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Publication Order of Singular Menace Books

By: John Sandford, Michele Cook

John Sandford is an American author. His full name is John Roswell Camp. Sandford is his pen name. He is known for his fictional novels, including the Prey series. His books Mind Prey and Certain Pray were adapted into television movies.

Camp was born on February 23, 1944. He was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He attended the University of Iowa along with his future wife, graduating with his degree in American History.

He married Susan Lee Jones in 1966. He joined and worked in the Army for two years and went on to work as a reporter for two more years until 1970. He returned to his old university for one more year to study journalism and graduated with his master’s degree.

Camp put the degree to use and worked for seven years as a reporter for The Miami Herald. He also worked for St. Paul Pioneer-Press as a reporter starting in 1978 and going up until 1990. He was also a finalist for the esteemed Pulitzer Prize. Six years later, he was once again a finalist and ending up winning the Pulitzer Prize in journalism for his series of stories that focused on a farm crisis in the American Midwest.

Starting in 1990, Camp decided that he wanted to try his hand at writing thriller novels. It’s been several years since that date and John Sandford has never looked back! He has since authored several thriller novels and has even written in the non-fiction format as well. Sandford has written two novels under his name John Camp about plastic surgery and art.

Camp is also more than just a writer. He is also interested in many things including archaeology and is a main financial backer of an archaeological project located in Israel’s Jordan Valley. His other hobbies also include photography, painting, hunting, and fishing. He has two children, a grandchild, and a wife named Susan. Susan passed away in May 2007 and Camp says that she is greatly missed.

He is the co-creator and author of the Singular Menace series with author Michele Cook collaborating to write this dynamic series. The series kicked off in 2014 with the publication of the first novel in the series, which is titled Uncaged. The second novel in the series to be published is titled Outrage. The third novel in the series is titled Rampage. It came out in 2016 and made the series a trilogy.

Uncaged is the debut novel in John Sandford’s Singular Menace series, co-authored by Michele Cook. In this novel readers get to meet Shay Remby for the very first time. Check out the action and adventure series that others are calling fast-paced and high octane!

When a corporation will do anything to maintain the reach of its power, and unspeakable and immoral experiments are going on, what will happen when people fight to get the truth of what is happening out there in the open? Sandford and Cook’s Uncaged is about to find out.

Shay comes to the West Coast and has a little over fifty bucks and one knife to her name. Hollywood is not her idea of a vacation or a future home, but she’s there to find her brother Odin, not to star in movies and go on auditions and give up carbs. Her brother is really good at hacking but also kind of a little bit out there.

Odin’s been known to get enthusiastic about certain topics, so it should be no surprise to her that he’s joined a radical group of activists that advocate for animal rights. They tend to take things to the extreme, and one night they go on a raid on a research lab for Singular Corp. in Oregon. The Eugene raid goes totally left– however, Odin gets out with a dog and some encrypted flash drives for his efforts. Not a total loss after all.

Shay ends up getting a phone call from her brother in the middle of the early morning. Three a.m. and Odin’s talking about experiments, corporations, and how he is going to go into hiding. Pretty concerned, she doesn’t know what to do. But when she also gets a visit from the corporation’s security, she knows that her brother was telling the truth and is also going to have to go on the run for his life.

The company may have overestimated Shay, though. Even though she is only 16 years of age, she is just as tough as the company and their hired goons. She will burn the company to the ground if that’s what it takes– and they’re certainly tempting her. Will the company make Shay so angry that she takes them down for good?

You’re going to have to find out by picking up the fast-paced action adventure novel from John Sandford and finding out for yourself! Check out the debut novel in this series and read Uncaged to find out what happens next.

Outrage is the second novel in the Singular Menace series by Michele Cook and John Sandford. If you’ve read series like the Maze Runner and really enjoyed it or checked out the first book in this series already, then you’re going to really enjoy this sequel to Uncaged!

Singular Corporation has certainly been struck a deadly blow thanks to Shay Remby and her band of righteous renegades. The company had it coming; they angered the wrong girl when they came for her hacker brother, Odin. Not on Shay’s watch.

Now they have gotten Shay’s brother back and liberated someone else in the process. Turns out that the corporation have been illegally experimenting on more than just animals– they’ve moved on to people, too. Singular Corp. as trying to transfer an adult senators actual memories to her brain instead. Weirdly, they were partly successful.

However, now Fenfang is danger. Thanks to the experiment going partly right, she now knows too much. With her life at risk and the group being tracked down to make sure they are silenced, can the group expose the crimes of the corporation before its too late? Read the captivating second novel in Sandford’s Singular Menace series to find out!

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