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Publication Order of Sinners Anonymous Books

Sinners Anonymous (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Condemned (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Consumed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Atone (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Absolve (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Sinners Anonymous series is a set of best-selling fiction works by Somme Sketcher a bestselling author of romantic suspense fiction.

Over the years, she has become known for penning some dangerous and dark romance fiction that takes you into the morally bleak underworld where villains are the heroes and sinners are the saints.
Sketcher penned “Sinners Anonymous,” the first novel of the “Sinners Anonymous” series of novels in 2021, and followed that up with several more titles that have been just as popular.

Aside from the “Sinners Anonymous” series she is also the author of the “East Coast Devils” series of novels that have also been blockbuster bestsellers.

When she is not too busy working on her nonfiction works she loves to try out new hobbies, Some of the things she loves doing include ice skating, pottery, and listening to true crime podcasts. She is also a huge lover of dogs.
Sketcher sometimes interacts with her fans and readers on her social media profiles on Tiktok and Instagram.

Somme Sketcher pens some interesting mafia romances full of tension and angst in the “Sinners Anonymous” series. These are novels that follow the life and times of the alpha men of mafia families and the women they love.
These are some dangerous men who will do anything including kill for their women. Nonetheless, it is not all love, kill, and protection as sometimes the love mentally and physically overwhelms them, since it is an emotion that is so new for them.
They also have a reputation to protect as leading members of the crime families and hence they often stayed away from women. But then they come into contact with the beautiful and sassy women who turn their lives upside down.
Once the lust rises to a crescendo, there is nothing they can do but give in making for a delicious slow-burn romance.

Somme introduces a new mafia crime family character in each novel with their own quirks and flaws which only makes things even more intriguing.
With engaging, detailed, and sometimes humorous lines and stories, Somme will have you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page.

“Sinners Anonymous” is the first novel of the “Sinners Anonymous” series of novels that will get you back to the Mafia era. From the world-building to the characters and the plot this is an excellent forbidden mafia romance.
Rory finds himself in an awful situation and feels stuck but she is a strong woman even if she is hiding to avoid some really dangerous men.

She ultimately comes to an agreement with the head of the mafia family to get married to a man she does not like or love to save the life of her father.

The man she is to get married to is a made man named Angelo who is the perfect amount of evil meets dark, even though he has a special softness and sweetness when it comes to Rory.

He is a protective man who will kill anyone that tries to harm even a single hair on his fiancee’s head. Saving her father was the only good thing that Rory Carter ever did as she is a woman with a charred soul.
She now burns and is bitter at having to marry the seventy-something-year-old head of the Cosa Nostra. She had been keeping it together so well until the nephew of her fiance turned up and she can’t understand what came over her.

“Sinners Condemned” is the second novel of the “Sinners Anonymous” series of novels that has often been compared to Danielle Lori’s “The Made Men” series.

The work follows Rafe who is Angelo’s brother and Penny who was friends with Rory Carter who has come to Devil’s Cove where she grew up following an embarrassing incident in Atlantic City.
Penny has been living as an orphan ever since the death of her parents. She survives by conning rich men and doing whatever she can to survive.

One night, she meets Rafe who dons an expensive watch, and tries to con him but surprisingly, she also has a lot of fear and attraction for the man.

Ultimately she gets employed at one of his casinos. Initially, Rafe denies his attraction to Penny but then he starts to realize just how obsessed she is with her. He pretends as if he does not want anything to do with her but he just knows that she is his weakness.

It makes for a tension-filled work that will have you smiling and giggling at how the two main characters try to skirt around each other but ultimately fail.
Penny is a lovable character that always stands up for herself and this only makes Rafe want her even more.

The third novel of the Sinners Anonymous series of novels is Sinners Consumed. The novel is a follow-up to the debut novel of the series that will leave you sweating and laughing out loud.

Penny remains the same badass woman that we fell in love with when she was first introduced in Sinners Anonymous. She continues to amaze with her sassy jokes and lines and will not let anything distract her from what she wants.
On the other side is Raphael Visconti who is a hot and sexy man that makes knees go weak. Raphael and Penny make for an explosive combination as they are a smoking-hot couple with some amazing banter that leads to some thrilling moments.
He had tried his best to leave her but it was impossible. Next, he made an attempt at snuffing the life out of her but still failed until he resigned himself to slow dancing in flames until he is nothing but embers and ash.

He believes that when she is gone, he will be able to rise like a phoenix but he just cannot let her go. The only way they can resolve their impasse is if she flees from him but even so, she would have to run very far away.
She has been calling the “Sinners Anonymous Hotline” which he owns and has been listening to. Maybe telling her that he has heard all her calls is what will make her run away.

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