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Publication Order of Sinclair and Raven Books

Sensing Danger (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeing Danger (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touched By Danger (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scent Of Danger (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vision Of Danger (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempting Danger (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seductive Danger (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guarding Danger (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Courting Danger (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Danger (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Detecting Danger (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Sinclair and Raven” series is a set of compelling regency romances by Wendy Vella the bestselling novelist known for her romance and historical romance fiction. The Auckland New Zealand-based author also writes some of her novels as Lani Blake.

She has said that she has always loved reading romance novels and got introduced to the genre when she read Georgette Heyer as a twelve-year-old.

It was then that she fell in love with Regency romance and soon after she got married, she joined the Romance Writers of New Zealand.

Soon after, she started attending all manner of competitions and conferences as she sought to improve her fiction writing skills.

Wendy Vella published “Sensing Danger, the debut novel of the “Sinclair and Raven” series of novels in 2016. By 2022 the series had nearly a dozen titles.

The author has said that she is a reader of works in all manner of genres as she is addicted to reading. Still, regency romances and historical fiction will always be a favorite.

Given how much she loves a happy ending, she got married to a handsome, dark, and brooding man for about twenty-eight years. She currently lives with her dark brooding hero in Auckland New Zealand from where she pens her bestselling titles.

The author got started on her fiction writing journey when she was in her late teens. Nonetheless, creative writing is something that she did, even when she was in high school.

At that time, she was a huge reader of Regency romances and thought she could do better than some of the authors that she was reading. Like many aspiring authors, her first product was not that good and was banished to the dark recesses of her closet.

While many of her friends started calling her a writer when she published The “Reluctant Countess” in 2013, she did not think of herself as such. It was only after she left her full-time job to write full-time that she started calling herself an author.

As a total romantic, writing novels with happy endings was a no-brainer. She has now developed a reputation as an author that pens historical and contemporary fiction full of humor and much intrigue.

The “Sinclair and Raven” series of novels trace their history to 1335, where the Duke of Raven’s life has been saved by Baron Sinclair. King Edward III, could not have been more grateful to Sinclair for saving one of his wisest advisors.
The king proceeds to gift the Baron with land to remain in the Sinclair family for perpetuity. The king also makes the Sinclairs the official protectors of the Raven family.

This is what resulted in the family creed “To protect and honor the Raven Family” as proclaimed by the Sinclairs. The centuries-old commitment results in a strong sense of duty and some developments between the Ravens and the Sinclairs.
In their relations with each other, there are some delightful love stories. Members of the two families come to find love with each other, even though they have to overcome all manner of challenges.

Each novel in the series features a love interest for a member of the Sinclair and Raven families in addition to their relationships.

Every title portrays how the Sinclair siblings continue to adhere to their commitment to protecting and honoring the Ravens.

“Sensing Danger” the first novel of the Sinclair and Raven series of novels is an exciting story about destiny, love, and legend with a dose of magic.

According to legend, the Sinclairs has once upon a time entered into a pact with the powerful Raven family. They were to protect the ravens and in exchange, they were granted heightened senses.

With their creed being to protect and honor the Ravens it is inexplicable that the current duke of Raven has been making this so difficult. James the duke is an aloof and arrogant man who does not believe in the centuries-old pact.

He would prefer to chart his own path, rather than rely on what he believes are nothing but folktales. Things take a turn when his life is saved by Eden Sinclair who puts her life on the line to ensure he is saved.

The Duke soon comes to acknowledge that they share more than history and a family pact. While she had never liked the duke, Eden soon sees behind the haughty and arrogant facade as she needs to if she is to keep him safe.

How will she protect her heart when at the same time she is torn between self-protection and duty?

The second novel of the Sinclair and Raven series of novels is “Seeing Danger,” which was published in 2016.

The lead is Lord Devonshire Sinclair, who knows of a centuries-old pact between the Sinclairs and Ravens. Given his heightened senses, he knows that no woman would stay with him once they realized he had supernatural abilities.

On the other hand is Lilliana Braithwaite a woman no one had ever taken seriously. For several years, Devonshire had looked down on her whenever they met.

But then he had a change of perspective when he found her trying to rescue a child on the streets of London. Her unselfish act tugs at his heartstrings and he believes she may just be the one for him.

But Lilly does not seem to share his sentiments. Given that she is just about to get her inheritance, she is not so sure that this is the time to bring someone into her life.

But the more she tries to push him away, the more she finds him irresistible.

“Touched by Danger” the third novel of the “Sinclair and Raven” series of novels is another brilliant work by Wendy Vella.

Essex Sinclair the Healer has always felt unworthy of her family name despite having the same powerful healing power as her ancestors.

Given her bad fortune in love, she had decided that she would love a solitary and quiet life as she practiced as a healer. She thought love was for the foolish and young until Max Huntington landed in her garden all bleeding.

She decides to patch him up and once he heals she is going to send him on his way. But from the moment she touches the man, there is no looking back as she feels things she never thought she would ever feel again.

Max is being targeted by some vicious killers and Miss Sinclair is determined to keep him safe. Her determination and sweet nature soon have him feeling things he thought were dark memories from his past.

However, he needs to leave for her sake leaving her broken-hearted. Just what will happen when these two meet once again when she thinks he played her for a fool?

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