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Publication Order of Sinful Nights Books

Sweet Sinful Nights (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Sinful Nights Series

Sinful Nights is a romance series by Lauren Blakely. The series follows different couples, and each book shares their love stories and the ups and downs they go through in the course of their relationship. In the first book, you will meet a couple who get a second chance to enjoy their romance while the second book features one unlikely duo whose chemistry starts from the time they set eyes on each other. The good thing with each of these books is that they can be enjoyed as a standalone. Blakely’s writing is engaging, and his descriptions will transport the reader all the way to the characters’ lives.

Sweet Sinful Nights

Sweet Sinful Nights is the first book in the Sinful Nights series. The book stars Brent Nicholas and Shannon Paige. Brent and Shannon’s relationship started many years ago. Brent was a rising comedian while Shannon worked as a dancer. The two had planned to get married, but after one terrible fight, Brent chooses to walk away. Shannon is obviously hurt, and as Brent leaves, she is quick to remind him that he will regret his decision for the rest of his life. True to her words, there isn’t a day that passes that Brent doesn’t regret letting the love of his life slip through his fingers. It has been ten years already, and the memories of the love they shared still linger in his mind.

Ten years later, and they both have grown in their personal lives and careers. Shannon now owns a dance studio, and Brent is the owner of the hottest club in Las Vegas. Thanks to a chance meeting, a spark is ignited between these two, but unresolved issues quickly come to the surface. The minute Shannon walks in Brent’s life, he is determined to win her heart again. Even if this means giving her all his heart, this is a risk Brent is willing to take. For Shannon, this feels like a perfect opportunity for her to give Brent a slap for all the hurt he put her through. However, instead of giving him a piece of her mind, Shannon ends up kissing the man she still loved, and there is no denying that resisting him will be an impossible task.

This is a sweet story of love, second chances, and hope. Brent gives Shannon the hope she needs after the darkness and pain she experienced in the past. Shannon, on the other hand, provides Brent with an opportunity to try love again. Even though he made a mistake in the past, he gets a chance to rectify it and possibly find what has been missing in his love life. Could a happily ever after still be in the cards for this awesome couple? Even though they obviously love one another, can Brent and Shannon put the past behind them and build a future together?

Sweet Sinful Nights is a perfect book if you enjoy a good love story. Brent is Shannon’s knight in shining amour, but he is going to realize that winning back the woman he loved is not going to be an easy task. Shannon is beautiful, feisty, yet sweet, and the intense bond between them makes you wish that they will turn it into a lifetime love story. The writing is quite descriptive, and this, together with the flawless narration, makes this one addictive book. Follow Brent and Shannon as they get their second chance to love and happiness.

Sinful Desire

Sinful Desire is the second book in the Sinful Nights series. The book stars Ryan Sloan, a man who finds it hard to give up control, and Sophie Winston, the woman he is madly in love with. Ryan likes to have control over his business, secrets, and life. Considering the spiral his life has taken in the past, it is no wonder that Ryan is obsessed with control. Sophie, on the other hand, wants nothing but to live an easy, stress-free life. After spending years working in a stressful environment when building her successful business, Sophie quits the business world to focus on philanthropy. However, her meeting with Ryan and the chemistry that ensues turn her world upside down.

Ryan will do whatever it takes to get all Sophie is offering in bed. Sophie is not shying away from any challenge. She wants Ryan to take her to heights she could only have imagined. However, Ryan will soon discover that he wants more than her body, he also wants her heart and mind. The only problem is that he has not been honest from the beginning. There is a lot Ryan kept from Sophie starting from his connection from her brother. Will the truth change what Sophie feels for this man who has rocked her world?

This is a story with two captivating protagonists. Ryan is confident and wickedly charismatic while Sophie is feisty and has a bold outlook on love and life. You will find yourself grinning over the flirtatious banter Ryan, and Sophie engages in as you worry about some of the foolish decisions they both make. For every touch and kiss, their intensity will only get fiercer, and it is intriguing to see how far they are willing to take this adventure. This couple’s connection grows gradually, but the tension starts rising right from the first page. Get to read their story of control, passion, and surrender. There are also many other interesting characters to meet.

Sinful Desire is a fast-paced lust-filled story. Follow Ryan and Sophie as they explore their sexual desires in this emotionally gripping adventure. How does this lust at first sight story end for these two? You will have to read this book to the end to find out. Sophie’s strong character and submissiveness in the bedroom is admirable, given her accomplishments in life. She is completely in charge of her own life. Ryan is the dominant kind, and this character had Sophie falling in love with him from the beginning. Aside from the romance, Ryan will also discover what happened to his father and the circumstances leading to his death.

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