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Sin du Jour Affair Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sin du Jour Books

Matt Wallace is an American author of fiction. He is a novelist and screenwriter. He used to be a wrestler and combat instructor before retiring so he could write full-time. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

He is known for being the author of the Sin du Jour Affair series. When you combine the power of supernatural events with the world of New York, things are bound to happen. Lena and Darren apply to work at a catering company that has a unique clientele base. Will they survive their first gig long enough to make it to the next job? You’ll need to read this series to find out– starting with the first book and working your way through the many novels in this series (Taste of Wrath came out in 2018, the seventh).

Envy of Angels is the first novel in the Sin du Jour Affair series of fiction; it came out in 2015. When it comes to New York, picking a place to eat out can be tough. But actually going to eat out can actually end up being hell, particularly when there are real demons involved. Lena and Darren are determined to prove themselves to the top chef, Byron Luck.

The ritzy and wealthy New York crowd are a particular set. They want everything to be the best of the best and they will never accept anything less. What else could you expect when you’re dripping in diamonds and loaded with money? Whether you made it yourself, married into money, have some family cash that’s been handed down, or have a daddy that gives you his black card to go shopping, you have to admit that the upper crust in New York City are people that know what they want and always get it.

Everyone enjoys going to an event where the food is all set up and there are waiters and bartenders serving drinks and passing champagne around on trays– the supernatural are no exception. A well-catered event is right up there with a free vacation and a private concert with your favorite singer or a limo on your way to the airport with a stocked bar. New Yorkers come out for the opening of an envelope, and this event is no different.

While humans may have an affinity for catered events, the supernatural world and the community that occupies it loves a catered event just as much. Maybe even more! You would think that demons would not be overly interested in human food, but they actually are quite interested in it and enjoy it.

They even get cravings for the very best when it comes to dishes, hors-d’oeuvres, and appetizers and drinks. So when demons want to get their fair share of food and alcohol of the finest level, they come to Sin du Jour. This is the place where people and devils come to eat– only here the devils are catered to as clients.

This dynamic world is painstakingly crafted by author Matt Wallace in his tale of culinary and supernatural madness. You will be laughing and turning the pages to find out more in this horror story that Chuck Wendig, the famous author of Blackbirds calls “restauranteur Thunderdome”.. Wendig says that going forward, he is going to be reading anything that Wallace writes as this novel was ‘funny and demented’.

What’s going to happen in this supernatural mystery novel? You’re going to have to pick up Matt Wallace’s first novel in this funny and strange series in order to find out what happens for yourself. Read the book that people like award-winning author Mur Lafferty are stating publicly that they wish they had thought of first, reading the book with equal amounts delight and envy at the same time.

Lust Locked is the exciting second book in Matt Wallace’s engaging and limitlessly creative Sin du Jour series. If you loved the first book in this series, you will certainly enjoy this energetic follow-up novel that brings readers headfirst into the world of the supernatural and what the beings that live there want and do.

Even supernatural beings need to eat every once in a while. As it turns out, demons have quite an appetite and need a lot of great food in front of them on a constant basis in order to be satiated. As you can imagine, the staff of a certain catering company to the supernatural in New York has their hands full. It’s tough catering to demons and this time around is no exception.

Lena and Darren proved themselves on the job the first time around. Now they are offered the chance for employment full-time by the executive chef, Byron Luck. They just have to make it through the probationary period and they will be in the clear and working full time.

Something has changed, though: at Sin du Jour, it just so happens that romance is in the air. The Goblin King and the Queen have the pleasure of announcing the marriage of their goblin son to a bride. You might expect that this is a goblin bride, but no– the bride is a human being. You might think that this is not encouraged, but the royal family is happy that their son is getting married and are perfectly fine with it being a person.

It’s so rare and such a big deal that they have planned epic celebrations to mark the special occasion. However, whenever magic and desire come together, no one can predict what is going to happen. Maybe not even the devils and the goblins themselves. But Lena and Darren will have to survive whatever comes their way and make it through the catering event if they are going to live long enough to collect their paychecks.

The young chefs have signed their names to a contract that agrees that they will get full-time employment if they get through the probation. Then the catering place gets their next job. It happens to be a royal wedding for the Goblin King and Queen’s son. The beautiful Goblins are talented too, which is why so many have made it in the entertainment industry and show up for the wedding.

Things need to go perfect, even though nothing ever does. When chaos erupts and giant lizards are running through the wedding party unfettered, things go left. Can Darren and Lena save the day? Pick up the second book in Matt Wallace’s series to find out!

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