonly commended for their bubbly, exciting, feisty heroines, and their strong but soft-hearted heroes.

+The Author
Lani Lynn Vale is a wife and mother who calls Texas home. She writes contemporary romance and suspense.

+Maybe Don’t Wanna
Parker hates himself. His mother named him after a superhero. But Parker has never been particularly heroic. Everything he touches goes wrong. No matter how much he tries to help, his actions only ever hurt others.

So Parker has long since accepted his lot in life. He would have liked nothing better than to play the role of the bad guy. But Kayla Nash wouldn’t let him. She could see the real man hiding behind his miserable exterior and she wouldn’t stop pushing and prodding until she forced that man to the surface.

+Get You Some
Johnny was injured by an IED and that forced him back home where he had to submit to the healing hand of his parents. Johnny eventually got better and he attempted to find a semblance of normalcy by getting a job as a cop.

That is where he met the woman who took his breath away, a woman he gave three tickets because of her poor attitude but who he could not stop thinking about; a woman that forced her way into his life.

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